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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Break Out!
I've been watching Prison Break and it's been very good. The gang is out of prison and on the run. I asked my sister would she go to prison to break me out, she said no. LOL. she said she wouldn't have a smart enough plan to do it.

If you could think up a master plan like Michael, what person would you go to prison to break out and would you be willing to go through all that to get them out of jail if they were on death row, like Linc was? That's my question of the day.

Also, the barbeque went well, but the fire died and I couldn't finish the ribs that my mom wanted, it was too late and dark to start the fire over. :(

One more thing, I was reading in a little newspaper today that more and more people talk in abbreviations, like actually saying 'LOL' for Laugh Out Loud, OMG for Oh, my God, and ridic for Ridiculous. Isn't that ridiculous? I can't imagine saying OMG in a conversation. Though, I have thought LOL in my head a few times.

Still, I think that's going kinda far. I can by 'later' for see you later and even something cute, like TTFN, Ta-ta for now, if it were your trademark, as in, something you always say when you leave, not just because it's easier or faster to say than 'Good-bye'. What do you think?

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Olympic Fever
Now, you know I'm a fan of Apolo Anton Ohno, right? Anyway, recently I discovered a friend online and a friend in real life who are fans and who are also planning on going to the Winter Olympics in Canada! SWEEEEEEET! So, we've been chatting online through email and whatnot and even though I found some online forums and sites where I can get my Ohno fix, it's nothing like befriending some people who I actually might be able to go to the Games with. Very cool.

However, I seriously doubt that Apolo will be competing and we've talked about that, but still want to go. Apolo will be with us in spirit. LOL. I've read so much about him and looked at so much footage and read so many interviews I feel like I know him. I think that's how stalkers get all mixed up and deadly, so I better move on.

Friday was a good day at work. It was a nice lead into the weekend. I had lunch with my usual friends but another girl that used to work there joined us and she was so cool. We're all Sagittarius' So we think that's cool and why we all get along so well. heh.

Okay, gotta go. I told my mom I'd Barbecue for her, so now I put my foot in my mouth, she's gonna be expecting something. lol. I talk to much.

See you guys soon, Have a good weekend!

Oh and to Beads, Stay off your feet. ;)
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
What's the what?
I actually have nothing to blog about, but I wanted to blog. Today started out pretty decent at work, then I messed up something, I put the wrong trial date and the client called up about it. Ugh! Parts of this job is such a pain in the ass! One of the attorney's got mad. Whatever. I hate this shit.

I wanted to see Justin Timberlake last night. He was at the House of Blues, but I was not going to try and spend that money and go see him. I don't have that kind of disposable income now. But I'm a JT fan, I groove to Sexy Back. hee.

Has anyone been watching "Prison Break? Michael is so HOT! I can't believe T-bag is going to try and have his hand reattached. And what idiots Sucre and C-Note are to think they can go home and see their honey's without SWAT descending on them like the Wrath of God. Please. I'm looking forward to Michael and Linc ditching them.

Also, what is up with that detective studying Michael's tatoo? He thinks he's Mulder. No way he's getting those clues so fast. I don't buy it.

I miss you guys, I'll be around soon!
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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Weekend Warrior
Well, I'm not really a weekend warrior, I just put that as a post title because I couldn't wait for the weekend. Catch asked me how my first week went at work. Well, Thursday was hell. Do you know I actually cried in the bathroom? The reason was I was all set to try and get some work out of the way, on account as I'm still learning, going pretty slow and don't know what I'm doing sometimes.

So the office manager comes up and points out like 5 other memo's that are backlogged and should have been done last week and that I should email the attorney's and get them from them. I just felt so overwhelmed and stressed, and I broke down. I just didn't like the feeling of being behind before I even got started especially when I still have to ask for help and am going sort of slow.

I will tell you one thing, word traveled fast in the circle of ladies that I see a lot because everyone was asking me how things were going and encouraging me to do one thing at a time and not stress. I'm thinking, how did everyone know I was teary and falling apart when one person saw me? But at least those women won't tell everyone, they will keep it among themselves. Still, I was a little taken aback by everyone stopping by.

