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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Post Olympic Fever and School Daze
First, I'd like to first thank EH for being as obsessed with the Olympics as I was and because of that, burned out by it and actually grateful for the Closing Ceremonies that went on Sunday night. They were boring as usual, but I was entertained by Ricky Martin and of course, by the occasional spotting or interview with Apolo.

I'm in a bit of withdrawal, even though I think it was time for them to end. Still, I could have taken another week of Apolo. LOL. We Chicagoans welcomed home Shani Davis, another speedskater and native of Chi-town. Whee!

I'm pretty tired and sorta disgusted now and didn't even get a chance to blog stalk. (I miss you guys!) know why I'm tired and disgusted? Well, I had a Literature Review paper to do, and I hate to admit it, but I didn't even know when it was due. My prof. said we had to approve the topic with her first. So, since it's an online class I emailed her and she never emailed me back, until...

She sent me an email saying that MANY PEOPLE HADN'T TURNED IN THEIR ASSIGNMENTS! Needless to say I panicked, freaked out and overall looked foolish in front of my computer. The doggone assignment past was DUE and I hadn't done a thing, not even typed my name.

So, there I was, searching the internet like mad, typing like a maniac and not allowing myself to watch Simpsons reruns, which I so like to do. I did the whole thing (4 pages), plus title page and citations and sent it off. I hope she gets it okay. I was pretty disgusted that I screwed up there, dropping the ball. I'm always on top of stuff in that class. ARRRRGH!

Anyway, that's the only gripe I had. Did I mention I was tired? LOL We had a group test today and it was actually fun. We had a lot of fun debating and laughing. Unfortunetly, after the test I found out 2 questions we were unsure of we definetly got wrong. Oh well. I think we did pretty good on the rest of the test. There were A LOT of short answer, which we did with no problem. BOO YAH!

Okay, that's enough of TALES FROM THE CLASSROOM with GUNNGIRL. Sorry to bore. See you later! Zzzzzzz....
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Sunday, February 26, 2006
Gold Ohno!

I took time off from studying to post about my joy for Apolo. I know my readers are tired of hearing about him, but dammit, I love him! He's so great and if I were a young athlete I'd sure look up to him--hell I'd switch over to speed skating because of him.

Anyway, (though I already knew the results) I was OVERJOYED to see Apolo win the Gold in the Mens 500m. I screamed and yelled and grinned at the TV. I couldn't get enough of looking at him skate and win. :) He took the lead, kept the lead and won over his rival. I was happy for him because I know not making the 1500m was a letdown and hurt his spirit. This was a wonderful high for him to get the day before the last day of the games.

Also, because of Ohno, the US men took Bronze in the Mens 5000m relay, when Apolo surged past Italy like a bullet. He can skate like a demon when he needs too. LOL. I'm going to miss him when he retires. *sob!*

Okay, enough gushing, back to studying. Just had to get that out of my system. YEA! APOLO! I LOVE YOU!
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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Thursday Bloggin'
School is pulling me under again. Arggh! So I'm going to savor this post while I go underground again. I took this from Diva. Get the rules from her blog, but the gist is that the answers are song titles. Thought it seemed fun, so here it is.

Artist: Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder)

Describe yourself: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

How do some people feel about you: Crazy Mary

How do you feel about yourself: I'm "Thumbing My Way"

Describe what you want to be: Alive

Describe your current mood: Black

Describe your friends: The Kids Are Alright

Share a few words of wisdom: Nothing As It Seems

In Olympic News Apolo advanced safely to the semifinals in the Mens 500m, despite a deliberate shove by Sera, the Italian speedskater (will the decrepit judges wake up!?)

P.S. To Undr, who is a fellow Pearl Jam fan. I tried to fit "Jeremy" in there, that's one of my favorites and when I became a fan. But I couldn't. I'm sure you recognize at least one song, though. *g*
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Mall Chick
I haven't been to the mall in...years I have to say. Me and my sister decided to stop in since we were near there. It was actually nice to walk around and look at the mall culture, which has changed. I guess I sorta missed it. We spent plenty of time there in the past, sometimes staying until it closed.

We found out that one of our favorite stores is closing. It's called Suncoast and was really a store for the collectable person, (though they had more DVD's than anything. And plenty of Anime DVD's too. Score!) which are us all the way.

