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Monday, October 27, 2008
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Just thought I'd pop in to wish you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN WITH FRIGHTFUL GOOD FUN! I have been so lazy the past couple of weeks, but I did manage to clean up my room, sort of. My bedroom is always the messiest place ever, I didn't care for a few days, if things hit the trash, so be it. If not, they stayed on the floor. I know, I know, but I just didn't care. Hmph!

The news has been too depressing with what has happened with Jennifer Hudson and her family. So many family dead at one time, it is heartbreaking and I can't imagine dealing with that. It is just horrible. Her house is not too far from where my friend lives. Right here in Chicago, in Englewood, I know that area. I was speechless when I found out about her nephew. I want the asshole who did and it and I wanna his lame ass, stupid excuse why. (*cough* money *cough*)

I'm also reeling over the nazis and the Obama assassination attempt. I fear that the worst. I fear it's only the beginning of this shit, of this fucking white nazi punk as bitches doing something stupid. That plan that I read about is really scary to hear. I feel like it's 1925 again. It makes me feel like we have come a long way only to know have gone anywhere at all.

God help us!

And God help me because Blogger is acting crazy. I know what' what's going on with my paragraphs. It keeps jumping two and three lines. Sigh. At any rate, see you guys this weekend!


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Monday, October 13, 2008
Flush This!
I'm all pissy because I spent pretty much my entire day off fooling with my toilet,, which has now cost me $380 to fucking fix. It wouldn't flush, the water kept swirling around and the plumber told me it's the water pressure, and they have to remove the toilet and fix replace the pipe.

Now, I feel I was ripped off but I was in dire need, and I would have been out of money either way with their fucking retarded $80 service fee if I decided to change my mind and go with someone else. BULLSHIT! Partly my fault for not asking more questions over the phone. I hate having to get repairs done, I never use the tips that I hear about, things you're supposed to do BEFORE getting ripped off. I just hope to God they don't find any other problems.


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Friday, October 03, 2008
Sick and Lazy
I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. It's freakin' October. What happened to September!? I've been sick the past week. I think we're all making each other sick at work. It's at least 6 people that are really sick. I left work early yesterday, but I stayed at work all day today. I felt much better. Though right now I'm going downhill again. I plan on holing up all weekend and hope I get better.

Did anyone watch the Debates? I'm still not sold on Palin but she didn't do too bad, I think there were at least two times I felt she noticeably fumbled, but other than that she was okay.

I also must admit I've been lazy and just didn't want to post. Probably because I had nothing really to post anyway. I was looking at an Entertainment show today and they talked about New Kids on the Block and how they are back and in concert. My youth came back to hit me in the face. Want to meet a fan? IT'S ME! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them. I still do, but man, was I a fan. I still have all my stuff: sheets, buttons, folders, tapes, video tapes. Sigh. No I want to go to a concert. LOL!

P.S. Just for fun, if you wanna come to a virtual House Party, my sister is throwing one. Stop by to say you'll be there, should take 5 seconds.

Join the House Party!

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

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