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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Is this the way men really think?
This is so ridiculous and stupid I had to share it. I found this one from Keb.

Your Penis Name Is...

Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle
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Monday, May 29, 2006
My Kitchen's Better
I went to California Pizza Kitchen Saturday. For those not familiar, it's pretty much an Italian style Restaurant that specializes in Pizza of all kinds (mulitiple topping abound). I'm not a big fan of CPK and only went because I was with a few friends (a somewhat crush included) and in that area there literally was no where else to eat except for an authentic Mexican Restaurant. Not an option.

So, I wasn't in the mood for Pizza as I eat plenty of it at home, so I ordered some Rosemary Chicken Sandwich with a Ceasar Salad. Sounds good? I thought so. Anyway, it came and you remember that little old lady in that commercial that said "Where's the Beef?" Well, I was like 'Where's the Chicken?" Seriously, that was the worst display of a Chicken sandwich if I've ever seen one. The chicken was semi-medium thick and the way they had it layed out was that it covered just the bread and that's it. No piling on top, no, it was layed out so that it just barely covered the slice of bread. The sandwich was all bread and lettuce.

Twice someone came by and asked about the meal, I just said fine and complained to my friends. But I ask you, should I have said something? I couldn't even think of how I would have worded it. I don't think anyone at the table was expecting me to say something and I didn't want to cause a stir and whatnot, but I wanted to tell them to put some more chicken on it.

It was $8.99 but I still wanted more chicken. Despite that, it was still good but it could have been much better.

Another thing that was a little funny. We went into Pottery Barn and didn't realize how late it was (almost 8pm) and they locked the doors with us inside. I couldn't tell if other people standing around were employees or not, but we were upstairs and I said 'They locked the doors." So we went down and tried to get out and we're standing there like, 'what's up?"

Then someone came and said 'Oh, I'll let you out." We had to wait for someone to come unlock the door. I just thought that was kinda odd, I mean, why not have someone standing by for people still browsing and shopping?

Oh well. I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday. It's hella hot here, so I hope everyone is keeping cool. This weekend was hot and busy. So I'll see you guys later.
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Thursday, May 25, 2006
So long, Farewell

You know I've been keeping up with my sweetie Apolo, and reading pretty much any article I've found on him. But I learned recently that he's 99.99999 percent positive that he's not going to return to the Olympics in 2010.

Sad am I? Certainly. I feel pretty depressed about it, but I still think I might go to the Olympics anyway, though I don't feel nearly as excited about it as I once did. I said I would go despite his decision because I already knew he wasn't going to go. I'm sure he would have said by now if he was going to. But I understand. I mean, he accomplished everything he wanted too, he's still young and I know he wants to do a lot more while he's still young, finish school, do movies, hang out, enjoy his money (heh), etc. I can't blame him. But I'm such a big fan it's hard to not feel it emotionally.

Oh well. What can you do? :(

(My avatar reflects where I would liked to have been, waiting in front of the stadium where Apolo would have been skating.)
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Monday, May 22, 2006
And the C became a B and it was good
You're not gonna believe this, I actually don't believe. I called my teacher, remember the Pop Culture class I've been talking about?

Well, well, well, she called me back and told me "Sorry for putting you through a bit of a panic, but the person above you was getting a C and I put in the grade wrong. You're actually getting a B." I almost fell out of my chair.

It was actually a mistake? I was hoping it was, but I can't believe it. She was like 'I have to put it through to the registrar and all that for it change and reflect the grade." WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! You know I was pretty pissed because I wanted that B. Hell, I worked hard for that darn B. It was so nice to hear that it was a mistake, rather than, 'well, your grade stands.'

I guess I should feel bad for all the names I called her, but to be honest, she was a pretty hard grader.

I feel good today. Thanks to everyone who gave me hugs and sweet comments. (I'm looking at HDD because she put it in my head that it might be a mistake, which I was skeptical about. Thanks Diva! Everyone else, Mimi, Beady, Mr. Fab, Cherish, Grody, Gareth, Lori, Shannon Thanks! I needed the smiles.