I know I collect figures from Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars to Family Guy to, of course, Buffy and Angel. They always had something cool or different and it was nice to be able to go somewhere physically to hunt for stuff instead of tooling around the internet for everything. Where most prices are sky high because the internet is the only place you find the kind of stuff we like. It was pretty depressing to find out about the store closure.

At any rate, I did buy some Buffy stuff and some X-Files stuff. The only other store in the mall that has collectable stuff is Kay B Toys, so since that's still there I can be fairly happy.

I had a good laugh when we went down to the basement to go to the restroom. We took the elevator back up and I jumped in the elevator and pushed the button to close the door. When it closed I went 'ha, we got the elevator all to ourselves." Heh, heh. You know, being silly. Then I pushed the button again since we weren't moving and the doors opened back up.

My sister goes:

"We're already on the Ground floor, you have to push the button for the Lower Lobby." D'oh! LOL. She laughed at me.

I said, "I'm glad the enemy wasn't after us" (since I would have opened the doors right back up for them to get us.) LOL

My sis goes "yeah, you would have been like 'That's right, you can't get us!' Then the doors would have opened again. How embarrasing. :D

Also, I did a Word Cloud that I found interesting that Undr did so blame him. :)
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Monday, February 20, 2006
Non-news and more Apolo love
Today was a pretty uneventful day. I went to a Chinese Buffett, but I actually got some studying in before hand, did an assignment and wrote a small paper. (go me!) Also, I'm thinking about changing my blog. I'm tired of the way it looks. I'd like a custom made template but don't have the money to waste on that right now. I'm thinking of changing it, I'll see if I have time. It will definetly have some sort of Buffy pictures/theme going on if/when I do.

In Olympic News, My sweetie Apolo Anton Ohno managed to capture a Bronze medal in the Mens 1000m Saturday night. Congratulations! He just couldn't get around those fucking S. Koreans! He was even edged out of a Silver at the last possible second. Anyway, I'm happy he medaled, as I'm sure he is. I believe Apolo is just happy to be at the Olympics competing, but when things go downhill, like when he didn't make the 1500m race, it throws him off, makes him nervous, rattles his mind. I think he was so shocked and devastated it took him a while to center himself again. I'm sure that was a rough day or two after not qualifying.

I'm sure it's hard for him to enjoy himself when he didn't get to do all he set out to do in Italy. Hard to shut out the 'what ifs' (what if he'd competed in the 1500m, would he have won?) I love you anyway, Apolo! I'd love to see him race in person. I'd like to meet him. He seems so cool, laid back and funny. I fell in love with him in 2002. (can you tell? LOL) I have come to really love the sport of Short Track.

I also watched a few hours of Ice Dancing. Three falls! Amazing, and the Canadian pair suffered a horrible fall, where the woman fell on her hip and knee. She couldn't walk off the ice and ended up being taken to the hospital. I hope nothing is broken. They are supposed to be competing tommorow.

P.S. For some reason, for the record I want to add that I always set the correct time and date stamp on my blog posts. Non-issue, I know. But the geek in me does it and wonders how many other people do it too.
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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Shake your money maker!
Your Stripper Song Is

Master and Servant by Depeche Mode

"There�s a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees"

Yawn, dancing is so boring without a little spice.

I got this from beadinggal I found it so funny. And she got my song, Closer by Nine Inch Nails. :( I LOVE that song. It is so sexy and intense. The video creeps me out, but the song rocks. It'll make for a dangerous stripper dance. LOL. Not that I don't like Depeche Mode. They rock too, in an alternative sort of way. ;)

In Olympic News, My lover, the lusty yet sweet Apollo Ohno is skating in the Mens 1000m tonight against one of the best speedskaters this side of Apollo, South Koren Ahn, who has 8 gold medals to Ohno's 2. But that's not the point, the point is that South Korea pretty much hates Ohno enough to send death threats since he upseat Ahn for the gold 4 years ago. I'm holding my breath for Ohno. I want him to win so bad. I LOVE him God, I just want him to win a medal.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006
The Year 3000
If I had a time capsule and invited you all to pop something in, what you put in? I just had a thought while riding the train yesterday about it, and maybe I thought about what a technological age we're in. Actually, this woman had on one of those wireless earpieces for her cell phone. It looked liked something out of Blade Runner and it was blinking a blue light like Total Recall or the Matrix or something. If I were from another planet I'd wonder if she were human or was that her life bar or something.

