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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Our lights went out last night. It was so unexpected. Me and my sister were hangin' watching TV and we didn't even know it was raining. We were watching Blade on Spike TV and it started to freeze, the universal signal on a Satallite Dish that says the weather is bad. Finally, when we were informed that it was "Searching for Satallite Signal we decided to look out of the window and saw it was raining pretty hard.

With nothing to do we just started wandering around the house, lol, wondering when it would stop raining. I went out on the back porch to decide if I should pull down the window or leave it up for the cats, and there was a super WHITE FLASH of light like the Mother Spaceship or something, startled the hell out of me. Right after that it was pitch dark. I thought, I didn't even get a chance to turn off the TV, but the storm did it for me. Everything was out on the whole block, actually a couple of blocks. That happened one other time before.

It was pretty cool/creepy with it so dark inside and outside. Even worse? I don't have any candles, but we did have flashlights. I was just happy it happened fairly late enough for me to go to bed. It happened at about 9:45pm. I didn't go right to bed, I read by flashlight until I got tired of that, then I went to bed around 11:00pm.

They came back on at 5am, then we had another surge a few hours later. I took my chances and decided to get on the computer. I was happy I wasn't on the computer then. I don't like power surges/electrical outages when I'm on the computer. I have much precious stuff I don't want to get fried. I still haven't learned my lesson to back up.

That's all for today, my mouth is hurting. The pain wakes me up. Ugh. And my painkillers aren't working very well. I've been watching The 4400 from Netflix. I like it so far. Back to the TV.

I'll be by your blogs soon, my mouth is bugging the hell out of me!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Blog on
First, I watch The View and aside from being not-so-stunned that Star Jones is leaving (all because of that loud mouth Rosie O'Donnell, but I digress) Joy Behar had a quick (supposedly funny) comment about blogging. I'm paraphrasing, but they were talking about close friends and do they have more or less close friends now and she said it's sad if your close friend is a blog.

Now, I can't knock blogs/blogging obviously, and I do not think that your one and only or all of your friends should be bloggers. I think you should have at least one good friend you can talk too. But at the same time I believe that you can get to know some really wondeful, nice, intelligent and gentle people through blogging, whether you ever even talk to them live or not.

You may blog for years and stop blogging but remember Phoenix or CatRox for a very long time. Even better if they give you their real name. All I'm saying is that some people over the internet don't just want to email you pictures of their penises, and just because you don't really know that much about them other than what they disclose doesn't mean the relationship was phony.

The other misconception is that bloggers are hapless losers who can't form relationships, are geeky and no woman/man will touch them--and that they're mostly very young. Well, I think we burned that misconception to the ground. Heh.

That's pretty much my rant today. I went to the dentist and it was worse, which is probably why I feel grumpy. I have black sutures in my mouth. NOT PRETTY! They feel funny sometimes. Pain pills are my best friend.

Also, my cat Celeste caught this huge black fly that was loose in the house. She tried to eat it! ugh, I could hear the crunching. Believe me, you don't want any flying insects to get into the house. She'll break the house apart, it'll be like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The house will be in shambles or burned down when she got through. Glad that fly is dead.

Still reading? Thanks, and sorry for the long post.
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Monday, June 26, 2006
Write On
I'm trying to get back into my novel. I really wish I were closer to submitting, but I'm nowhere near that stage. I get random thoughts and plots in my head and I write them down and try and use them. The problme is that I'll suddenly get in the mood to write and I'll just jump right into it, not really having a full plot or characterization and that is a MAJOR problem because then I get stuck, stop and either end up scrapping the whole thing or starting over. Stupid right? Yeah, I thought so too.

And as sad as it sounds, it's been hard for me to get a damn original thought in my genre, which might not even have its own genre. It's sort of detective horror/fantasy. I don't even know where that fits. But not having orginal thoughts worked well for J.J. Abrams The wunderkind who struck gold with ideas that you've seen everywhere and anywhere before. Why can't that be me? heh.

I have all my characters, and names, I don't think I'll be changing them again. I have a general story, a villian (but I really rather not have another 'destroy the world' villian agenda). I have love interests, sexual tension, sex, violence, bad language and a young, tough protaganist. Sound like something you might wanna read? I hope so.

