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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am still not a Twilight fanatic. While I'm reading the books, saw the movie and even bought the DVD (yeah, I sound like a fanatic but I'm not) I have decided this is one of this is one of those things that is so bad it's good. The books aren't that great, and I've come across some people who have read them all a dozen times. A DOZEN?!?!? Now, come on! and this was a 44 year old woman. I digress. I like the movie for different reasons. The acting isn't the greatest, and neither is the writing, and while Rob and Kristen didn't have great chemistry at first, it built during the movie and I grew to enjoy every scene they had together, which brings me to why I like this movie. There are many scenes with them together and while Rob isn't a gorgeous guy, I did find him attractive--odd I know. I got the DVD from Target, it was the 3 disc with plenty of extras and a digital download. Yes, it's on my ipod now, which was a two day download experience. Ugh. I used the rest of a gift card for it so instead of paying $17.99 I paid $11 and change. I'm happy with my purchase.

I don't hold much hope for the second book and the sequel to Twilight "New Moon" because Edward isn't in over half the book. But I will enjoy Twilight. Okay, it's time for me to go to sleep now. It's almost 10 pm. I just had to jaunt over for a new post.


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Sunday, March 15, 2009
Blah blah blah

I have nothing of consequence to say in this post which is why it's aptly named "blah, blah, blah"
I went to see Watchmen a few weeks ago when it came out. I actually liked it, contrary to many peoples opinions. It was long, and violent, and a bit confusing and mostly violent...and long, but I still liked it. My favorite character was Rorschach. (That's him in the black and white pic) He was great and the actor Jackie E. Haley (I think I have it right) was excellent. He gave a kick ass performance and overshadowed other characters a bit. I can see it again. The trailer was also kick ass, by the way and if you haven't seen it, check it out.

I have also been flash watching BSG in order to try and catch up the Series Finale. I didn't make it, but I'm finally on season 4.5 so I made some progress. I'm a TV hound, what can I say? I love me some TV and movies, lol.

I finally did my taxes and I think I'm gonna do something fun with them. I did nothing with my Stimulus but pay bills and that was disappointing. I didn't even do anything fun and stimulate the economy like I was supposed to. Grrrr! Anyway, I will come back later and fill you in on the Chicken fiasco that happened at work on Friday. LOL, I don't feel like typing anymore. I need to do a load of laundry, take out my trash cans for pick up and do a little more housework. but my back is killing me so I need to stretch some too. I think a better computer chair would also help.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Time for a Vacation
I have posted many, many, MANY, MANY times on this blog about money woes and financial upheaval in my life. It continues, just to be clear. Practically three times a week I "restructure" my financial plan into getting rid of my bills. I am in my thirties and I have yet to do anything I should have done 10 years ago, that includes having a stable job, a real relationship that is going somewhere (re:marriage), and lastly taking a real vacation. I'm back at home, yet again financial issues. It is cozy and I get a little too cozy. Though my mom surely doesn't mind, there are days I think, man, you should not be living at home. But most of the time I don't even think about it.

If anything I have definitely learned from my credit mistake and am paying for it now, literally. But I can see the top and when I do and spill out into the wide open space that is Debt Free I am taking my first REAL vacation in YEARS. I'm not saying a place, haven't thought that out yet, but I'm going. GOING I SAY! Whew!


In my time news. This time shift into losing an hour is getting to me. It's almost 10pm and never feel like I have an evening anymore. Ugh.

In TV gossip, I have stopped watching American Idol for a while and I'm gonna try and remember to watch Dancing with the Stars. I miss that show. Reaper is back! Yea! and I'm watching Dollhouse by the genius himself, Joss Whedon. Okay, I'm getting a computer headache right now. Goodnight.

Is it Friday yet? Sigh.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
You know what? It actually makes me really sad to say that because my cousin was a police officer and he was killed in the line of duty. But tonight I was rousted by the police for some BULLSHIT! They said I fit the description of someone who had "caused a disturbance" at a restaurant. Now, I had just left a fast food chicken place no less than 15 minutes before, beside the fact that I KNOW it wasn't me, and besides another fact that there aren't even any restaurants in that area withing walking distance. There is nothing around there where I or this mystery person could have been.

It was a white man and black (bitch cock sucking) woman who rolled up in front of me. He gets out and says to me "Leslie?" I say no because I know my name is not Leslie. My name doesn't even start with an L. So then they proceed with questions. She asked me for ID and I'm so shocked and a little nervous and FURIOUS at this moment I go "ID?" and she says with an attitude "Yeah, something with your face and name and on it?" and she does say it pretty nasty. I take it out of my wallet and then my credit card was out so I got to put it in and she takes my wallet and starts going through my wallet and I had my hand in my pocket so she goes through my pocket.

I wanted to tell that fucking whore to get her fucking hands off me, but with her attitude I had a feeling they would have tried to arrest me or something. I did not want to have to deal with that and prove my innocence, and it was just too much drama. They wouldn't really answer my questions. It was all BULLSHIT. He takes my ID and writes down all my info and I'm glad I had my ID because a few times when I was out I didn't have it and I alwasy get a little nervous because I don't have any ID or anything. But it was still Bullshit and I didn't appreciate how she was being bitchy and questioning me. I know I'm not a criminal. When you want the police they are NEVER around, but they're right there to roust someone who wouldn't look like they would raise their voice. It was so stupid and this is why people don't trust or like the police. I can't say they are all the same because my cousin was not like them, but I hate how you get railroaded before you can say two words. They just want to make an arrest and I say 99% of the cops are like that and the others cramp in that 1%.

They could have been more polite instead of just taking my ID and writing all my info down and making like I was running down the street and looking back over my shoulder. I'm STANDING STILL at a bus stop. Yeah, all criminals stand still at a bus stop after causing trouble, supposedly right near the place in question. BRILLIANT! I said some smart stuff like this, but now I'm thinking of other stuff I should have said, but at the time I was a little worried about them trying to actually arrest me. I didn't not want to have to go through that and have to try and prove my innocence. They don't fucking care, they just want to say they arrested someone for the crime. I never had anything like this happen to me and since I'm not a criminal it makes me not want to trust the police at all.

It makes me want to say 'Fuck the Police' because you're proven guilty until proven innocent. And they treat you like a criminal either way. If I were a cop and the person didnt' look like some hardened criminal, I'd explain what it was I was doing and why and just say we just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding. They were not like that at all. It almost ruined my night, but I'm gonna try and put it behind me. I'm thinking I should have gotten their fucking badge numbers and filed a complaint. Fucking police. See! Now that's how I feel now and I never felt like that before. They are FUCKED UP! though to do that. All I was thinking was I just wanted to get away from them and go home before they get all antsy and wanted to take me in for "questioning" and then if I got mad and angry they'd just be waiting for that so they can arrest me for resisting arrest. I did not want to have to go through all that. On one hand I wanted to tell them to shove their accusations up their asses, but didn't want to have to deal with all that bullshit they would have brought out. Motherfucking cock suckers.

Okay, I'm done.

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