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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Today's Temp: 240°

I feel like this Squirrel. It's about 500° in my bedroom. I think I might have to buy an air conditioner. If I haven't melted, I'll be around to post this weekend.

Must. Find. Water. Dying.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Harry the Great

Tried as I might to escape the H.P Madness I couldn't---even at work. There were attorney's carrying the book around! The only reason I'm posting about Harry Potter is because I had serious, almost depressing thoughts about J.K. Rowling and how she single handedly took over the world. There were people scrambling for this book in Tel Aviv for God's sake!

She used to be a Welfare Mom and is now a household name, richer than dirt, and has 10-year-olds and 45-year-olds alike reading the same book -- and not getting enough! She has kids carrying aorund a 700+ page novel and eagerly doing so. All because of a Wizard named Harry.

I just started thinking about how I wish I had created Harry, or better yet, any character (of my own orgin) that would make people cry if they couldn't get a copy of it, that made people pre-order copies, talk incessantly about characters, get depressed about the end of the series or anticipate the next installment with the passion of parents awaiting their first born.

I have not read the books, but I will now. I have too. I have to know the writing of someone who has captivated children and adults alike. I can only dream of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and come up with a character even a third as thrilling and enjoyable as Harry or even Ron and Hermoine. Oh well. I must keep writing and I must find that character (and story and plot) for myself.

Some day. *sigh* Some day.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Cell Hell pt. 3, Bally Battle and happy 310
Well, it's nice to be back and posting. I was going to post something this weekend, but was just too lazy. My weekend went so mega fast I barely had time to enjoy it. I want sleep!

Anyway, I've been hacking, debating, stressing and angered about my cell phone drama. Should I go with this plan, or this service and I think I'm just gonna stay with Sprint. I have a red Razr and I realized that I won't be saving that much money a month with U.S. Cellular, only about 3-4 dollars and at this point I don't think it's worth the hassle. In 2 years after my plan is up maybe I'll switch. But for now, oh well.

Now, on to the bigger thing I've been doing this week. WARNING! This may be long. Ahem.

I have to admit I can be pretty gulliable and crash under pressure--sometimes. When I went to the Taste of Chicago last month a Bally Total Fitness rep steamrolled me, (probably seeing the chubby and made a bee line over) and she managed to talk me into getting a trial membership. I didn't even really want it, but sitting there with her waiting for me to sign, and her going on about what a great deal it was and how I wouldn't pay anything up front...I caved and went with it thinking I'll cancel later. She took my credit card info and then briefly went over the Contract. She told me I had to visit a total of 17 times "That's only two days a week, you'll like it" she said.

I was thinking '17 times' that's a lot and and I didn't really know when I'd even go. I mean, I did other stuff on the weekend. But i did figure that I'd just go in early on Sat. and Sun. and get it over with. I stressed about the contract when I saw over time it'd be $815 total, and that my 'trial' wasn't free. AFTER I went 17 times and if I didn't like it, then I'd pay for the first and second months membership and then I could cancel.

I told my sister who flipped out telling me how crazy it was to get involved with their contracts. In searching the internet I found horror story after horror story of hundreds to thousands of dollars Bally had scammed out of people, forcing them to stay in contracts and having to pay before getting out of it. Sometimes the battle with then went on for years, and one guy said they told him they'd canceled and then 15 years later they were still charging him and it showed up on his credit report, hindering him from getting a house loan. WTF?!

Needless to say I freaked the fuck out and didn't know what to do. I re-read my contract and saw I had a 3 day grace period to opt out of the whole thing by sending a certified letter to them stating so. I did and heard nothing. I freaked out again and sent another letter and then, still in freaked out mode, I sic'd the BBB on them, filing a claim. Yesterday I got a letter from Bally saying that my membership was canceled. It was what I wanted, in writing, that it was a done deal.

I also got a call and email from them saying that they wanted some membership ID info and my name and stuff. I emailed her back and I'll see what she has to say.

Basically I just wanted an email that said, yes it's canceled so if they charge I'd be sending a copy of that letter pronto. I actually feel a little bad because I didn't give them any time to do anything or respond, I just jumped right to the BBB which was probably overreacting.

I just got all crazy, thinking they'd be charging me hundreds of dollars I'd most likely be responsible for. I just wanted out, out out.

And last but not least, in all my craziness and posting, I completely ran past my 300th post! Actually this is my 311th post, but I'm celebrating my 300th, um, 10 posts ago. Anyway, yea me! I've been on blogger long enough to post 300 (+11) times! Come to my party, there will be cake and ice cream!

Anyway, that's my drama for the past few days. I hope you'll all doing okay. I'm done now, I'm hot and sleepy. I'm re-watching my "Angel" DVD's.

So, if there's anyone out there not reading Harry Potter, stop by. LOL, kidding. Enjoy the rest of your week guys.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Cell Hell Part 2
I now have issues with T-Mobile and Sprint. With Sprint I do not like the fact that even with insurance if the phone craps out on me, is lost or damaged I have to pay a $50 deductable to get another phone. WTF? PER LOSS! That is bullshit.

