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Sunday, December 31, 2006
6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY! Heh, and also a..


I hope everyone has a safe, happy and fun new year, like I always say, if you're watching the celebration in your living room, hotel room or ball room, enjoy it. You can ring in 2007 anywhere, I'm happy to see you all as we go into the new year where so many died this month, I want to bless you all.

Oh, and yes I'm nosy, so if you'd like to share let me know what you did on New years eve, I'll go first...uh, nothing. LOL. If something came up I'll let you know.

Have a good one!
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Let's get naked!
Every now and then I watch this show on Fuse called Pants off Dance off Yes, it's as bad as it sounds--worse, actually. Want a show to boil your brain cells? You've found it! The gist, if you've never seen it is people (where these people come from, I don't know) basically they pick a song and in front of a blue screen that shows the video, they strip to the song. Some a good, some are terrible and some are scary and disgusting.

They strip totally, but you can only see the nude goodies on the website, I have yet to do that, and there have been a few that I wanted to see. It's like a car wreck, you just can't stop staring sometimes. I watched it tonight and wondered what would be the song I'd dance too, I think it would be a hard choice, I mean, we've done the polls where a stripper song is picked for you, but I think you really need a good song, it does help with the dance.

I narrowed it down to three:

"Precious" Depeche Mode

"Weapon of Choice" Fatboy Slim
"Music" (remix) Madonna

Heh, If I get on the show I'll tell you. (NOT!) If you've got a stripper song, let me know.


I also want to say I'm very sorry to hear of James Brown's passing. It was very depressing to here that news, especially since he wasn't really that old (73) and he was planning on performing at Dick Clark's rocking eve. I hate to hear about people dying at the end of the year, just days before the new year.

Rest In Peace James, we're still grooving too you.


I also hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Whatever you did. Mine was okay. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? ;)

I don't have to go to work Friday, so I'm counting down the days. One day down, two to go...
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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Holly Jolly Christmas

Well, well, well, it's finally here. All those decorations, tree trimming, cooking, baking, shopping, searching for the right gift, not finding it, stressing, seeing family, and everything else only for one day, and then it's over in a flash.

We just seemed worn out this year, we're not even having a Christmas dinner. I don't know what we're going to eat. LOL, I bought some Turkey Wings but not I don't know if I want them. Whatever. This year we didn't make a big deal about not having the dinner or whatever, it wasn't that serious, so I'm not going to worry either. If I don't have it, I don't have it. And whatever present I don't have for someone...They'll get it next year.

I watched "The Sound of Music" last night (LOVED IT!) and then I went to Diva's blog today and saw her lovely, funny and well written song to the tune of "These Are a Few of Favorite Things" as sung by Julie Andrews in the movie, and it reminded me that I wrote this a couple years ago. I also wrote a "'Twas the night Before Christmas' featuring Buffy of course, but I can't find it. Arggh! But I wanted to share this one and dedicate it to Diva since she posted hers first, and I'm pretty much riding her coat tails and posting my own.

My Favorite Things
By Gunngirl

Fresh fallen snow and warm scented candles
Bright Christmas lights and stockings on mantels
The hustle and bustle the holiday brings
These a few of my favorite things

Hot apple pie and fuzzy warm socks
itunes and CD's and cute cuckoo clocks
Kittens that play with bright colored strings
These are few of my favorite things

Buffy and Angel on crisp DVD
Hot tea and cookies and trimming the tree
Watching snow birds as they perch and sing
These are a few of my favorite things

When the day's long
When the trains late
When I'm feeling bad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

So, on that note, I want to wish all my blog buds a Wonderful Christmas! Whatever you do, even it's just sitting around in your pajamas and watching TV, enjoy it. Try not to worry about having a Christmas that everyone thinks you're supposed to have with family (sometimes family you don't even want to see) and all that hoopla. Just enjoy doing what you do. If I haven't stopped by, I'm getting there! :)


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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Will Blog for Sleep
I'm sooo tired....and SOOOOO GLAD TOMMOROW IS FRIDAY!!! We get off early tomorrow, 3:30 which is just fine and dandy with me, what's good is that I still have a tiny bit of shopping to do. My sister is all but begging for a gift. I bought her two seasons of 24 on DVD, and she said, "ohhhh, now you don't have to buy me anything for Christmas' That was before Thanksgiving.

Now, she's been hinting for a gift, I guess she forgot what she said. I was actually going to buy the complete series of Sex in the City for $129 at Circuit City for her and that was a steal and now I regret it because that was a great price. Oh well.