The bright spot was the attorney's told me I wouldn't be doing those memo's; most didn't know what I was talking about.

On Friday me and two co-workers went to Panda Express. That was nice. I was SO ready for the weekend.

My dial-up is so slow, I'll have to check out some of you guys later. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Dance like you mean it.

Well, well, well....BENJI WON!!!!! heh, heh, I know some people, *cough*phats*cough* didn't like Benji, but I adored him. I loved him and Donyelle, and I also liked a lot of people that got kicked off too.

You guys know that I'm talking about So You Think You Can Dance? right? I thought so. The best choreography was for the routine where they were dressed like dead 18th century party goers and the number to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" (I love that song by the way) I also own his CD 'Justified' Uh, don't tell anyone. heh.

I think Travis can really dance, but Benji had a more sparkling personality, though I thought Travis pulled off being sexy better. I think Heidi worked too hard. A hard choice between them Benji and Travis, but Benji can move his thin, pliable body. lol. I guess my votes paid off.

I'll stop by your blogs real soon, but in the meantime HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
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Monday, August 14, 2006
Is it Friday yet?
Today went quite well, I messed some things up, emailed some people some of the wrong stuff, but despite that, it was pretty good. She told me not to worry about the mail for a while which is fine with me. The thing with the mail is that the person at the desk is supposed to take it, stamp it with the date and then open it and if it's papers, to look up the case number and then write that on the package.

My main problem with that is IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! When you have the mail clerks who can do it. Why make the person at the desk worry about that, and take time away from what they're doing? When I messed some things up she came out and saw all that mail I was fooling with and was like 'you have enough to deal with, leave this alone.' LOL, I wanted to say, 'It's about damn time! I could've told you that three days ago.'

I just want to make it through each week without a catastrophy. I don't need to make any big mistakes this soon. Coooooome ooooon FRIDAY! *wishes hard*


Downtown we have plenty of young twentysomethings on various corners with cardboard signs saying they're backpacking or traveling and got 'stranded' and need money. They sit there like they're homeless. Today there was a young girl and guy with a little brown and white kitten. Okay, they got me with the kitten, I think I'll take them some cat food tommorow. You know I'm a sucker for an animal in need. At least they had water for her..or him.

Well, that's all she wrote. I'll check you guys out soon! Have a Happy Tuesday! ;)
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
10 Items or Longer and other stuff
I was in Whole Foods today and had only 2 bottles of water, so I decide to get in the 10 items or less line because the people in the other lines had a lot of stuff. Um, why did it take me 15 FREAKIN' MINUTES when the people in front of me had less than 10 items? I stood there watching the other lines going faster, and this lady in one line I would have been in was at the register and leaving and I was still in line....WITH 2 STINKIN' BOTTLES OF WATER! Sheesh!

Today I also totally forgot I had a blog, I was so busy worrying about my job. I forgot to come to my online support system. How's it going you ask? Well, Friday was better, much better. There is a lot of data entry and I have a lot to do on Monday, but you know what? I'm just gonna do it as fast as I can, rushing never gets you anything but mistakes, which I can't afford. Ever.

I know they wish they had one of those I, Robot robots there to work like a slave, but they don't, they have me, and I can't do it as fast as they want, at least not yet and I have to learn to just let it go that I can't do what they want right now, I'm still adjusting.

I know they're a cheap ass firm, but they really do need two Receptionist, why load one with all that damn confusing work? Friday I answered the phones while she did the data entry, that's the way it's supposed to work so twice the work can get done. They're so stupid and backward. I've resigned myself to a year (If I make it) then I'm outta there. Just long enough to get some more experience and fatten my resume. They don't pay enough for the continued headache.

Oh, and a Legal Secretary gave her 2 weeks notice on Friday. That's why the Office Manager is freaking out, no one wants to stay. I went into her office to tell her something and she asked me 'How's it going? Does this seem like a job you'd wanna stay in?' WTF? What was I gonna say ? "I don't know, I'll let you know by Friday if I'm gonna stay or not? or how about "Hell now, this shitty job, but it's all I got so yeah, I'll stick it out for a while and let you know." Idiot.

