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Monday, June 29, 2009
Be cool
I finally bought an air conditioner, but now the weather has cooled down. Not to fret, I know it will soon be 90 degrees soon, but I'm enjoying the cooled down weather. I went to the Taste of Chicago on Friday. Of course it was crowded as all get out, but I still had fun. I even got to see
Cameo. A group I liked in the 80's for those who don't know. Very cool!

This is a short week this week, I don't have to work Friday. Yay! I'm trying to read some more, and don't even talk about writing. I only wish I focus and organize myself enough for that. One days soon, I'm getting on that.

I'm still on the Michael Jackson train. It will take me another week or so to get that a little better. It still hurts when I think about him. Poor Michael. I watched his videos on Vh1 and MTV all day Sat. Sniff. It does feel like I lost some of my childhood, I remember gluing myself to the TV for his premier videos. They were always events, with beginning and end credits, there were never anything like that before him. That's what I will remember, how he changed videos and pop music in general, and dancing. Like Elvis, people never saw movies like Michael. We couldn't get enough. I still can't get enough when I watch him.

I hope everyone enjoys their fourth of July. Enjoy the parades or stoking the Q's or whatever you do for the holiday. Happy Monday!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009
You will be missed Michael

I can't tell you the grief I'm feeling for Michael Jackson. It feels surreal, I felt like he couldn't die. hehe, because he was MICHAEL JACKSON! You know what I mean? I first heard a work and went straight to the internet. And about an hour later I found it was official. It made my stomach hurt, I felt funny. Hearing that news fucked the rest of my day.

Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and, even worse, the 2 year-old that was kidnapped here a few days ago was found dead. It is a horrible last couple of days, actually I think 24 hours in death and I can't take anymore. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Michael Jackson. I regret never seeing him perform live, I think I would have fainted anyway, but at a couple of concerts I realize I don't do well in crowds of people pushing and shoving so it's just as well. Still, I grew up with him, watching him, singing his songs, wearing his buttons, buying his merchandise. I mean he was an international icon. Kids didn't know who the president was but they knew Michael Jackson.

What upsets me is the asshole haters online who disrespect his death and his life. I don't want to be racist or prejudiced but I have come across only white people who seem to wonder why this is even news. I'm not saying all white people, because people of many races and cultures were fans, but the shit heads I encountered were jackasses. And of course people online were still making jokes and such. And I think when the child sex allegations came it got worse, and for those who didn't like him it gave them just cause to openly hate him. Michael Jackson is not a child molester. Okay, I believe he was in the bed with kids, playing with them, rolling around with them. But he's a kid, he never had a childhood! And I know the parents of those kids told them to a find way to put that out there.

I was sad for Michael because he didn't much of a life. I cared about him, personally I cared about him because he really didn't have much in the way of support from anyone, from family, friends, lawyers, etc. Everyone just wanted money, money, money.

He grew up in the spotlight, he had men, women and children fainting at one hand gesture. He just did not get a life, and he wasn't just a celebrity, he was a SUPER celebrity, and I think his childhood combined with other personal issues did not help him as an adult. And it made people believe what they wanted to believe but I think if you looked at the obvious you would know better.

I am glad to have come up and been in an era that included him because I know 2 or 3 generations later there will never be another Michael Jackson, like I don't see us getting another Michael Jordon either. But good that generations can see videos and see what was, like many people can see videos of The Beetles and Elvis.

I'll miss you Michael.


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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Read On

I'm reading three books at once, one of them is the third Twilight book "Eclipse" and I'm really looking forward to the next movie. I don't even know why since I didn't really like that book and there was not enough Edward. But the poster has me drooling and ready and I can't wait. Tomorrow is Friday and I CAN'T WAIT! I'm planning on going back to my Buffy event on Saturday. The Slay-a-thon that I go to every year. It's the make-a-wish event. I don't have much to give this year, I'm embarrassed to say, but I will give what I can. And while I'm also embarrassed to say I'm really only there for the Buffy love, I do participate in the auctions and they get a little more money out of me.

So far I'm doing okay with the digital switch. How about you guys? For a while it was really sucky and for some reason CBS just disappeared but it's back now. Whew! Okay, well, I'm gonna go cause I'm really hot and getting hungry and I'm gonna take a shower, not that you needed to know that.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Once upon a time on blogger...
I used to post regularly. I don't know what happened to me. I used post regularly, when I wasn't working, big surprise, I posted everyday. Now, I drag myself in here every 3 weeks or so. It's ain't right. And I still love blogging! I just wish I had more interesting things to blog about instead of the same ol' shit. Speaking of the same ol' shit You all remember The hell my sister put me in about my debt. Welllll, she is still paying on that debt, or SUPPOSED to be paying on that debt and it just ain't happening. I had a nervous breakdown. Seriously, I had one, my mother witnessed it. She's ( and a good friend) are my Oprah link, and she tells me what happens on Oprah, and today Oprah said stop worrying about all that stuff like bills and the like and live your best life now.

Well, I have no choice. My credit is FUCKED THE SHIT UP thank to you know who and she ain't doing shit about it. I just hate the fact that she totally hung me out to dry and is not trying to keep up with fixing it. Credit scores are serious, and they can determine a lot of things now and later in life. She does not seem to care about that for herself at all, but I always ALWAYS had great credit, and that is over now. I.HATE.IT.SO.MUCH. I got a bad headache thinking about it. She gets all sad and quiet and guilty when I explode about it, but she keeps paying late on the bills! I just decided to just stop fucking trusting her and I'm just gonna take the bills and pay them myself. I didn't want too because I have my own debt and I wanted her to pay what she was supposed to pay, but she won't do it on time, so now I'm still getting zinged with late payments against my credit. She tries to say she does care when I say she don't care. She says she just don't have the money. Um, you got a job don't you?

I could be a bitch and take her ass to court. But see, I wouldn't do that. First, it's my mistake giving her my SS#. That was wrong and that would be pointed out to me. Now, I will say she was good to me financially many years ago, always giving me money when I was wasn't working. Yes, I remember all that. But I don't think that make up for this now. I just don't. I'm sorry if that's heartless or bitchy, but she talks about how family always screws you over and then she does it to me! I try to think about it too hard because it makes me sick (literally) to think about. I am stuck credit report 7 year hell because she can't manage a damn minimum payment. What makes me upset is that she didn't think about me, didn't care enough to try and keep those cards up to date because I did that for her to get her computer. I mean, it's in MY name, who does she think they're coming after? Then I'm looking stupid if they call my job or try to garnish my wages. She claims she didn't have the money but I know she just didn't give a shit and didn't care since they were calling me and not her. Out of sight out of mind. Hate to say it, but BITCH!

Moving on, my new summer show is back. I love me some SYTYCD. I can't say I have a favorite couple yet, but I did enjoy Janine and Philip and their dance tonight and the Waltz with Janette and Brandon was very good. I enjoyed most the dances. And I voted.

I also enjoyed "Glee" and am looking forward to it's return on Fox.

Okay, that's enough pictures and posting today. The next time I join you this damn digital thing will be underway. State tuned to the chaos that will bring...

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