I'm going to get the fifth season of 24 and call it a day. She's trying to get more but I'm not going hogwild. I can't believe she basically asked me if I bought her something. Sheesh! *eye roll*

I want to buy my mom something from BBC on DVD, and I'm trying to see what to get, they're so expensive. That's the holidays for you. I have more to say but can't I can't think now. LOL.

I'll tell you guys about our 'Secret Santa' gift exchange tommorow.

Happy Holidays all!

(any typos are the sole responsibility of Gunngirl)
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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Crunch Time
We have one weekend left before Christmas. People are going to be pretty frantic. LOL, I don't think I'm buying anything else. I bought some house shoes for my sister but she bought a bunch for herself, so I'm thinking of keeping them for myself. Heh, I'll see.

I'm tired. Every weekend I say I'm going to stay in and relax but I don't. I'm going to do that next weekend. I don't think I want to go out on Christmas Eve and see the madness. I went out Saturday and you should have seen downtown. Wow, it was like everybody in the city decided to come out at the same time.

They decorated some city buses around the city and my sister took some video. She's not took keen on posting stuff on the internet but I'm gonna see if I can swipe it and post it, I'd like you guys to see it, it's so cute.

I forgot to say that 'Apolo' came by last week. I hadn't seen him in a long time. He's still as cute and friendly as ever. My day always brightens when I see him. He doesn't come around nearly often enough.

Back to the grind tomorrow. I can't until the the tiny bit of time off I get. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Well, this was a quick post. I just took time off from wrapping presents. My birthday is Tuesday. I'm going to go out to dinner (I think) after work, so I should get some sleep. I wish it fell over the over the weekend, but it didn't.

Anyway, you guys have a great week!

(any typos are the sole mistake of a sleepy Gunngirl)
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Friday, December 15, 2006
Christmas Party: Accomplished
Well, the party is over and it was pretty good. I was invited along to ride in the taxi there with some other people I talk to, so that was cool and we all sat at one table together. I really enjoyed myself.

We ate, and drank and ate and ate and drank and laughed and it was really nice. Most people schmoozed, but we just sat there, I don't really talk to the attorney's anyway, so why start now? One lady got drunk, but she likes her Hennessy drink and she was wearing it out, she got kinda loud too. Oh, and the office manager was drunk. LOL, she was tipsy with her little self.

She came by cut the bullshit with us, which was cool. She was nice at the party, she's okay most of the time, but she can get on your nerves. *eye roll*

They gave us gag gifts and they gave the lady that drinks (and everyone knows it) some breath right strips! The partner (who played Santa) said that sometimes 'too much of a good thing is bad for you' Some of the gag gifts were digs--like that one, but they were all spot on.

Since I page a lot of the attorneys all the time they gave me a set of walkie talkies. Definetly spot on.

Anyway, I did have fun, and we cut out 3:30 right after the gag gifts and took a taxi back to a central point in the city. Very cool to leave out at 3:30 on a workday. LOL It was cool, fun, and I enjoyed the food and drinks, but...


Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for wishing me well at the party. ((hugs))
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Another present...for myseeeeeeelf
I went out and bought three seasons of Angel on DVD for $17.99. I couldn't pass that up, they were supposed to be $45.99. I had to do it, you know I'm a TV on DVD freak. I will not want to look at my credit card bill when it comes. LOL

It's been raining here, but the snow and ice are gone. Not as cold either. I don't have much to say, as you've probably guessed. Our Christmas party is Friday. We stop work at 12:45 pm go out to a Restaurant and eat, and then we can either go home or go back to work and leave from there. One of my good friends from work isn't going and I was a bit dissapointed because she's the one person I really talk too.

My mom said I should tell her to go so I'd have someone to talk too, but she already has her vacation time and she's going to be gone and I didn't want her to feel bad or make it a big deal like I can't even go do this party without her, which I can, but it would be nice to know I'd have someone to talk too I want to talk too. Oh well.

Does anyone have any Christmas lights up at their house? I want to put lights in the windows but I've been too lazy. Besides, I want them to be neat and look nice, not just hanging there like I did last year. heh.

Well, I guess that's all the news that's fit to print. I must go to bed now. You guys know how I love my sleep. haha.

Catch you guys on the flip side!
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Saturday, December 09, 2006
Friday Fun
Well, I'm not having that much fun, but it being Friday is good enough. Can't believe it's hear again but I'm SOOOOOOOO happy. Yesterday at work I learned that I can't get into Internet Options to change anything on my computer. It's Restricted all of a sudden and it worried me a bit.