Anyway, Time Capsules are normally supposed to hold something that you'd like the future inhabitants, far in the furture I suppose, to know about us in the 21st century. To be honest, I wonder how much more inventive we'll get in the year 3000. Though, people in the 1600's would be amazed and probably a little afraid by laptops, camera phones and hell, even cars and TV.

So, I'd like to include all of you in my Time Capsule burial and invite everyone to toss in 6 things of their liking, barring humans and animals. No ladies, we can't preserve Brad Pitt or Paul Walker. Oh, is that just me? I'm sorry. Ahem. But if you wanna put in your favorite slice of Eli's cheesecake, or jog strollers, strappy wedges, clock radios, paperclips, a flashlight? food? Pictures? I don't care. Take your pick.

So, here are the 6 things I'm adding (and while somethings are in groups I counting it as one item, because I gotta it like that) :

1. A copy of Resident Evil 4 (which I finished by the way. Congratulations to me!) for Playstation 2 and the console to play it on. (I saw that eyeroll!) Also copies of the Grand Theft Auto series starting with the Third one.

2. A PSP

3. Complete Series of BtVS on DVD

4. Complete Series of Angel on DVD

5. A mac computer

6. The entire menu of Grand Chinese Kitchen, the best Chinese food I've ever had. Yummy, yummy cocoa bunny! I'm getting hungry.

In other news, my lover Apollo Anton Ohno totally rocked in the Mens 5000 short track relay. That kid can speedskate his ass off! I love watching him. Seriously, if I were a ten year-old watching the olympics I'd be like 'I wanna take up speedskating.'

Anyway, they qualified for the finals, and I'm happy. Last night I watched the most olympics so far, about 5 hours or more waiting for Speedskating. I've seen enough skiing to last me until the next winter olympics.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentines Day To Me...And You!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! I don't have a hot guy...or girl to kiss. So I'm just going to randomly pick someone off the street. Think they'll mind? ;)

So, anyway, here's what I want for Valentines Day, from me to me!

Sex and the Slayer: A Gender Studies Primer for the Buffy Fan

Aaaand this one: Reading Angel

I thought this was so cute! I stole this from Undr. Gee, who knew it would be Buffy related? I sure didn't. *snerk*

Go make your own!
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Monday, February 13, 2006
Gotta support the team!

I'm really sad and disapointed at what happened with Apollo Anton Ohno last night. He didn't qualify for the mens 1500 speed skating finals for a medal. He was trying to pass another athlete, sort of clipped that skaters skate with his hand which threw him off balance which knocked him back to last when he was second! Only the first two could qualify.

I was mad because he was second and I think he would have made it. I think he just got nervous that someone would pass him and he tried to pass and that fluke happened. I fell in love with him during the 2002 winter olympics and I just love him. He's so sweet and I think he's very sexy. Yes, I have a crush on him. So? LOL.

I was still really bitter and upset about what happened. I wanted him to make it so bad and I wanted to see the race between him and a Korean skater. The Korean was really good and Apollo is great, so that would have been one hell of a race. DAMN!

Well, that's all I have in Olympic news for today.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I watched the Opening Ceremonies in Turin, Italy (ohhh, Italy!) last night despite my headache and despite the fact that I planned on turning off the TV after the US team marched in. I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to my favorite sports. I really don't have that many for the winter olympics, though there have been some new ones added. (Curling? Could have done without it. Snowboarding? Yes!)

I can't keep up with all the different types of skiing. Nordic Combined? Freestyle skiing? What the hell are those? Anyway, I'm looking forward to:

Speed Skating (womens, mens and short track)
Figure Skating (all of it)

I can even watch a little Ski Jumping, but for the most part those events are what I'm signing on for.

Ohhh, I got questions for ya! Let me know what sport you like to watch (if you watch) the olympics and if you like the winter olympics or summer olympics better. There's more in the summer olympics I like, so on that alone I'm going with summer olympics.