On to Chapter one...
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Friday, June 23, 2006
Just chillin'
I spent the day not doing much. Next week I have plenty to do. I finish up my health screening for my hospital volunteering, and go back to the dentist. OH JOY!

It cooled off here after having a couple of days of refreshingly cool 89 degrees. I have to thank my blog good friends for encouragement. I'm going to have to give all of your guys a present. Um, I don't have time today. I have major cramps and just don't feel like. Sorry.

But in honor of Beady who often posts some of her favorite comments, I'm going to do that as several gave me a big happy. A big happy I needed. The top three:

3. "Hhmmm...have you tried blowing bubbles? Stickers? Ice cream? What? You say that, unlike me, you're a grown-up? Okay then...I got nuthin'. ;D" posted by High Desert Diva

2. "Sorry you haven't found a job yet. You will , of course, then you can laugh at all this. Why not get a head start and laugh now. Be depressed when you have to go every day to work." Posted by Dr. John

And my number one quote of the week....

1. "Don't try to be all things to all people. Pick one, either the drinking OR the drugging. Don't spread yourself too thin." Posted by Mr. Fab

Thanks for the jokes, shits and giggles guys. They helped.

Now, back to Smallville.
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
I need a vacation
I need a vacation from my job search. Serioulsy, that is a full time job that is often very unrewarding. It's has been very crappy the last couple of weeks. I didn't get the job I interviewed for and things seem to be sinking into a black hole. I just felt very depressed this morning.

The only decent online job searches are Careerbuilder and Craigslist and they have been turning in paltry results. I decided to enjoy my Season 4 Smallville DVD's to try and take my mind off of things. Gotta have some outlet for the pain.

Either that or I start drinking and drugging.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Chronic WHAT!? -Cles of Narnia!
Mimi talked about one of her favorite Saturday Night Live (SNL) skits of yesteryear. But one of my favorites of recent was one that you've probably all seen or heard of. Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg did a skit where they were all hyped rappers psyched to be going to see Chronicles of Narnia.

For a moment they thought they were black, I guess, and hard rappers. LOL. It was freakin' funny as heck. So funny, in fact that scores of people had it on the internet the next day, people were talking about it, illegally putting it on their websites. NBC was not having that though. I've been an avid watcher of SNL for years and still catch it usually.

It's called "LAZY SUNDAY" and you should be able to see it by clicking that link. If you have pretty speedy internet connection it should just start up and play. You have GOT to check it out if you can if you haven't already seen it. I promise you'll be cracking up.
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Monday, June 19, 2006
Bad Kids and Birthdays
I went out today and as I was waiting on the bus two kids came near the Bus Shelter. I noticed them, one was a girl, about 11 and the other was (I think) a little boy about 7. They were hunched over something in their hands. I stopped paying them attention, then all of a sudden they tossed a bunch of lit fire crackers right by my feet and took off. I jumped up, and they popped, but I didn't get hurt.

Is this what I have to look forward too for the summer? Bad ass kids? I think so. I know pranks can be fun, but not if they hurt someone and kids don't know when to draw the line.

This last little bit I found sort of interesting. I got it from Gareth I don't a lot of it describes me at all, especially about being suspicious of people. LOL, in fact, I'm too trusting. I know it's not law, but just found it interesting is all.

Your Birthdate: December 19

You are resilient, and no doubt your resilience has already been tested.
You've had some difficult experiences in your life, but you are wise from them.
Having had to grow up quickly, you tend to discount the advice of others.
You tend to be a loner, having learned that the only person you can depend on is yourself.

Your strength: Well developed stability and confidence

Your weakness: Suspicion of others

Your power color: Eggplant

Your power symbol: Spade

Your power month: October
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Sunday, June 18, 2006
It was a Dark and Stormy Night....
We had a little mini storm here last night. The wind was fierce, pretty scary, and it's gotta be blowing pretty hard for a Chicagoan to think the wind is scary. The problem? Well, our neighbors tree has grown far out over our yard, it's over our roof so now we have leaves in our gutters, a huge nuisance, not to mention expensive water damage the overflowing gutters has done. But I digress.

So, this tree has grown out so much that it became tangled in the power lines. My sister came by just in time to tell us that she heard a pop and saw some sparks fly. I went outside and we could tell that the power lines were all frayed from the tree bark and leaves rubbing against them. So, we're trying to figure out who to call for this problem. We figure the Electric company has to do something about it.