I bought myself the first season of Roswell today. It was a treat to myself. I think you should always treat yourself.

I hope I do okay on Monday. I'll let you know on Tuesday.

You guys are great.


"Good co workers really make a difference. And we women are like tea bags. You dont know hot strong we are until you put us in how water! You can do it!:)"
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Day 2 and Highlights
There aren't many highlights at my job but there are about five women who I can gossip with who won't tattle and who are very cool and support me and say they will help me when I need it. They are great, but I still dread being at the front by myself because I had a little crisis with the phones that the girl training me solved. I need someone right there. Sigh.

Also, a mailwoman came in with a package, she was so cool and funny and talked to us for about 25 minutes. I really liked her, she brightend my day. Every little bit helps.

I've been trying to make the rounds to your blogs. I tried today, I miss you guys! Hugs to you all, I wish I could blog at work. :(

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Day 1
Today was my first day. Ask me if I like it. Go ahead....


Here's the thing: It's at a law firm, and until I was able to finish my health care classes I expected to just work the switchboard here as some fairly easy work. WRONG! First, it's just not working the switchboard, which would have been just fine with me, but it's doing these status report and time sheets for the attorney's and I don't know what the hell I'm doing. At. All.

The girl I'm replacing is going to be there until Friday, and she's showing and helping me but I still won't be ready when she leaves. I feel a little depressed, I don't like being in a professional environment and not knowing what the hell I'm doing, especially when you're tossed out on the frontline and expected to just pick it up and roll with it. I HATE it more than anything, I don't like being just clueless or needing to take a long time to get something.

This is a job for 2 people, there's a lot of work (and to be paid much more I might add). Just let me put it this way, if another job called me today, I'd be telling them goodbye tommorow.

That being said, I am still going to try and stick it out until I, once again, move on. I really can't afford to just up and quit like I'm used to doing, lol.

I know that like everything once you do it enough you get it, but there is too much to master in three days, and again I don't like being the go to person when the only answer I have is 'I don't know'. Ugh!

Send me good energy guys, I need it. And I need my blog to vent and complain, so beware.
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
She works hard for the money
I start my first day of work tommorow (bites nails) but it's a good excited. I don't think I will feel nervous because I'm already hired, it's not like an interview and you HOPE they pick you, I've already been picked, and as Mr. Fab put it, it does feel good to win once in a while.

The dress is business casual, which is fine with me because I don't have fifty suits and stockings and heels to wear. It's in a nice area downtown, in a nice building, 10th floor, and won't take me too long to get there. I think it will be good times. lol. Much better than this crappy box office job I had a while ago, I think you all remember that one--the one I quit after 2 weeks. Heh.

I have to be there at 9am tommorow and she asked me if I had any questions I can call her or tell her tommorow. My sister told me to ask if tommorow is a full day, but I don't want to seem like I'm trying to get right back out the door. I want to ask something but I can't think of anything to ask.

She told me to pick either an HMO or PPO, I guess I'll go with HMO. Does anyone have any questions I should ask? Should I ask about holidays and stuff, like if we have to work and Christmas vacation? That just sounds like I can't wait to take time off doesn't it?

If you have any, let me know.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I want to draw your attention over to my avatar ------> and the fact that she's dressed in work clothes, because:


Can you tell I'm excited!?! It's at a law firm, and while that may not have been the direction I was headed, I'm grateful until I make the next step after that. You guys know how I've toiled and toiled in my job search and how I tried different things, finished college late, and even tried volunteer work, but now I finally got hired.

You don't know how elated I was when she called me, the exact same day, that evening, and offered me the job. I left the interview feeling conflicted because while she said she liked me I definetly fumbled and botched two crucial questions, one being 'Why should I hire you over another candidate?' I fucked that answer up! I sat there babbling and thought, 'it's over. I said nothing memorable' It's like I couldn't think. Sigh. I need to send that lady flowers. LOL, if she took pity, I'm happy.