First, I can't delete my blog from Favorites and I hate that. I don't like the idea that sudddenly I can't delete the History and Favorites and things like that, so I decided no more blogging at work. I already feel funny knowing that they can trace my steps anytime they want, and it's not like I can ask them about the Restricted access without bringing more attention to it, so I'm just stuck. It sucks too because I was actually able to visit you guys more often. Sigh.

I'm hoping to wrap some gifts tonight. Well, it's after 1am but I took a nap and now I'm sorta awake. I was so sleepy and I just couldn't stay awake. I'm still a bit sick and coughing and it wipes me out sometimes. I want to catch up on my sleep but I want to do a lot of other stuff too.

I spent so much money this past week, I don't want to see my credit card bill. I have to stop now before it gets even more out of hand. Unfortunetly, a lot of that stuff I actually needed.

a co-worker ran to Jewel during her lunch hour where they had a sale of buy one half gallon ice cream and get two free. So she put them in the freezer and shared with the whole office. She got cookies and cream, which is the only one I like. She bought all these great toppings but all flavor ice cream, if I'd been there I would have told her to buy vanilla. Toppings do not work on flavored ice cream, I mean chocolate sauce on Chocolate ice cream? I don't like chocolate in the first place, but I'm sure that won't work.

Well, I hope the start of the weekend is going good for you guys. I'll be around soon. Enjoy your Saturday!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have been so tired this week. Not only am I sick, but I've been an idiot and going out afterwork, either shopping or hanging out with friends and not helping my cold one bit. Did I mention I'm tired?

Anyway, I just wanted to hope in and post because I haven't been here in a while and probably won't be back until this weekend.

A co-worker won free tickets to go see Blood Diamond and she invited me along last night. It started at 7:30 and two and a half hours later we were outta there. The movie opens Friday, so I'm pretty giddy we saw it first. Hee.

I liked the movie, though there are mixed reviews already and I can definetly see their points. I think the movie misses some chances to really deliver the message it's trying so hard to send, about political strife and war and murders in Africa over diamond mining. The movie instead focuses a lot on being commercial, with a love subplot that actually went no where, brutal depictions of innocent killings, jarring and sudden shootouts and chase/running scenes and all the cliche's you can pack in a bag.

Muddled along in the movie are a lot of things I liked, but I can see where critics would have issues. Oh well, I saw it for free.

I am on my way to bed now, I need the rest. I got up early today to go to Carson Pierre Scott to shop. After getting home after 11pm last night I left out before 7:30 this morning. You guys don't understand, I love my sleep.

Well, I'll peek at you guys later. Miss you!
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Friday, December 01, 2006
I hear those sleigh bells ringing...

Well, the day after Thanksgiving marked the Holiday countdown, but now that it's officially December I think people are feeling the heat already. I decided to do a little shopping after work--for me mind you. But I couldn't find anything good, a waste of time.

We're not even doing a huge gift exchange this year, just one or two gifts and that's it. Which is fine because no one wants to spend a lot of money anyway, which brings me to my post.

I read in our daily newspaper RedEye about giftgiving and how to do it, what to buy, especially if you're dating someone new and you're not sure how much to spend. This girl said with a last boyfriend she bought him a fairly cheap gift (one) but his family bought her everything she'd ever mentioned, and then with her last boyfriend she bought him $70 cologne, jackets, etc and he bought her some jogging suit she didn't even want.

So she over did and under did on both occasions. I remember reading about this lady who bought for the babysitter, the mailman, the garbage man, etc. You know, to be nice but then in January you feel the pinch and feel stupid paying that bill.

Are you relegating gifts to immediate family? I don't have in laws, but I can imagine having to buy for his parents, his siblings, grandparents, his siblings kids, etc. Where do you draw the line? Are people offended if you decided not to give to everyone?

I think some people would be offended and call you cheap behind your back. But I say take a stand and stop all this spending. I like buying and giving gifts, but I like to give stuff that people really want. I mean, don't buy a $80 coffee maker for someone who you don't even know drinks coffee or some tech thing for someone who can barely figure out how to work the TV remote.

It's not worth it. However, I will spend a lot of money on my family for Christmas, I have in the past and I didn't mind, though with some of my aunts I might be bitter if they didn't give me something really cool and I spent a lot of money, which brings me back to my point in that I think the gift list can get out of hand sometimes.

But if you must buy for a lot of people, start early, hit the dollar stores, catch sales and dress the present up in the fanciest paper and bows you can, presentation means a lot.

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