As you can see from my avatar I feel like cheering.
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
All News Daily
I thought I'd put in my two cents on this blogging timewaster. lol. I've seen it from Mr. Fab and the Beautiful Beady. The only other news I have is that I graduated yesterday. So, I'm offically a college graduate. Finally! Feels surreal. Heh. Now, on to the nonsense. Create your own newspaper nonsense if you so desire.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
whole lotta nothing
I don't have anything to say. I'm sitting here surfing the net and listening to podcasts. Today was pretty boring. I ending up on blogger so I thought I'd just jot down...really nothing.

I called my professor but she won't be around until Monday. I already know what's going to happen. Absolutely Nothing. My grade won't be changed, but I still want to know. I still want her to know I was concerned and that she is a bitch. I had to say something, even if nothing will come of it.

I heard on the news that a worker stabbed and killed his CEO boss because of a bad review and a decrease in pay. I'm totally with the worker on this one. I feel like the worker probably felt, 'oh, this CEO is sitting in his comfy office taking away some of my money and he'll go home to his big ass house and I'll either be kicked out of mine or scrimping and scraping.' People like to sit on thier high horse and really not give a shit how they affect people's lives.

Maybe the worker was a slaker or whatever, but I still see exactly where he was coming from under my current cimcumstances. I feel like stabbing my teacher to death. Or maybe I shouldn't say that. I'm really hurt, though.

But you know what? I'm gonna end up having to live with it. I'm still going to try and get into some of the grad schools of my choice when the time comes. But I wanted to graduate on a high note, you know what I mean? This is not a high note.

Thanks guys for lifting my spirits. *hugs all around*

P.S. It's raining here. Is that symbolic of my current mood?
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Anyone know a good hitman?
You guys remember the smoking presentation I had to do, right? Well, I checked my final grades and I got a "C". Yes, a "C" when that bitch told me I was at a B. I am so angry and depressed and disgusted. I got 3 A's and a fucking C! That lowered my GPA so bad I felt like crying. But I refused to cry. My sister (SHOUTOUT: Happy Birthday today) tried to help, basically she was like it's over and there's nothing you can really do about it.

I just feel so disgusted and upset. I hate looking at that C with all my other A's. I worked hard in that damn class and I have nothing to show for it. That bitch went strickly by points, if you didn't have the points, too bad for you. One day a girl in class said to me 'man, if we don't get these points is she gonna fail us?" I'm certain she would have. I can't imagine failing that goddamned class. I'd be ready to kill that ho. That bitch smiled in my face and assured me that I was at a B and that I did everything I could do. I can't believe that cocksucking asshole gave me a C.

What did "Mr. No-Talk" in my group get? If I got a C what did she give him? I'm sorry, I have to rant and rave because I didn't really do it yet it. I was too stunned. I don't think I would even be this upset if I weren't thinking about grad school. How can I get into a grad school now? I just can't believe it. I feel terrible because I felt like not just me, but everyone in that class worked as hard as they could for those presentations and it didn't mean shit. We all tried our best and she shit all over them if you didn't have those points. You basically needed every single point available. That is not possible.

I don't wish that bitch nothing good in life and I hope she rots in hell with a hot poker up her ass.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Love to Mom and the letter B
First, I want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! to all the moms who visit me. I meant to post this earlier, seeing as how Mothers day is pretty much over. Still, I wanted to give a shout out to all the loving, hardworking moms, including my own. *hugs!*

Now, this post is also brought to you by the letter "B" courtesy of Rich girl, poor girl who had this game where you get assigned a letter and had to write ten things starting with that letter and explain what it means to you. Lucky me I got B. Here's my list:

1.Buffy the Vampire Slayer-- This was the first TV show that touched me so emotionally. I felt like I could relate to the characters (before they went all gay, and powerful and bitchy and demonic) Buffy got me through each week. I counted on Tuesdays to get me through to the next Tuesday. I loved everything about the characters, the stories, the problems. I was so invested in this show. Once, my tape stopped in the middle of a new episode; I cried. It was pretty undervalued by many, thus becoming a cult fav. It was a lot deeper and darker than people may realize. I think it's an important part of pop culture, too. I seriously will love this show forever.

2.Beautiful-- I really do think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I'm not gonna wax too poetic about this one. Save to say what one person thinks is beautiful, another person may hurl at. And physical beauty is not all that counts. I'm guilty of only wanting a pretty package sometimes, but some of the more important things go a lot deeper than looks.

