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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
A book sure to please all your Dr. Seuss needs

My mom bought this "Your Favorite Seuss. A bakers's dozen by the one and only Dr. Seuss" book and has it on her coffee table. I discovered it and read three or four stories right away. I was so excited to find one of my all time favorite Dr. Seuss stories "McElligot's Pool inside I could hardly stand it. I LOVE that story. I once had the book, but sadly I don't know where it is today.

You can find it for various prices, $34 being the highest, $20 being the lowest. Check Amazon and Alibris for best prices. It's a hardback, well made, with lovely color pictures.

Inside the book are 12 of Dr. Seuss' most popular stories. Even more, there are plenty of details, explanation and discussion on each story, and telling us what the moral of the story was, in case we missed it. I think this is a gem for any Seuss fan. It gives you all the best in one place. I recommend:

McElligot's Pool
Yertle the Turtle
Green Eggs and Ham
How the Grinch StoleChristmas

Oh, the Places You'll Go


Don't take my word, check it out for yourself
This isn't a book to sit long on a shelf

Gather your friends, and the young and the old

and tell them soon a great tale will unfold

About turtles, and sneetches and a big cat who teaches

And Grinch's and Sam and his Green Eggs and Ham

There's so much to learn and places to explore

Why, you'll certainly go somewhere you've never been before!

And you'll giggle and snort and have to confess
That the world of Seuss is simply the best

So pull on your hat and grab both of your shoes

And line up or run in ones, threes or twos

For a wonderful ride on the Express Train of Fun

For an unforgettable journey when all's said and done!

(Dr. Suess-like poem created by Gunngirl)

Enjoy the book!
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Sunday, February 25, 2007
2007: Bad, worse, intolerable
This new year has really hit my family hard. Things suddenly just got so bad in the last month or so. About a week and a half ago my sister was laid off. She is having an EXTREMELY hard time dealing with it. I know that the wound is still fresh, but I feel like she isn't hitting the ground running, but walking and stumbling.

She is intent on spending $300 for a resume and any time I offer to help her with one she just gets all emotional and I have to just drop it. She has over 10 years with this school and the new principal just tossed her yesterday's newspaper. And my sister is also intent on taking some web design class for $2000. I just think she's wasting money, I don't think web design is as big as it once was. Suffice to say we don't have fun anymore. Any time spent with her is consoling her or her going on about how she can't believe this happened and crying and such, but I feel like it's done and she needs to focus. She still has the next four months and she has a job over the summer, so it's not as bad as some people who get fired and that's it.


For even more devastating news, the snow and rain and snow and rain has pummeled our roof and one entire wall in the dining room is leaking INSIDE THE WALL. I'm horrified that the wall will collapse. The destructing just steamrolled in about ten minutes it was leaking like someone was up there with a bucket.

I see why people just kill themselves and put themselves out of their misery.


One last shitty event? The mayor is reawakening a plan to build a crosstown expressway that will roll right over our block and house. Yes, that means tearing down out neighborhood and forcing us to move. Is that enough for you? Because that's plenty of crappy news for me.

If you don't hear from me soon I may be hanging in my basement.
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Friday, February 23, 2007
I've been sick for the past couple of days. I ate this hamburger and I think it was too greasy and it made me sick. I was up at 4:30 in the morning throwing up. it was the first time I called off work since I started. (heh) I was a little queasy some of the day, but I enjoyed my day off and watched a marathon of Project Runway (and for a 24 hour fix of Project Runway, here's a PR Blog) Just remember to 'Make it work!'

Anyway, I'm feeling better, but I decided to take off Monday. That's right people, I will not be at work Monday! That hell fire factory will have to chug along without me!

We have new law software and it SUCKS! I don't like the software. It's supposed to make things easier, but it doesn't. It adds unnecessary steps to everything. The only good thing coming out of it is that my attorney's will do their own time from now on and the nightmare I was living in will ease. Whew.

