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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Sugary Sweetness

It's 8:52 pm and I'm thinking about making cupcakes. Actually, I was going to make Chili that I was supposed to have for dinner but decided to go out and buy something instead. (If I stopped eating out I'd be as rich as Oprah. lol) I don't think I'm going to actually make the cupcakes, but for some reason I really, really want a cupcake right now. I haven't made cupcakes in at least a year or more. I have some pretty crappy cupcake pans so that is something else I need to buy.
I also want to be a good cake/cupcake decorator. I saw pacman and lego cupcakes online and they were so cute! The best I can manage is making cupcakes and just slathering some icing on them, and that would be good enough for me. I think I'm going to get up early and start my cooking adventures. Chili and cupcakes, nice combo huh? lol.

I was supposed to film a little video to show you guys the cool sound birthday cards I have, but I have not done that either. One was Buffy and the other was Star Wars. Sigh. I have to buy a digital camera. I'm so behind the times! Okay, I'm going back to a bonus rerun of Lost on Saturday. Yea! Lost!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Right this way Mr. President

I have been overwhelmed with Inauguration footage today and I had to put up something about it. I'm a little depressed hearing people say they had to be there, that they had to witness history because I couldn't just up and go to Washington like I would have if I could have. Even though I watched everything I could, I'm a little bummed I couldn't actually be part of that history. This IS history and people who walked with Dr. King could say I was there. There I am, right there behind him! Not watching it on TV. But I guess I'm not the only one, huh.

This is something that I don't think we'll see again for maybe another 300 years so it is something to be celebrated. This guy said on TV where were YOU when he was sworn in. I rolled my eyes and said to myself "at work" which SUCKED even though we all gathered in the conference room and watched together, it was with people I dont' even really like or talk too, so it didn't mean much. It sucked that I kept thinking 'well, I'd go party somewhere but I have to be at work tommorow" I feel like this is more important than "work tommorow" to be able to look back and say you were partying or in Washington or with people important to you when this happened is what I want to say.

But overall I am elated. I am overjoyed that I feel hope for our country. It gives me hope for myself personally. I don't want to say all that "Anything is possible" bullshit. Okay, it's not TOTALLY bullshit, because (eventually) anything is possible. It wasn't but a little over 50 years ago we got an inauguration from George Wallace (not President, but still) saying "Segregation today...segregation tomorrow...segregation forever." Now, with something like that to something like this? Makes me shed a tear. From telling the black man to sit in the back of the bus, to telling him.. "Yes Mr. President. Right away Mr. President." is amazing. I believe if you have enough passion you can do anything. I have not let my passion for writing make me sit down and write in a long time. Other than helping animals that is my only passion in life. That is it. I think with some fortitude it is doable. When we were picking cotton no one thought THIS was doable. 20 years ago this wasn't doable. It is doable now. The door is open and should stay open for a black woman, a white woman and anyone else that wants to become President.

It's just that for so many years there was a mentality that old white men were the only ones who could run the country. There was no looking left or right for anyone or anything different. Thank God that time is over. There was talk about the speech and that we didn't get any good quotes like JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what can you do for your country." But you'd be hard pressed to top that. lol. At any rate, he did a fine job. Well done.

I still can't believe it. And I'm still happy to be alive during this time to witness it, even remotely. Wow. Just, wow.

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Monday, January 19, 2009
Get your Obama on!
Barack Obama will be sworn in as our 44th president, and to many he won't just be a President but a savior, a God of sorts. This is a little scary--and just a tad funny. I'm sure Barack is like 'Hey, I'm gonna do the best I can, but I can't save the world.' Most of us love us some Obama, and I'm included. I'm proud as a black person and as an American and as a Chicagoan. My job is gonna let us watch the inauguration in our conference room in between work. Should be nice.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was very nice. I bought season 7 of Smallville and then watched a bunch of my netflix movies. I enjoyed myself. I don't know why, but I am sooooo tired right now. I can go to be right now at (looks at current time) 6:58 p.m. and curl up under the covers.

I know I said I wouldn't blog about work anymore, but a quick sidebar. We have a theft Friday. A girls iPod Touch was stolen and I think it was someone in the office. Nothing has turned up and it was at my desk plugged into my charger so I'm wrapped up in it too. I wish I had given her the charger instead of plugging it in at my area. We'll see how this turns out...

Enjoy your Tuesday (and the rest of your Monday)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Digital Schmidal

As a self proclaimed TV obsessed person ( I am currently DROOLING in wait for Lost, Supernatural and Smallville to name a few) I am not feeling this new movie to Digital. First, I have two fairly new TV's, one a 32" that is only about 3 years old. As has been tested more than once, it is NOT ready for digital. Now, I have cable on these two tv's, but if I didn't I have cable I sure as hell wouldn't get it for this. I saw a Comcast commercial talking about getting Comcast so "you'll be ready" FUCK THAT! Why should you pay just to get your local channels?! BullSHIT!

Now, my TV in my bedroom is very old and on it's way out. Channel 5 won't show unless I turn to it with my VCR on, so it is time to replace that one. But it's only a little 13" and shouldn't cost more than $100. What about people who paid $300 and up for TV's that will now be useless? If you buy a digital TV what about the pile of TV's that you had to replace?

