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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Soundtrack to my Life
Okay, so copying Undr, I decided to post my own Soundtrack to my Life. I mean, why not, right? Also, MTV had this really sucky show that showcased the soundtrack to lives of teens, and it was very boring. Er, hope this is better. Hee. Oh, and here goes.

And I'm not posting links for these song. First, because it's tedious and second because you don't care.

If you're so inclined to look them up, help yourself.

1. "I'm just a girl" No Doubt
2."Release pt.1" Pearl Jam
3."Black" Pearl Jam
4."Karma Police" Radio Head
5."Loser" 3 Doors Down
6."Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan
7."Angel" Sarah McLachlan
8."Fallen" Sarah McLachlan
9."Building a Mystery" Sarah McLachlan
10."Witness" Sarah McLachlan
11."In your eyes" Peter Gabriel
12."Wild Horses" The Sundays
13."They'll be sad songs to make you cry" Billy Ocean
14."Loverboy" Billy Ocean
15."I'm still standing" Elton John
16."Brand New Day" Sting
17."In the air tonight" Phil Collins
18."I wish it would rain down" Phil Collins
19."Against all odds" Phil Collins
20."Land of Illusion" Phil Collins
21."Notorious" Duran Duran
22."Wild Boys" Duran Duran
23."Come Undone" Duran Duran
24."The Reflex" Duran Duran
25."Girls on Film" Duran Duran
26."Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi
27."Purple Rain Soundtrack" Prince
28."Mountains" Prince
29."Adore" Prince
30."Batdance" Prince
31."Lightning Crashes" Live
32."I alone" Live
33."The Dolphins Cry" Live
34."Overcome" Live
35."Mama said knock you out" L.L. Cool J
36."Push" Matchbox Twenty
37."I don't want to be lonely no more" Rob Thomas
38."Today was a good day" Ice Cube
39."Father of Mine" Everclear
40."Here without you" 3 doors down
41."Only happy when it rains" Garbage
42."You" Candlebox
43."Drops of Jupiter" Train
44."When I'm gone" 3 doors down
45."Touched a Dream" R.Kelly
46."I Wish" R.Kelly
47."Parents just don't understand" D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
48."Guess that's why they call it the Blues" Elton John
49."Out of Touch" Hall and Oats
50."We Belong" Pat Benatar
51."Invincible" Pat Benatar
52."Love is a Battlefield" Pat Benatar
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Sunday, September 25, 2005
You Are Dead.
Apparently, I'm dead involving lots of water and psychological trauma, according to this quiz. Nevertheless, it was fun to take and fun to find out who would kill me in a horror movie. This is actually very creepy, not only because I just saw The Ring 2, but because Samara scared the crap out of me in the first movie.

So, let me know who would slaughter you.

Who Would Slaughter You in a Horror Movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Stretch on your own time, buddy
Okay, me and my sis were out today. And we always take the train downtown. This Saturday the train was motoring, it usually doesn't go that fast, so we were happy it was actually moving like a train and we could get where we wanted to go quickly. Needless to say, we were pretty happy on our half empty, quickly moving train.

But once we hit the tunnels and downtown, we hit a stop where, like twenty people get on with all this roller blade gear and marathon type outfits and biking shorts and all, taking up room on the train, being noisy and just cluttering up our nice empty car.

But here's the worse, most annoying part. This one guy, he's a total spaz idiot. He's RIGHT NEXT to my sister where she's sitting, and if you've ever been on a train, it's not as big as the collosseum, okay? But this guy is facing my sister and stretching! He's bending from side to side, bending on his knees and all, leaning over and back, and he's right in her face.

Boundaries anyone? Every hear of personal space?

She looks at him and he goes "oh, sorry."

I'm thinking 'you idot.' Seriously, he's stretching like he's Richard Simmons or something. But even worse is he can't stand still, it's like he's on Crack or something. He's jumping up and down, bending at the knees, lifting his feet up and down. If you need to stretch that much el stupido, get to the race early, okay? A train car full of people is not the time to pretend you're at Bally's Total Fitness.

Even worse is a guy he was with stretches by bending completely over, legs straight, butt right out in the air in everyone's personal space. What the hell? Is it just me or should I not be offended? Tell me I'm not the only one who would be annoyed by this? Give me a break!

We had around five stops to go before getting off and they were longest in the world. Oh, and the doozy was two guys behind us were jabbering away, loud and animated and then a lady in a thick Jamacian accent is on a headset cell phone next to us talking.

