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Monday, March 31, 2008
Monday Madness
I'm calling this Monday Madness because I had so much stuff in my head to blog about---then I forgot over half of it! I was going to post a little bit of everything but alas, I didn't hold it all in.

One of the things I was going to do was post about this little furry animal I found months ago. I took a picture of it with my cell phone and realized that it looked suspiciously close, if not an identical match to a Baby Bat I tried to pick him up but he would squeal, though it was way too low to hear. My mom was nearby and totally freaked out everytime I touched it so I left it there. But, by golly, that was a baby bat! I know it! A bat was on the sidewalk right near my house and I live in the city and nowhere near where bats should be. That said, there have been Seagulls in our alley, so I don't know what to say. Shouldn't they be near the beach somewhere? If the animals are acting strange isn't that a sign...?

Also, I finally have a plot/theme for my book for the 83 millionth time I'm restarting it. I really believe this time I'm going to go with this plot and stick with it. Now, to outline, make character bios, brainstorm and then actually write the book. Hmm, better get started then. :)

I also plan on posting some of the pics I took of many of the dinners I've been on. I have some great pictures of food from some of my favorite restaurants and I'd like to show you.

Last but not least I'm in a crisis/angry/somewhat worried state over my credit report. See, long story short, I've always had good credit. I paid my bills on time, was never late and didn't have the 34,000 credit cards I have now. But several years ago I let my sister used my SS # TWICE to use to get a couple of computer, each a few years apart. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

Since that time she just got her money/credit all fucked up, got in debt up to her eyebrows and just stopped paying on the card in my name. Now, I knew she was delinquent, but I didn't know to that extent. She was just putting bills aside, never even opening them. When I finally said something because the companies finally started coming after my good cards, lowering all the credit limits, she just sounded embarrassed and said she couldn't pay.

I took one of the bills and had to swallow over $500--the minimum payment mind you. Sheesh. I'm in panic mode because all this shit is going to be on my credit report and now I look like I don't pay my bills for months and months and months. I dont' know how I can repair this short of that seven year mark. I want all my credit limits back and I want my credit score to be good. I'm not looking for excellent I just don't want these black marks to slam doors in my face from now on.

I think if I pay off my other debt quickly and open some new accounts that might help. What do you think? I just hope my good record of the bills I was actually paying will help me. Ugh. I don't know. All I can do is get rid if the debt I have now, I guess that's all that can be done. I just hope that it doesn't effect this so bad like jobs, buying/renting a home. I know that's a long shot, but I have good standing with other credit card companies. I don't know. We'll see.

Good night guys, see you near the weekend.

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Friday, March 28, 2008
Welcome to the Weekend
My computer is working! Well, sort of. It's still very sloooooow when too many tabs are open in Firefox. I am working on it but at least my desktop is back. I had to reboot from the install disk and that worked. Yea! Whew! I'm tired, it's 12:29 am and I'm on my way to bed. I'm in the middle of watching The X-Files, I just wanted a dose of Mulder and Scully.

It was super cold here and very un-spring like. We are back to gloves and hats. A couple of days ago I saw some silly teens in flip flops. Jeeze, relax, there will be plenty of 90 degree days ahead for those. Then we'll be complaining about the heat. lol.

One more thing, I don't know if I ever showed you guys pictures of my other cats besides Scarlett, the one who died (sniff!) but I have a Catster page and would love you guys to visit and give one or all of my cats a treat. You should be able to do that without being a member. So, when you have an extra minute, please follow the picture to my pages and click on Meet My Family.

Thanks! love you guys and have a great weekend!

And don't forget Earth Hour. Turn our your lights from 8-9 pm. Just DVR those tv show. :)

Visit my family
Join the Catster community

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Damn it all to hell!
I am have SERIOUS computer problems. I mean to post (and vist you guys) oh so many days ago, but when my stupid computer problems hit I just hit a stand still. I'm on a mac and I rarely have problems, but my desktop won't load! it opens and all and the dock loads, but none of my folders or files show up. That totally SUCKS!

As you can see by my avatar, we are both pissed.

I'm forced to use other desktops that don't have my preferences and ugh, I'm not having a good time. I shall return when my computer is talking to me again. Seriously, I am not happy.

I will try and lurk, as you know my stupid job has the crack down on the internet. God forbid we take a minute to do anything online, it's taking away precious seconds working. Hellhole.

Anyway, hope everyone had a happy Easter and since I didn't chat with you guys Happy Easter, though it's belated. Enjoy the upcoming weekend, but I hope to swing by during that time.

See you guys, hopefully, with a full functioning computer. *fingers crossed*

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Monday, March 17, 2008
Hey, hey, hey everybody!

Wow, It's been a while. I had something to say but I forgot! Sorry. Happy St. Patrick's day for those who care. I had a drink with some friends from work. It was so much fun. We always have fun hanging out. We didn't really need an excuse to have a drink. lol

I've just been taking it day by day. I'm going to take a couple days off next month. It's only a couple of days but they're well overdue. I haven't been doing much else. I am still on my goal of planning a trip. It's so lame that I never go anywhere. I even get embarrassed when people ask me if I'm going some where for my break. Nope, I have always have the same answer. I never want to get into the fact that I don't have the money. I just can't afford to do it spur of the moment, I have to plan.

I haven't been by to check out my blog buddies either, just too tired and too busy. Some days I don't even turn on my computer the whole day.

Ahh, today is just Monday. We leave early on Friday and I can't wait. I think I'm going to go out and have lunch with my sister. We can get an earlier start on the weekend. It should be fun.

Well, I just wanted to stop by, so I'll see you later and hopefully it's be a much more interesting post. hah!


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