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Friday, June 13, 2008

Not much to say, so I won't say much. lol, I called in 'sick' today. I had a hard week and just couldn't take it today. I'm hangin' at home and watching TV and catching up on my sleep and my internet. I hope you guys are doing okay, haven't been by in a while, but I'll get there. I do stop by, even if I don't comment.

Enjoy your weekend!

Now, back to my X-Files obsessions....

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Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 7:02 PM   3 buffy fans
Sunday, June 01, 2008
Summer has finally launched on us. It was HOT here today and it felt really nice. Although, while my bedroom feels like 90 degrees this post will be short. First, sorry to my reader(s), I haven't been by in a while and I miss you guys. I hate when I stop by and there are 5 and 6 posts that I have missed commenting on. *bad gunngirl*

I haven't been up to much of anything. I am thinking of taking a couple days off in the next two or three weeks. I need them. I just need a second to do what I want to do...which is write. I know, I know, I've said it all before. I'm gonna be 70 before I write this fucking book. Hell, at this point I don't even care about publishing, just can I get it finished already?!

I was reading this post by EH about wasting time on the internet and I thought, 'That's me!' LOL

Seriously, I waste vast, oceans of time, acres of time in which we can plant crops on the internet. Unfortunately, I have re-opened my X-Files obsession with the new movie coming out and all. My obsession was bad before, but now watching music videos, interviews and show bloopers on YouTube has taken up all my spare moments. Seriously. When I'm not doing that I'm fooling around in iTunes or on Television Without Pity (TwOP) another TV site. Barring that I'm on blogs, at, email, playing computer games, playing video games, on Netflix or watching TV shows online.

When I'm not online watching X-Files I'm freakin' watching X-Files on DVD and if not that it's Smallville, Supernatural, Buffy, Firefly or La Femme Nikita. Sad, but true. And then my Netflix account also takes up time. I just recently watched "Cloverfield" (crazy and overhyped, but good and scary nonetheless. ) I just don't make the dedicated time to do what I should be doing. Even job hunting has taken a back seat. That is the worst of all.

I feel sad and disappointed about that. I'm in my thirties and have dreaming about writing a novel my whole life. What the fuck am I doing? At any rate, I think I'm going to just to the library one day and just brainstorm. Just dedicate some time to myself and work on it. What's holding me up, besides the procrastination, is that I waver on what the story/plot is and I hate that. I know what I want, but I don't know how to get there. Grrr Arrgh!

Okay, it's getting past my bedtime. I'm gonna go. So, not that any of you will, or even want too, but I have done this with a couple other bloggers. If you ever want to drop me a line, or bug me about a post or, (Wow!) ask when I'm gonna post something new you can email me. I do that from time to time with a couple bloggers. It's nice.

So, see you guys soon.

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Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 7:11 PM   1 buffy fans
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