I was ready to jump up with an uzi and just start shooting. Diving out the window wouldn't have gotten me off that car faster. But, our stop finally came and we got off.

Thank. God.

One more reason to hate public transportion.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Yes, what WOULD Buffy do?

As you all know, my impulsive decision and pretty much lack of sense has landed me in the unemployment line again, so you know I'm not feeling very good anymore. Hard to keep my spirits up in the job search, but I'm trying very hard too, but am enjoying the comfort I receive from fellow bloggers. I took to reading, and am currently reading "What Would Buffy Do?" No, you shouldn't be surprised it has something to do with Buffy. But a spiritual guide to Buffy? Talk about hitting the jackpot, dontcha think? Well, I do.

The book is written by a religious book review editor, and she disects the series and points out the "spiritural core" of the series, such as forgiveness, compassion, love, self-sacrifice and redemption. Not to mention the ambiguity of God and Evil (Vampires, demons, inner demons, supernatural)

It's a very interesting, enlightening and touching read. Definetly shows that the show had a lot more spiritural overtones than people may now. This books offers a supurb analysis of the show and its stories/themes/metaphors. A very good read, but it's probably best appreciated by a Buffy fan; however, even the casual viewer will most likely enjoy this.

So, along with praying every day for a job, I looked to Buffy as a spiritual guide as well; Buffy always helped me before, why not now? At any rate, I just wanted to share.
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Friday, September 16, 2005
Following in footsteps
Following Undr, I'm doing what he did on his blog, which he got from someone else. Also, HDD so ROCKS! Extra hug to you!


I remember playing hide and seek at night and it being so much fun

I remember when VCR's were a technological wonder to me

I remember hating high school swimming and never thinking I'd ever get out

I remember crushes

I remember sleepovers

I remember my four best friends, and how we'd fight, gossip about each other, defriend then befriend and how it was our whole world

I remember thinking I'd be married before I turned 25 and how when I was young, 25 was old and a looooong way away

I remember watching Samurai Sundays with my mom, it was our thing

I remember crying 'cause my sister never wanted to play board games with me, but then she'd give in because of the tears

I remember board games like Don't Tip the Waiter and Payday

I remember when College seemed like it had endless possibilities

I remember how I didn't take advantage of them

I remember not having so much Life stress or feeling like I'm running out of time

Okay, I must stop before I go on and on...but I'm happy to be back blogging on a somewhat regular basis. Things still haven't changed for me, but sitting and worrying isn't going to make it better. I love you guys!
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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Huggy poo's and Shameless Self Promotion

I'm still sorting out the mess I've made for myself and am EXHAUSTED from worry, stress and lack of sleep. But I'd like to say that I'm happy that you guys have still been dropping by, saying nice words and just overall being around. It helps. So, Snoopy represents me hugging all my blogger friends.

I love blogging and miss going to my favorite blogs, but you guys know I love you! Seriously, I've been missing a lot of posts on my favorite blogs, but I'm coming back. I miss you.

(Now, I must keep telling myself there is light at the end of this tunnel...)

I've also spending some time on my other blog. It doesn't look at good as my sisters, but I'm still working on it. Colors and template may change.
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Friday, September 09, 2005
Same shows, just set to music

In my attempt to escape reality as well as my depression, I took to the internet and, sure enough, I found my new obsession. Well, I'd like it to be my new obsession, but as I've looked around, the consensus is that said hobby is very, very time consuming, tiring, difficult, possibly expensive...and did I mention difficult and time consuming?

What I'm talking about it vidding. Vidding (aka fanvids), as I've come to learn, is the process of taking clips from TV shows and/or movies, splicing them together and creating a sort of 'trailer' for your favorite clips set to the music of your choice. It's a difficult, dedicated process that seems to have started several years ago, but is still pretty much alive and well today--at least for the time being.

So far, most of the vidders are in the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel catagory, so you can see why I like it, but I've also found videos for The X-Files, Smalleville, and Dawson's Creek, as well as movies like Lord of the Rings and Secretary.

Vids are creating using certain software, where you rip DVD's, take TV clips from them and piece them together with music and special effects. I won't go into the details of how to make vid, that's useless here. But suffice it to say, vidding takes talent. Editing talent; a flair for timing, a sense of storytelling, visual flair and a story idea/purpose.

I'll post some links just so you can see the awe inspiring, thought provoking vids from some very talented and devoted fans.