3.Barbie--After Little People this was my second favorite toy ever. I loved Barbie, I even had a Barbie wedding. A lesser known doll, Star, sang at her wedding courtsey of a some kid album we had at the time. The funny part? The song was called 'Keep on Tryin' Not the song you want to be sung at your wedding. LOL

4.Body Butter--great moisterizer for dry skin.

5.Blogging--I never thought I'd meet some really cool people blogging. I used to chat a lot time a long time ago (Buffy chat rooms of course) but it's not really the same thing. I don't know why some people try to put down blogging like it's only for geeks trolling the net for posts to masturbate too. I like blogging, I look forward to continuing for a little while longer.

6.Blue--it was the color of my Prom dress.

7.Big sister--Mine really does help me out and looks out for me. I don't know what I'd do without her.

8.Big, Bam, Boom--A hall and Oats album, the first one I ever bought with my own money.

9.Bon Jovi-- I loved Bon Jovi. I went to see them in concert in grammer school with a friend. I saw them again as an adult at the House of Blues. They still rocked.

10.Back in the day--what I say a lot about things I used to do or love. As in "Man, remember we used to do that back in the day?"

That's all the news that's fit to print.
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Let the Games Begin! (maybe)

Our Mayor Daley wants to bid for the 2016 summer olympics to be here in Chicago. Well, anyone who has been reading my blog in the last several months know that I love the olympics. Particularly the Winter Olympics because of a certain short track speedskater, Apolo Anton Ohno. (yum, yum)

Since I'd still be alive in 2016 and most likely still living in Chicago, hell yeah I'm going to the olympics in my own city. BUT I must say that I think it will cause some major problems and a lot of 'uneven distribution' in the city. What I mean by this is certain parts of the city will be catered too and others won't. I take the bus and train places, so I can't even imagine the traffic, the people, the waits IN THE SUMMER (hello tourist season in Chicago is bad enough as it is) when the Olympics is in town. Also for certain businesses, who may think they'll be on the tourist route, and won't. Not everyone will prosper financially from this.

The busses are slow as it is, what are they going to be then? I don't even want to think about it. Many people taking certain bus routes will be left waiting for hours while the olympic tourists have busses coming every 5 minutes. I feel conflicted because I'd be proud and giddy to be living in the host city, but I don't actually see it turning out that great.

I'm going to the games in Canada though, I wish I could go to the summer games in Beijing. Now that would be cool.
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Sunday, May 07, 2006
look out from above

I saw a bald Eagle some months ago. Yes, a live bald Eagle. I was riding down the street in a car (I wasn't driving) and just looking out the window. We weren't far from my house and we were right by the expressway and there are trees that line the expressway. The trees were bare because it was cold and I saw one sitting on a tree branch.

Now, I wanted to do one of those cartoon eye rubs with both fists and look again but I know what I saw. The outline of an Eagles body; the way it sits, just like in this picture, didn't fool me. I was shocked to say the least.

I told my sister and she didn't believe me. Hmph! Anyway, a few weeks later my mom wanted to go to a couple Museums and since we hang out a lot anyway, I decided to go with her. We went to the Field Museum (by the way, the Most. Fun. Museum. Ever) Anyway, they have about a trillion taxidermy (taxidermal?) animals and they had Eagles, so I'm reading about them and lo and behold it lets me know that Eagles are prominent to Chicago and are very popular here and are making a huge comeback.

I wrote all that down and told my sister. I knew I wasn't crazy.

I also think our climate and other crazy ozone stuff is making some of the birds confused because we almost have seagulls in our backyard. Shouldn't they be by the ocean or beach or some large body of water? They're all over.

I feed them, by the way and they swoop like madmen. If you do feed seagulls you might wanna toss the food and run. LOL.
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Frankie says "Relax"

Did you go back for a second to 1983 or whenever that song was hot? I know you did because you're all gen X. Don't deny it. I bought that song at itunes so I'm guilty of reliving my youth too. Sorry, that song still rocks.

Anyhoo, my sister bought a few Tranquilty Fountains today. You can find them anywhere. I adore them! They're quiet, serene, pretty and barely take up any room. They even light up and some make little stream gurgling noises, if you so desire to hear it. I think the sounds are soothing.

I'm going out on a 'group date' so to speak tommorrow. I think my friend is trying to set me up. *narrows eyes in suspicion* but I'm going to make checking out some fountains a priority.