We called the city and they transferred us to the Fire Department. We just hung up as that didn't seem like it was going to do much good. Like my mom says, 'if it's not one thing it's another.' LOL. We just didn't want the tree to catch fire or something serious. The other problem is that years ago my Aunt thought it was a good idea if our neighbor went half with us in getting the tree cut down, but then they cut all the tree down in our neighbors yard and left all the rest over our yard, so what was the point? No point. Sigh.

Back to the starting board.
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Friday, June 16, 2006
Dinner and a Movie

I went to the movies yesterday and FINALLY saw X-Men: The Last Stand. Not as good as the first two, especially the original, but definetly entertaining. Fanboys will rampage by some of the events that happened in the film, but other semi-fans and non-fans should enjoy themselves. I went to an AMC 21 theater. Ahhh, 21 shows. Yum. Me and my sister were strolling around the halls, yep, it's that big and we found Mission Impossible: III so, we went on in.

Don't scold me about sneaking into a movie, we've all done it before--or wanted too. Hell, we paid $15 (matinee!) to get in and damn near $30 for food. We deserve to see an extra movie. I kinda liked MI:III. Didn't care for the love interest though, but there were some good action scenes and of course Tom looked good.

After the movie we went to Brazzazz: A Brazillian Steakhouse For those unfamilar, you pay a set price and servers keep coming by your table to serve you meat, chicken, shrimp, filet mignon, etc. You get a chip on your table, one side says 'No, Thank you' the other side says 'Yes, Thank you' and if it's on No, they won't come by, but if Yes, they will stop and carve off meat for you. It was good, basically all you can eat. We ate all we could eat too. We went for dinner prices $40 per person. I would suggest the lunch special of $19.99.

And in the last news, on the way home on the train we saw this 'older' lady tweaking.I thought she was in her twenties, but she looked more like in her late thirties, early forties. Uh, or maybe she was in her twenties. Anyway, yeah, she was high. She had that 'drug nod' and if you've seen it you know what I mean. It's not an I'm-falling-asleep sort of nod, she was leaned over on the seat forward, hanging her head almost to the floor. You can tell it when you see it.

The guy with her wasn't as high as she was, he kept nodding off but he was concious enough to know which stop they were supposed to make. She was out of it, and had on a very short dress. Hope she got where she was going.

P.S. I want to thank Dr. John for sending so many wonderful people my way for a visit. Thank! I loved the visits and comments. I'll leave out cookies next time. Also, I've been having trouble with blogger, so I haven't been by to comment. *grrr* So, I'll see you guys soon.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
A dabble of everything
First, I want to thank all my blogger commenters who were pissed in my defense about the Dentist. You guys are great. I went in today and told the Receptionist that he should have kept it at $250 since that's what we worked out before hand. She said 'you know what? We're just gonna do that. I'm only going to charge you $250, I'll deal with him later."

Wasn't that sweet? I wanted to hug her, she was so nice! I feel like giving her something but I think that would be too much. LOL. So, after the procedure he went ahead and told her to just make it $250. She laughed and told me, 'Well, we'd already worked that out didn't we?" LOL, she was really nice. I really did appreciate her doing that. Dental work is so expensive! I know it's a lot of work, but I'm sorry, I just can't swing over $1800 for dental work. Even if I do need it.

I also read in the paper today about a woman getting sexually assulted at our Cook County jail after visiting a prisoner--by a security guard! He claimed she said it was okay. She waited a day to report it. Doesn't that look bad? Won't it seem suspicious that she waited a day? Why not scream bloody murder at the jail? I don't know.

I'm also going to consolidate my school loans. I don't really know who to go with to do that, but I think that would be the best thing to do instead of trying to pay all that interest. I'd like to consolidate all my credit cards and loans too. It would be nice to just keep track of one payment. Has anyone ever done this? As far as I know the interested should be lowered greatly. I have to get ahold of my Aunt and ask her where she went and what she did. She put all her bills together and told my mom she was paying $500 a month.