Seriously, some of these vids are just so phenomenal that you won't believe it. Some vidders make it look soooo easy, but I'm one to believe it's no where near easy.

Some links are award sites and lead to other links.

Txlsplash's Buffy site
Spike and Stakes Videos
Maria's Vid's
Indifferent Obsession
Smallville Video Archive

A Very Good Archive:
Buffyverse Music Video Database

Some of you may not be interested, but seriously, if you have the download capabilities, and even if you have dial up, I'd like to reccomend several of the best I've seen. They will either download in Real Player or Windows Media Player, so you need those in order to view.

I reccommend:

"Boulvard of Broken Dreams" (Spiderman 2), "Apocalpse, Please" and "Last Resort" (Angel) from Indifferent Obsession
"Whisper", "Schism" and "Figured" (Buffy) from Creative Refuge
"Naughty Girl" by Cec and Kaycee at indifferent obsessions

If you only watch one, watch, "Schism" from Creative Refuge
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Saturday, September 03, 2005
My New Fall Line up

Along with my usual slew of TV shows I'm looking foward to watching in the new season, Smallville, Alias, CSI, Gilmore Girls, and The O.C., just to name a few, there are also a few, albeit small number, of new ones that I want to add to my list.

You want to know? Really? Okay, I know you didn't ask, but since I love TV and I love you guys I'm gonna tell ya! And who knows, you might find one you like too. Ahem. On with the show.

Commander in Chief
Prison Break
Rome is also in the running.

And, (this site couldn't ask for better publicity) all these shows are being recapped on the highly entertaining, always enlightening Television Without Pity

Also, since I've learned there are plenty CSI fans out there. Here's a CSI site I found one day looking for forensic stuff for my book. It's a fantastic site.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Touched by 'Angel'

I'm trying desperately to take my mind off my job woes, and the only thing that always helped me through heinous times was my beloved Buffy and Angel. So, I decided to pay tribute to the other half of my obsession, Angel.

5 lessons I learned from watching 'Angel'

1.The bonds of friendship can never be broken: No one in Angel Investigations were related, futhermore, most of them didn't even know each other before they met, beside Wesley, Angel and Cordelia, but teaming up to fight evil created a bond thicker than blood. They would die for each other, die together (which was inevitable) or kill to protect. They were each others family, and despite infighting, jealousy, betrayal, secrets and lies, in the end they came together to fight, for the final time, win or lose.

2.Nothing is without consequences: In the Whedon world of Buffyverse, you quickly learn that you do nothing without repercussions. Nothing. Drinking, sex, kidnapping and secrets all have to be answered for. Even among friends. Wesley kidnaps Angel's son, Conner, with the best intentions (he thinks Angel will turn and kill him), but it in turn alienated Wes from the group (shortly) and dragged him down into a dark, shame spiral.

Angel slams the door on his friends, cutting them off and has to pay for it later. Gunn unknowingly brings trouble inside W&H in a desperate attempt to keep himself being something he isn't, with fatal results to Fred. All in all, never expect to do something drastic and not have it haunt you later.

3.Redemption is possible: If Angel can attempt to atone for centuries of mayhem, torture, death and destruction; if Gunn can be forgiven for being the cause of Fred's death; If Spike can receive a soul, join the good guy team and fight the good fight; if Lindesy can decide to step up and help Angel and co. take out the baddest of the W&H powers, then anyone can be redeemed. (hopefully). At any rate, it's a good thought that despite your bone filled closet, you can change and prove that change to others.

4.Vampire's get plenty of work done during the day, too: The handy, dandy sewer tunnels of L.A. aside, Vampires get plenty of front row treatment with 'tempered glass' for their office windows, (no more bursting into flames), only direct sunlight is flammable, and underground parking garages are a godsend.

5.Being sexy and suave doesn't always mean 'sexy and suave': While Angel is the baddest, scariest, most dangerous vampire of the eighteenth century, he is not without his flaws, despite his leather coat wearing, several language speaking, black convertable driving, sexy smirk giving, hot self. He's not very graceful, having fallen out of a window and nearly tripped over on Buffy. His dancing is atrocious, but funny; he's technically challenged, doesn't always reconize his own car, is pretty antisocial, believes in dark clothes because it's easier to get dressed, and enjoys Barry Manilow.

Fortunetly we got to see those quirks, which made Angel more believable and a lot more interesting. It certainly made for a much more well-rounded character. I loved that show.

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