Also, if you place your seats in the upright position and look to the right you'll see I now have a Yahoo! Avatar. I got the idea from EH. They're pretty cute, in a very girly way. You can't really see it, but she's holding up a graded paper with A's and B's on it. I felt that goes with my school theme right now. :)

I'm finally getting tired. The time posted to my blog is the actual time. Where does it go when you're trolling the internet, blog stalking, mp3 downloading, and listening to the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers single? heh. I don't know either.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
The End
Well, though I don't officially have my diploma yet today closed the chapter on my undergrad life. I took my last final today and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't exactly essay but we had to write in the answers, no mutiple choice. But it was okay.

The best part? After you turned in your test you stuck around a minute while she told you where you were in the class and gave back any past papers. She told me that I was getting an A and that even if I bombed the final I couldn't do any worse, I'd still be at an A. I didn't miss any classes and I turned everything in on time (which was big with her). Whew, hustling to class everyday and getting my stuff in paid off in the end.

On the interview I told you about that I got to do over the phone? It was worth 100 points. I got 99 out of 100 because I didn't write out Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, I wrote DVM instead. So she took off one point. While it would have been nice to get 100/100 I decided not to sweat that. I was so happy! Honestly, I thought I was getting a B. And I don't think I did that bad on the final anyway. Yes!

I can't believe it's all over. I took my overdue library books in today ($4.50 fine) and I'm going to get a book. Don't laugh, it's a big thing to read a book and not a textbook.

That's about all the news that fit to print. I'm going out this weekend. If something good happens I'll let you know. LOL
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
One to go

I had two finals today. In my smoking class, I'm pretty much at a B. What was so bad was that the darn, durn, damn extra credit was worth 11 points. That's how many points I needed! And I didn't make it. But I'm just gonna let it go and enjoy my B. I have one final left tommorow. I think I'm getting a B there too. I'm ready for that class to end. *tired* I'm thinking about grad school so I wanted to end on a high note. I'd like a Masters in something, but I'll see if I make it.

Anyhoo, in my other class I'm pretty sure I got an A. The final had some iffy questions, I couldn't remember a lot of stuff but it was all multiple choice. Whew.

I don't know how many of you guys had an immigration march in your city, but according to the statistics I've seen we (Chicago) had the most people at over 400,000 marchers. We had more than even Los Angeles. My sister didn't even have to go to work. It was going to be too hectic downtown.

I'm not going to get into my opinion too much, I don't want to offend anyone. But it's not like I have bad thoughts or anything. The one gripe I have is that because of a lot more immigrants being here there is a lot more demand for Spanish speaking people, in jobs I mean. I'm looking for a job in healthcare, and they want Bi-Lingual speakers. I don't speak Spanish so it's hard sometimes to know I'm getting pushed out of a job because of that.

Even worse is that I can read it really well and can't really speak it. Argh! I'm gonna work on it over the summer. If anyone speaks Spanish, feel free to tell me things in Spanish. I can use the practice. LOL

Actually, I want to learn French and Japanese too. I guess I have my work cut for me.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
No, it's not that kind of quicky, unfortunetly. :) Just popped in to say that I got a 39 out of 45 on my Smoking presentation. I'm pretty depressed. I'm still at a C. That guy got 35. When I told my mom she was like 'he got 35 for doing nothing?!" I hear ya sister.

I got all my points for everything except for the 3 page summary. Apparently I did it wrong. I got 5 out of 10 points. I really wanted an A out of the class but I think I'll only be able to manage a B. I wanted to cry when I got the results, I couldn't even concentrate on the rest of class.

Today was a better day, but I'm still not feeling good about it. I wanted to end with a pretty decent GPA. I think I'll be at a 3.1 or 3.2 if I get a B. Shit, not happy.

Oh well, a B isn't bad, right? Still, I wanted all A's in everything. I'm now pretty convinced I'll have two A's and two B's. I'm angry about this class because I worked hard and it's not showing. She had no wiggle room in the point system! Basically, if a test was worth 25 points you had to get 25 points, there was no sliding room to miss any points, that's wrong. She had everything so tight. She has 100 points available, I mean, who gets ALL the points in class? No one. I am so glad I'm nearing the end, I'm ready for this semester to end.
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