Has anyone been watching American Idol? Why do the men suck? That Dolittle chick can sing her butt off. Honestly, I don't watch the whole show, but from what I've seen, the girls are making a better showing than the guys.

And one last random pointless thing. My sister brought up The Muppets. And she said that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew didn't have any pupils, just eyeglasses. But I swore up and down he had to have eyes. I mean, what?! Come on! Well, knock me off my Muppets Trivia socks! No eyes! (and yes, that is Beaker with him. Meepmeepmeepmeepmeep!)

One last thing. What do you think of Britney Spears shaving her head and now in rehab? (supposedly) WTF? She will have those kids taken away if she's not careful. Shaving your head for some non-verbal reason after having a child is not good.

I thought she was doing much better than that. What happened? I hope she gets better. I was a Britney fan and liked he music, I was sorta looking forward to her return to the music world. oh well.

Well, I shall soon make the rounds on your blogs. Have a wonderful weekend!
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Friday, February 16, 2007
I'm It
I have some pretty depressing news about my sister and her employment status, but I don't feel like blogging about that today, that will be saved for another long winded blog post when I'm feeling up to it. I feel the need to blog and vent about that.

So, now, I will answer the Tag of a sweet Blogger, EH who tagged me. I haven't done a tag in so long, and am pretty (sadly) happy to be tagged. Wheee! Here goes:

1. Find the nearest book.
2. Name the book & the author.
3. Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
5. Tag three more folks.

1.Hmmm, nothing interesting close by, I'm near my "Research and Reference" Bookcase mind you...Got one.
2.Larry Ragle "Crime Scene"
4."The makeup of a bloody print may be all victim, all suspect, or a mix of the print of the suspect and the blood of the victim. Studies indicate these chemicals do not damage DNA necessary for PCR-STD profiling."
5. Well, I don't know will do it, I usually just say, you, you and you, but I'm gonna toss out some names and see who answers. Mimi, Cinderella, Mary

Okay, homework done. I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day (if you cared, anyway) and an even better weekend, in case I don't see you.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
The Perfect Storm
I seriously cannot believe the snow that hit us. It's like 6" out there! Is this a cruel joke?! I don't want to go out tommorow, but...I guess I'll be going. But a vacation day is well on it's way. I need one!

I don't have much to say. I basically just came here to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy yourself. And don't fret if you're single, or even worse, the only single one among friend couples--just let's you celebrate any way you want to. *wink*

All of my blogger friends are my Valentines! I haven't been getting much blog traffic lately, so to all of my two visitors, let me know what would be your perfect Valentines day, either with your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, or if you prefer to stay solo, what would you want to do that would be just fine with you?

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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Art Culture and Gifted Penises

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago Saturday and really enjoyed myself. Even though my sister said I was boring for choosing the Art Institute of all places to go.

I found several paintings that I really liked and would like a replica of in my house, including this one that is both creepy and delicate by Georgia O'Keefe This artwork is titled "Cow's Skull with Calica Roses (1932)

Isn't it eerie? Yet...I like it.


In other news, I'm now watching "Lost" on Netflix and there is a guy on there "Ian Somerhalder" who is HOT HOT HOT! I mean, he was also on "Smallville" but he is not on nearly enough TV shows or movies. My god, is this guy sexy. He would make me have a one night stand. Seriously, I'd forget all common sense and just hop in a car with this guy if he flirted and asked me too. I need a cold shower not. (and a boyfriend) LOL! Please check out his link for more hotness and other info on him. *thud* heheh

See you all later.

Also, if none of you know it will soon go the way of Napster, which means nonexistent, which sucks because I was on there for about 3 hours last night and I go there often. While it still work, please check out this SNL skit called "Dick in a Box" It's hella hilarious. Justin Timberlake was the host. You must see it.
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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Movies, Anna, Cold and Blog Headache

It's freezing here. Not just cold, but COLD!! I feel like I'm in the North Pole or something. We haven't had it this cold here in years. I mean, what is going on? This weather is killer. You can actually freeze to death if you stay outside more than four hours or so. Sheesh!