Also, if you were to compete what would be your sport of choice? I'm having a tough time picking between gymnastics, figure skating and speed skating. (I almost typed figure staking ROTFLMAO! Maybe I watch too much Buffy, wow, wouldn't that be an event to see.

Take care troops!
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Friday, February 10, 2006
Waiting for school to end
The title of this post is really all I'm doing at this point. In one of my health classes we had a Nurse come speak and she really, really rang the bell for Nursing. If I were 19 years old and looking for a career choice, she'd have me. Not only do Nurses get PAID but you can almost write your own ticket. They need and want them.

But I woke up and realized not only am I too old, but I know I'm not dedicated enough at this point to turn around and do 4 more years of school for nursing. Good career, but it's just too late for me. I actually would have done it had someone pointed me in that direction 10 years ago.

I think we're going to do the Smoking in Movies influence kids to Smoke topic for my other class. Nothing is certain, but I think that's where we're heading.

I'm thinking of volunteering at a hospital only because a friend reccomended me and I called the lady and we talked. I would like to volunteer in the office. It's really the experience of working in a medical office I'm after. I also signed up to be certified in CPR.

I'm just ready to get out of school so I can stop with these part-time jobs and trying to fit something around classes. I'd like to get a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. But I'll see how that goes. One degree at a time I guess.

I miss my blogger friends. You know who you are. Thanks to those who stop by and give me cheerful 'hope you're doing okay's' (looks at Shannon and Beadinggal). I have missed quite a few of your posts but I try and stop by when I can. I'm thinking of you guys! And that means all my bestest blogs.

Well, Now I'd like to close this post with this:

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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Wake Me When the Semester Ends
This being my last semester and all, I was hoping to sort of 'coast' through some classes until the end. Not so, especially since I decided to switch over to Health Sciences and am taking all health courses. Except for one because I had to pick up a class because another class was cancelled and I had to find something.

So, I picked "Sociology of Pop Culture" Doesn't sound so bad, right? Weeeeell, we had to get into groups of 3 and pick some sort of cultural object, (film, book, object, etc) and discuss it "sociologically"

My group not only cannot agree on a topic, but I'm having a hard time even getting in contact with them via phone or email.

We were going to do it on Gay images on TV (I came up with that) I found two (2!) books in the library on the subject, and the older girl in my group goes "Who's supposed to read all that?"

Um, NO ON IS GOING TO READ THE DAMN BOOK FROM COVER TO COVER! We just want something the most infor where we can pick out what we need to use. *eye roll*

So, then she wants to do Plastic Surgery and either women who think they need plastic surgery, or I tried to narrow it down to celebrites and plastic surgery or women and girls who get plastic surgery because of pressure from society and media to look a certain way.

I began that research on the internet and found nothing substantial, which is surprising but it's the truth. All I kept coming up with were links to plastic surger clinics/doctors.

So, then neither of the two people come to class the next day (!) so I find out from my teacher that the presentation has to be at least 30 minutes. Okay, so now we need 30 minutes worth of info.

So I began a search on my own and came up with several articles on Smoking in Movies and how it influences teens to smoke. I suggested this SEVERAL times to the lady via email. No response.

So, I just know when I get to class tommorow she's going to be all "I don't want to do that, and we should pick the plastic surgery and we need to do something else."

Seriously? I'm going to hang myself in my basement. I have too many papers and tests in other classes to research hours on the internet for this one presentation. I am officially sick of this group and project.

Even worse, I was going to do a presentation on Yoga for my Alt. Health Class. Five other people picked Yoga, so now I have to pick something else--after I lugged home two big Yoga books from the library. Um, can you see why the razor is sliding over to my wrists?

I don't know what is going to happen with this group project. I'm not trying to force my idea on the group, but I want something we can get a fair amount of info on and I don't want to get stuck with a topic that we can't find anything on. PLUS, we need visuals. VISUALS! Yes, a poster board of pics count. But my teachers mentions Powerpoint and DVDs or Video's.

Did I mention I also need visuals for my Alt. Health Class presentation too? And since I use a Mac and the school is pretty much all Windows I can't even do it on my home computer so I'd have to sit at school 49 hours and do it there if I do a Powerpoint presentation. I'm still deciding on that. If I do, it will be short. Powerpoint presentations take up a lot of time.

Razor? Meet wrists.
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