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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Once upon a time on blogger...
I used to post regularly. I don't know what happened to me. I used post regularly, when I wasn't working, big surprise, I posted everyday. Now, I drag myself in here every 3 weeks or so. It's ain't right. And I still love blogging! I just wish I had more interesting things to blog about instead of the same ol' shit. Speaking of the same ol' shit You all remember The hell my sister put me in about my debt. Welllll, she is still paying on that debt, or SUPPOSED to be paying on that debt and it just ain't happening. I had a nervous breakdown. Seriously, I had one, my mother witnessed it. She's ( and a good friend) are my Oprah link, and she tells me what happens on Oprah, and today Oprah said stop worrying about all that stuff like bills and the like and live your best life now.

Well, I have no choice. My credit is FUCKED THE SHIT UP thank to you know who and she ain't doing shit about it. I just hate the fact that she totally hung me out to dry and is not trying to keep up with fixing it. Credit scores are serious, and they can determine a lot of things now and later in life. She does not seem to care about that for herself at all, but I always ALWAYS had great credit, and that is over now. I.HATE.IT.SO.MUCH. I got a bad headache thinking about it. She gets all sad and quiet and guilty when I explode about it, but she keeps paying late on the bills! I just decided to just stop fucking trusting her and I'm just gonna take the bills and pay them myself. I didn't want too because I have my own debt and I wanted her to pay what she was supposed to pay, but she won't do it on time, so now I'm still getting zinged with late payments against my credit. She tries to say she does care when I say she don't care. She says she just don't have the money. Um, you got a job don't you?

I could be a bitch and take her ass to court. But see, I wouldn't do that. First, it's my mistake giving her my SS#. That was wrong and that would be pointed out to me. Now, I will say she was good to me financially many years ago, always giving me money when I was wasn't working. Yes, I remember all that. But I don't think that make up for this now. I just don't. I'm sorry if that's heartless or bitchy, but she talks about how family always screws you over and then she does it to me! I try to think about it too hard because it makes me sick (literally) to think about. I am stuck credit report 7 year hell because she can't manage a damn minimum payment. What makes me upset is that she didn't think about me, didn't care enough to try and keep those cards up to date because I did that for her to get her computer. I mean, it's in MY name, who does she think they're coming after? Then I'm looking stupid if they call my job or try to garnish my wages. She claims she didn't have the money but I know she just didn't give a shit and didn't care since they were calling me and not her. Out of sight out of mind. Hate to say it, but BITCH!

Moving on, my new summer show is back. I love me some SYTYCD. I can't say I have a favorite couple yet, but I did enjoy Janine and Philip and their dance tonight and the Waltz with Janette and Brandon was very good. I enjoyed most the dances. And I voted.

I also enjoyed "Glee" and am looking forward to it's return on Fox.

Okay, that's enough pictures and posting today. The next time I join you this damn digital thing will be underway. State tuned to the chaos that will bring...

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  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger Phats said…

    First off So you think you can dance, seriously thought that was one of the best first shows EVER! I have too many favorites already. I was sad to see people go but i think it was the right decision.

    Second- LOVE GLEE can't wait for it in the fall, my wife and I loved the sneak peek and both are anxious to see it when it returns. Hope it makes it.

  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger EnnuiHerself said…

    Sorry to read about the continued problems with your sister and your credit. It sucks, but paying it off yourself is probably the best course of action. At least that way you'll know that the bills will get paid.

    My concern, though, is that because she knows your SSN, she could rack up more debt. I wonder if you can get it changed or somehow block new accounts?

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