I can't believe it's Friday tommorow. This week was hellish, but I made it. I can't wait until the weekend. I want to go the show. I love the movies. I have three movies I want to see, "The Number 23" "300" and "Pan's Labyrinth" (you should have a pretty good connection to see these trailers and sites) I HAVE to see "300" at the show. Some movies are best seen in the theater.

I haven't been commenting on some of your blogs because Blogger was giving me a hassle. I couldn't remember my damn Google password and Blogger kept asking me for it everytime I tried to leave a comment. It was driving me crazy! Ugh! What a pain in the ass Blogger can be! But, I shall be around soon, just wanted to stop in and post a few things.

Last, but not least, in sad, horrible, depressing news, Anna Nicole Smith died either today or yesterday. I find this both surprising and not at all surprising at the same time. I don't think she was the same after her son died, and all those pain killers she was on surely didn't help. I think she was out of it most of the time by being on those painkillers, and I don't think she really had anyone around her she really trusted or believed really cared for her except her son, and now he's gone.

I think she was really a very lonely girl. When she was coherent, I really liked her.

I think she killed herself unintentionally. So sad.
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Sunday, February 04, 2007
There's always...21 years later

Well, we lost the Superbowl. I'm sad. I wanted them to win so bad. They were doing so good in the first half and then...The Colts just took over. I feel like crying. The support in the city was so great, so supportive. People would have went crazy if they'd won. You just don't know.

It's such a long, hard road to the Superbowl, I just hate that they lost. ARRRGGGGH! It's very depressing and I don't even follow sports, but I always support the home team.

What I did enjoy was the halftime show with Prince. My mom was pretty mean on that front. She complained that he didn't sing all the songs (Hello! Medley!) And that she couldn't hear him, she was all grumpy that he didn't sing the whole song of "Purple Rain" Okay, it's not a Prince concert Ma, sheesh! I liked it. Prince looked good (as usual. Sexy, sexy!), he sounded just fine and I was happy that he sang some old goodies instead of some of the newer stuff. I had my own song choices for the night ("My name is Prince", "Erotic City") to name a couple, but with so many great songs to choose from, hell, he'd be there all night. I liked his guitars too, but could have done without the two dancers, they looked odd.

There were only about 8 commercials I liked too, including the Career Builder ones and the Miller Light one with the hitchhicker and his ax v. Miller light and the Budweiser commercial with the stray dog grabbing a ride on the Firetruck after getting muddy enough to resemble a Dalmation. heh.

Not a great night for Chicago fans or commercials, but...What can you do? I'm still proud, hell they made it to the Superbowl. So, I guess that'll have to be good enough. No other choice.
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Friday, February 02, 2007

Okay, I'm no sports fan, in fact, I don't even really like football. However, if you saw how it is is absolutely impossible to avoid anything related to the Chicago Bears and the superbowl, then you'd jump on the bandwagon too.

Today at work, at 5:00 they cut into the phone lines and played this fight song for the Bears, it was so cool, though a lot of people missed it. I was still working at 5pm, yes, that damn place never stops producing work, so got to hear it. Us stragglers all clapped and whooped. hee.

A friend is going to the superbowl, lucky her! The Bears being in the superbowl will never happen in my lifetime, so I wish I could go, I just don't have the thousands of dollars you need. Oh well.

Anyone planning any superbowl activities? Food? Party? going somewhere to watch the game? I'll be at home. If I knew someone who was going out and watch the game, I'd go, but since I don't, I won't. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want them to win, but I'm just happy they made it to the superbowl.

THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL! I don't believe it. Not for 21 years. Wow.

Well, I will see you guys later. Work wouldn't believe it. We have multiple tech problems because attorneys are moving around the offices and switching offices. Ugh! Too, too busy today. Just crazy.

I wish you all a happy, safe, warm weekend! and watch the game! If you have no one to root for, root for the Bears. Heh.
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