The other kicker? It's been like 400 degrees here, as you know, but it did cool down considerably; however, I have one really nice suit but I'm sick of it. But you know how it is when you don't have money for tons of suits, and you get one "interview" suit and have to use it? Well, I'm sick of the suit and I didn't want to wear it. I tried skirts and blouses, but ultimately just decided to wear the damn suit.

Well, she points out that she was impressed that I came 'dressed appropriately' because most people don't. (!) The reason I decided to go ahead and wear it was because it was for a better job (a real job) than some of the others I've been too, and I knew that it was better to wear the suit than not. I guess it paid off.

That happened Friday and I'm happy to say I had a FABULOUS weekend, obviously. ((grins))

I want to thank each member of my Scooby Gang for giving me well wishes and encouragment during my job searches. I appreciated the good lucks and such. It was nice knowing you guys were sending good mental thoughts my way. Thanks!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did. ;)
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Friday, August 04, 2006
Dancing Fools
I have nothing to say personally, as I haven't been doing anything note worthy. Basically, I'm just ranting again about So you Think You Can Dance? As I am obsessed with that show, and also Project Runway which I never bothered to look at until one episode and it cracked me up, so I look at it now.

Anyway, I am in love with Benji and I also love Donyelle and Travis. Donyelle was the only girl, except for one other one who got booted a long while ago, that I like. It's not because I'm a girl and I'm gravitating toward the guys, it's because the girls just aren't giving me anything. I think Heidi can dance, but honestly, lilke Mia Michaels said, she isn't diverse enough.

I think Ivan needs more training and just time dancing period, he has time, he's young, he'll be alright. I think Travis needes more diversity too. He can certainly dance, but I think still is all repetitious spins and spins.

Benji does West Coast Swing and you can see it in his style, but like he was told, he's a perfomer and I think he can fake very well. I also think he has a lot of energy and charisma. That does go a long way, people under estimate that.

Like Beady said, I fear Donyelle will be next, I don't know if she will win votes over Heidi, it just doesn't seem likely. I'll be shocked though.

Ta ta, guys and girls, try to stay cool and we'll blog later.

P.S. I've been trying to post comments on some of your blogs but Blogger is against me. hmph!
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Memories, like the corners of my mind
Every now and then I think about this moment when I was a kid. I remember being in bed and hearing something at our back door. I got up and peeked around the corner and I SWEAR I saw a pair of eyes peeking into our window. I remember shining a flashlight there and seeing the glow of the eyes. (I hope the eyes were attached to a person and not just floating. Ha! But I digress)

Anyway, I remember being freaked out, I woke my mom who went and looked and found nothing and no one. I just keep thinking was I seeing things? I wonder where those images came from if I was seeing things.

It's just something from my unresolved childhood. If you bet me a million dollars I'd say I saw someone looking into our window. I always say to myself if it didn't happen then why would I have such vivid recollections of waking up my mom, the flashlight, etc. I don't know. Creepy.

In other news, I totally forgot to vote for my people on So you Think You Can Dance? We had a crazy, wicked storm and I think it was making our TV act crazy. Anyway, I think I got all involved in the storm and the tree branches that were breaking and falling down on our block, that I forgot. I totally would have voted for Benji and Donyelle. I like Travis too, but I'm getting kinda tired of his spins. He spins like a top, but he needs other moves.

I have a sick feeling that Ivan and Donyelle will get the boot. We'll see!

Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S. It cooled down here! I can't believe it. I even wore a long sleeved shirt today and didn't regret it. Ahhh, a break in the heat. I hope it cooled down for some of you too.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Beat the Heat!

It is still about 300 degrees here. I could never live somewhere where the weather never changes. Arizona? L.A.? God, I may hate slush and slippery sidewalks, but I can't take this heat all year. I'd hang myself.

I was forced to go to the grocery store and get something to cool me down. I think everyone else thought the same thing because people were there buying pop like someone had a gun on them to do so. LOL I got some Strawberry Shortcake ice cream and some Vanilla to make me a sundae. Ahhh, I feel better already. We broke down a bought an air conditioner. It doesn't cool off the whole house, it's not big or strong enough, but a little reprieve is all I ask for.

Air Conditioning? We salute you.
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