I will no be check out Verizon Wireless. My cell hell days have sent me crying into a dark corner.

To be continued...


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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Cell Hell!

I used to have pre-paid Virgin Mobile phone that died on me about a month ago. I have now become obsessive with getting a cell phone plan. I am currently trying out T-Mobile. I love the MyFaves thing, but for some reason I keep getting an "echo" when I talk. Not all the time, but more than once I got an echo where there'd be a 2 second delay between me talking and then I'd hear myself talking loud and clear! It was impossible to carry on a conversation like that.

I don't know if it's the phone or what, but I can't deal with that. The phone is a Moto razr. It was $50, activation fee $35 and plan $39.99, so this wasn't cheap. I want a Motorola razr and my next step is U.S. Cellular and I'm going to get the ProductRed (to help combat AIDS) The phone will be $79.00 and the activation fee $30. I don't know if I should go with the $29 or $39 plan. I don't use the cell that often, but I want to get the most for my money. Sigh, I don't know. Ugh! I'm going to try out U.S. Cellular for 30 days and see who they are. I'm crossing my fingers it's better than T-Mobile.

I have the magenta moto razr with T-Mobile and it's not the one I want. It's sort of tacky. Anyway, not that this is news, but I will let you know what phone I'm using soon and what plan I went with.


I can't believe that is Friday again already! I feel like I was just saying Have a nice weekend and here I am saying it again. I got 2 hours sleep last night and I wondered how in the hell I would make it through today...but I did. Yea me!

Does anyone want to see the new Harry Potter? Damn, those kids grew up! They're grown men and women! I feel like an old lady. I feel like saying, 'my, how much you've grown!" Hermoine is a woman! LOL. The story looks like it is darker and scarier. I guess all bets are off in the last book. We'll see who survives--and what her next book series will be.

I was caught in a typhoon here yesterday. The rain was hellish and totally ripped apart my umbrella as I was crossing the street. The wind and rain and just laughed as it crushed my little light blue mini umbrella, along with another ladies. All we could do was laugh too. Hmph!

I'm off to visit you guys. Take care, stay dry and enjoy the weekend!

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Friday, July 06, 2007
God Bless the Weekend
I was so freakin' sleepy this morning it was all I could do to get through today. Man, I did not want to get up! Thank god for the Weekend!

I bought a new mattress a few days ago and it's being delivered on Tuesday. I'm so happy. My back hurts every morning and I know it's because of my mattress. It's a Serta. I never had a Serta before, I always had Simmons. But this one felt good at the store so I went with it. I took my mom because I can't make a decision for Christ, but she ending up liking the firm better than anything and I didn't want a mattress that hard, so I ended up making my own decision anyway. Heh. Speaking of decisions...

I made a decision that I'm going to get a breast reduction within the next couple of years. Yes, I know that is a long time, I'm not talking next week. I want to pay off the loan I already have before I get financing for this surgery. I did a lot of research several years ago but never had the money. I know I'll never convince a doctor that I need it for other than cosmetic reason, although my shoulders KILL me if I stand up too long and my bra straps dig in so bad I have to move them around to get them off of my shoulders. I already have dark marks on my shoulders from them digging in in the past.

I wish I could have done this in high school, or even in my twenties. It would have made life a lot more inviting. I don't want to dance, or do any sort of vigorous activity (well, not that activity) because these big knockers will get in the way, or even worse, fall out of my bra, which has happened more than once.

I can't run, jog, run quickly upstairs. Well, I do do those thinks, but carefully and self-consciously. I also hate not being able to buy bras off the rack, unless it's a specialty store, being regulated to catalogs. I also hate shuffling through the "drawer" at departments stores where they keep the hefty double D's and up. Our bras come in boxes! Ugh! And usually in white.

What scares me is the scaring because I'm black and I know scars will look worse on my skin tone. But, you know what, I'm gonna take that chance and research and get the best plastic surgeon I can and I'm going to get one that has done numerous surgeries on black women.

I can't be an old lady with these things on my chest, they're heavy now, I can imagine when I'm 60, they're be on the floor. STOP LAUGHING!

Seriously, this things have been a burden more than a joy, I don't even feel comfortable using them as a 'weapon' or to seduce, I just want to hide them as much as possible. Men of course love to stare, but they don't have to carry them around. Heh.

Okay, that's my Friday rant. See you guys later, and if I don't have a great weekend!

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Monday, July 02, 2007
Happy 4th!

I just thought I'd drop by and wish everyone a happy Fourth of July!
I don't have much to say, or maybe I should say I just don't feel like posting anything. Heh. I will post more later in the week. A rather personal post will come along shortly.

I just wanted to nab a moment before the holiday and say hello. So...Hello. Okay, off to clean up. I ordered a mattress today and if I want them to take away the old one and not be embarrassed with the mound of crap under my bed, I guess I'll clean up a little. Ugh. Okay, see you guys later.

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