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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Goodbye, Michael

I am still feeling surreal; I am still in shock and stunned over Michael. I cried a few times, I laughed but overall I am so, so sad. I try and be glad I have his music and memories left behind, but watching some of the rehearsal footage for the "This is It" chocked me up. Watching him dance and just seeing how easy it came to him to dance and move...I just can't believe it. I try not to think about him being gone. But this is final, and when I think about it hard enough, think that MICHAEL JACKSON is gone, not retired, but dead is just too much for me to bear.

I want to fight those who badmouth him. I hate those fucking assholes. I think there is a special place in hell for those who want nothing but to bring up all the mess, all his personal drama. This asshole writer for our Redeye Chicago had the nerve to say that people about 28 years old and younger will only remember his bizarre life and personal issues. You fucker! That is the most ridiculous statement ever. Yes, he had his issues, but you mean to tell me that you think that when people think of this man all they will remember, the only thing they will think of about his life is that he bought the Elephant Man's bones and had a chimp named Bubbles? That's it. That's all he ever did in his life. That is sad that this jackass thinks that after all he accomplished that he will ONLY be remembered for this trite shit that he can dredge up.

I think Michael was only at peace on stage. I truly believe that. I just miss him so much. I wanted him to live to be an old man. It will take me some time to get over the idea that Michael Jackson, MICHAEL JACKSON (sniff!) is gone!

He did so much for the world, he tried, and successfully in many cases, to do what he sought out to do. He wanted to bring people together, he wanted there to not be a color barrier. I appreciate him for doing that, for wanting a better world and not being afraid to stand up and say that and try to, single handedly, do it. It is a shame that so many people do not see that. But I see it, and many, many, many of his fans saw it too. I feel for the children too because and in his afterlife I feel for Michael because he loved his kids and I know he wanted some kids and here he has some and loved to play with them and now he's gone and they are left behind and it is so sad.

I am still very emotional over this and I feel like fighting the naysayers. But I must remember they are just assholes and assholes don't know any better. I will give people their opinions, and I respect that--I have my opinion too, but at least BASE it on something! And don't just pull up some random strange thing he did and use that to put together the anthem to his life. He is more than just whatever strange thing he might have done or how he looked in certain points in his life. He had white skin, okay, so does that make up who he was as a man, as an entertainer? NO! And none of these fuckers take into account his childhood, his life. That same fucker that writes for the redeye I mentioned said that he doesn't know if his childhood or his father had anything to do with his life, and he doesn't care---that is stupid to say there. You have variables that contribute to how he acted as an adult that will give you a reason to why he was an even shyer adult, why he wrote the songs he did, why he did some of the things he did and you don't care? You want to try and justify your idiot statements by just with a whole lot of nothing. On the media and gossip and that's all you need to know. Dumb ass.

Well, prepare to have me mention Michael Jackson peppered throughout my posts. I loved him, I truly did. I was such a huge fan. I still listened to his music. He wasn't out in the press as much in the last couple of years, but I wanted him to be okay, and I hated the press and the tabloids.

This bitch at work said she cared for the kids but said he shouldn't be honored like this. See, I wanna fight her. I want these people to show me who SHOULD be honored like this? Someone who did as much for the world as he did? I can hardly look at footage of him without crying. Man, he was great. Why can't he just be in the hospital? I hate it. He was truly someone who will never be duplicated.

I love you Michael. I will never forget you. You were something to be seen. Something to be marveled at. I can't believe you're gone, but I'm so grateful for the memories, and so thankful to have them. So, so happy that I saw him perform--it might not have been live, but I saw his concerts and saw the amazing Michael Jackson, that I was a witness to truly the Greatest Entertainer that ever lived. I truly believe he is that. I have never seen moves like that, see someone so shy get up on stage and dance like that in front of millions of people. He was truly amazing and mesmerizing to watch.


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