My sister is taking a stand and says she will just watch everything online. I'll see how long she holds out. Anyway, I'm tired of these commercials because it's not fair for older people and people who live in rural areas. I don't know if they will know what is up. And those converter boxes hasn't been the greatest. Besides, me and my sister live in the same building and we have the same last name so when I tried to get one after her they said I'd already ordered one and couldn't get one! ARG!

It is also FREEZING cold here. It's severe you-can-die temps. We need a snow day for work. I can't wait until the weekend. Need to sleep in.

Kingcover: Nope, I didn't hurt my leg. I saw this avatar background and felt that if I went skiing that was an appropriate pic for me. One with a broken foot. LOL.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
I really like YouTube. Yes, I'm one of those. I use YouTube to look up everything from videogame walkthroughs, music videos, random Sesame Street clips that take me back to my childhood, Buffy/Angel/Smallville/Supernatural videos, and American Idol auditions to name a small few. I think it is one of our greatest online/technical inventions. It can be very useful and yet...the people that frequent this site are either illiterate, dumb, retarded, 4-years-old or all of the above.

I have had several "YouTube fights" with people where I've gone back and forth with them and several seconds after I always feel a bit dumb for letting myself get pulled in. I'm pretty sure I talked about youtube before, but was there recently and it all came rushing back.

Now, I know I'm a old videogame player, but I shudder to think I sounded and talked like these idiots when I was playing in my heyday. I mean, C'MON! They can't spell, and that's the least of their problems. They're rude, insensitive, stupid, bullies, and narcissistic. I can't stand them! They all think that they know everything, and that everyone else are idiots. They are all quick to be bitchy and just be plain rude to every post or question. They have no respect for anyone. 90% of the the comments I've read are just unnecessarily rude. The worse are the ones for videogames because those are all 13-16 year-old boys who think they are the shit and know EVERYTHING because they have both an X-Box 360 and PS3 AND they beat Metal Gear Solid in 40 minutes. They talk down to you in a minute. They're always "This game isn't scary, I beat it in 4 minutes with my hands tied behind my head." WHO CARES?!??!? I then realize I'm too, much too old for the conversation and I see myself out.

I have to say I'm glad I'm an adult sometimes.

In New News--My new TV obsession is "The Real Housewives of Orange County" on Bravo. Yeah, I know, but it's my new reality. Sue me.

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Monday, January 05, 2009
It has begun

What has begun? The terrible months ahead of no more nice, long vacations. LOL. I'm going into Holiday Vacation Withdrawal. I need to detox. Today wasn't so bad. I had a bit of work but my boss wasn't there. Whoo!!

I just finished watching The Bachelor. I haven't watched a full season in about six season, and I don't intend to start with this one but I just had it on while I was on the internet and I was just shaking my head at some of the women because every season they all say the same thing. "He's so cute" "I'm in love with him already" "I love him" "I'm falling in love with him" "I want to be with him all the time" and other variations of that. and I always say the same thing. You can not fall in love with someone over the course of a TV dating show. Now, if you were on a TV series, sure, but this is not an everyday thing. I sometimes feel that the Trista and Ryan relationship isn't as loving as it appears to be. I'm just cynical, but I want to say that over time things strengthened, but certainly not before their actually Wedding I don't think.

I think on this show you do like the person, but these women get so caught up. They fight and bicker and treat him like a God. What do you know about him other than what's on his MySpace page. He has a son. Maybe you won't like him, maybe he won't like you. Just saying. I think their heads get so messed up and they force themselves (and for the cameras) to want him so badly, to be so devoted, so quickly in love, so "He's everything I ever wanted" that when things die down they realize something isn't right.

Now, I will say that I think you can rather quickly like someone when you have something in common. If you're alike in some way and have a few moments in a non-pressure situation. Sad thing is when do we do that? This is why I like hanging out instead of actual dating.

I like dates, don't get me wrong. I like going out to a nice dinner, but I would rather dress casual and go to a park, or museum and talk rather than stare across the table at one another and shout out interview questions. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't know the person, and if it's one sided, which is has been before, I'm extra uncomfortable. I remember a guy was way into me and he just smiling and gazing and I didn't really like him that hard yet and I did not feel comfortable smiling and gazing back because I didn't feel that yet. I was actually getting annoyed with him wanting to hold my hand and be all bedroom eyes. Sorry, but I'm funny that way. Guess that's why I'm single.

I also got $65 worth of itunes gift cards for Christmas/birthday. YES! I'm gonna download like a MOTHER! haha, kidding, I actually spent $7 so far. I'm cheap and selective. And since I don't listen to the radio anymore I don't even know what any new music sounds like. I bought some Beyonce, Elton John, Rhianna, and Brittney Spears. I also bought a Justin Timberlake Video.

Well, it's after 9pm so it's getting past my bedtime. I usually tuck in bed and read. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Happy Tuesday!


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Thursday, January 01, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did anyone party the night away? I didn't, but that's not unusual. I went to bed a little after 1:30 a.m. and I didn't watch any of the New Years shows on TV, I didn't even watch the ball drop---in Times Square that is. I watched my Twilight Zone Marathon as usual and there was even a True Blood (Yea!) and Bones marathon that I also watched. Needless to say, Jan. 1 consisted of me doing nothing but eating and watching TV. So, nothing really changed for me in the New Year. LOL. I enjoyed myself and I can't wait for Friday to get done so I'm back to the weekend. Whoo hoo!

I hope everyone had a safe, and fun New Year. Welcome to 2009. I hope it's good to all of you.

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