Depends on the type of job I get if I'd be able to swing that. I could pay that a month my bills would be gone in a year. Ahhh, wishful thinking.
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Monday, June 12, 2006
Manic Monday
Today really felt like a Monday to me. I have a dentist appointment tommorow and the Dentist said he'd let me pay $250 for my procedure, but now he's saying $300 (that his prices went up. WHATEVER) we went all up and down to get to $250 and now he's being a complete asshat and keeps raising his prices.

I hate that bastard. I don't have insurance and am paying out of pocket, obviously. I am going to bring it up to him. I just don't think it's fair that he agrees one price one day then the next time he sees you the prices are skewed out of control. WTF? I wouldn't go back but I got all those x-rays and just other stuff and it'll be more expensive to start over somewhere else. I'm just pissed for the day about that. That really fucked up the start of my week.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Reddy, Red Rum

In this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly they're discussing the 25 Most Controversial Movies. While The Passion of the Christ was number one, one of my favorite movies was number two. A Clockwork Orange. I may have mentioned it before, but I really liked this movie. I tried to read the book. I got a couple chapters in and was so confused I, depressingly, stopped. I wanted to really finish it. But the text...the words...the descriptions. It was like reading something from another dimension. If you've read the book, you know what I mean. The movie was adapted from Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel.

Anyhoo, the movie follows a bunch of English thugs (droogs) who love to do violence, rape women and drink stylishly in a milk bar. This is one of my favorite Stanley Kubrick films after The Shining. I bring this up because there have been many people dressing up like Droogs, or the lead character Alex to be more precise, in TV, movies and rock groups.

That's interesting to me and also fun, because I know I'm not the only one who liked that movie, remembers it and was affected enough to want to dress up like characters. That ain't just for Star Wars Fans and Trekkies. From Rock Stars to The Simpsons, people have created their own Droog costumes and flashed that eyelash. I love it!

I think the movie is intelligent, a bit scary, thought provoking and socially and morally questionable. It's uber-violent, with much unnecessary carnage. What does is say about erasing violence from society by also erasing free will? Does the ends justify the means? Is the state of the world so lost that depending on yourself to choose between good and evil have to be taken away? More importantly, does behavioral modification work? At the end of the movie (or book) that questions remains. This movie is still incredibly fascinating and sparks discussion over 20 years later. Now, dressing up like the horrid main character in this movie? That is also questionable. lol.

A little tidbit. It caused such a stir in England in 1971 -- with copy-cat crimes and social upheaval, that it wasn't available there again (in any form) until -- 2000.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Just blogging around
Where did the time go? I can't believe the last time I blogged was on the 6th. Speaking of blogging and blogger, has anyone noticed that the "Remember Me" does not work? I mean, I check that stupid box every time it MAKES me log in and it has not Remembered Me yet. Now, it might just be Safari, which keeps crashing on me. I think I need to download the updates, but with dial-up that's like a two day ordeal. Not fun.

So, I'm on Firefox, which is shit-tastic when it comes to bookmarks. Why should keeping your bookmarks feel like you're organizing master plans to launch the space shuttle? Come on!

I also would like to say that I have been trying to comment on all of your blogs (you know who you are, all you gorgeous people in my Scooby Gang listed to my right) but seeing as how blogger was "Down for Maintanance" I couldn't do squat. Again, I think, suspiciously, my Safari browser also had a hand in that.

I'm volunteering at a hospital and went to my Orientation today--4 hours. Not bad though, there was plenty of refreshments so that was good. I hope I can volunteer. I'm still in Job Search mode and wouldn't like anything to interfere with either things. But, alas, getting a paying job has to come first, obviously.

That's about all the news that's fit to print. I will be around to your blogs shortly, so wake up and look presentable. And have something out to offer me when I get there. :)

P.S. And since Mr. Fab called me bossy, I'm demanding in a nice way. Really, I'm smiling and everything. All I'm asking for is cheese and crackers. Sheesh.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
5 by 5
Of course the blog title 5 by 5 is something Faith from Buffy used to say all the time. I always find some way to work Buffy into my day. lol. These type of posts have been in blogland for a while, I was reminded of it from The Preppy Girl's Guide blog. I had nothing to blog about today, so I decided to do this:

5 items in my fridge:
1. Breakstone's Sour Cream
2. Wishbones Just 2 Good Ranch Salad dressing
3. Kraft American Cheese
4. Three bottles of Dasani bottled water (well, water from the tap after I've refilled them.)
5. Store brand soft taco shells

5 DVD's on my shelf:
1. X-Men 1.5
2. Buffy season seven
3. La Femme Nikita season 1 (from Hong Kong--ebay)
4. Jurassic Park
5. The Ring

5 items in my purse:
1. Cell phone
2. Red Dooney and Bourke Wallet
3. Bottle of Excedrin Migrain
4. Always ultra thin maxi pads (sorry guys! heh)
5. Pad and pen

5 items in my closet:
1. Several white blouses
2. A dark blue interview suit
3. Two old backpacks; text books
4. Wedge sandals I only wore once
5. Several blue jean skirts I don't even want to wear anymore

I'm not tagging. So don't worry! But if you're so inclined, self-design and do it for your self. I guess all you need is 5 things you'd like to share.
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Monday, June 05, 2006
Bad Dreams and Better Thoughts
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night remembering the time I was mugged. It wasn't a terrible mugging, it could have been worse; kicked, stabbed, beaten, raped, etc. But it was still pretty traumatic--for me anyway. I was knocked down and dragged a little. I keep replaying in my head what I should have done differently. I wanted to kill that sonofabitch.

Every now and then it'll wake me up with a jolt and I'll stuff it back into the barrel in the back of my mind and latch it up. I bought a 500,000 volt taser that I carry around with me. I actually want one of the ones that shoots out the taser wattage, so I can tase their asses if they're trying to run away.

Other things wake me up in the night, like I think about Scarlett sometimes too. I hate when these dreams happen. I want to keep that barrel closed.

In better news, the semi-crush I've been hanging with lately (via my friend) we've been talking Buffy. Yes, he is a Buffy fan. Angel too. I don't feel awkward or silly going on and on about Buffy and I know he's not just indulging me because he'll be like 'oh, and remember in that episode...?" or "I don't know why they treated Xander like that." or "What do you think of the Buffy/Spike relationship?"

The thing I'm liking about this that we've just been hanging and talking about that kind of stuff and things can build slowly. I don't know about anyone else but I like starting out as friends first. It's more comfortable for me. Then again, if the lust is there, you can't deny it. Despite his Buffy ties, I'm not in lust yet, but it's getting there.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
depressing times 3
I just realized as I was posting that all of my topics aren't very joyous. First, I watched an HBO documentary called Shelter Dogs for the first time. As an AVID and extreme animal lover/supporter I avoided this after a couple people told me about some of the sad scenes. It's the same reason I avoided March of the Penguins, but I digress. So, I watched this documentary today, and cried, and cried during a scene where they had to put down a cute little black dog because he was pretty aggressive.

The thing was he wasn't always aggressive. He sat when told, wagged his tail, looked cute. But he bit pretty hard at the fake hand they use to gage their temperment. If I had a house and lots of land I'd still be willing to take these types of dogs. I just don't think they're that bad and need to be put down. But again, I digress. The shelter employee that drove him to put him down stopped at McDonalds to buy him some chicken McNuggets. She said he needed at least a little treat before it happend. This pushed me over the edge because it was something I didn't really get to give Scarlett before she died and it depressed me to no end. I really did love that cat. *sob*

Also, I'm in currently reading Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I'm sure you're all familiar. I never read this, started a year ago and never finished. The protaganist, Holden Caulfield, has a traumatic past, is in his own world, perhaps more intelligent for his own good and I don't think the book is a ray of light. But once again this is my Summer of Classics so I'm trying to read a few books that I've never read before. Which brings me to...

The next book I plan on reading. Watership Down, by Richard Adams. It's the story of a bunch of Rabbits fleeing the destruction of their home by land developers. I've never heard of it and was never required to read it at school. I first heard about it in the movie Donnie Darko. (I suggest visiting the link if you're curious) Donnie Darko was very good.

At any rate, the book was featured in a pretty big scene in the movie, and it made me want to read it. Has anyone ever read either of these books? Ever wanted too? If you've read one or both let me know what you thought.

And just to lighten things up I'm also reading "Dead as a Doornail" by Charlaine Harris. A Sookie Stackhouse Vampire novel. You know, to keep me grounded. lol
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