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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Let's get this party started right!

2008 is almost here. Any plans? I plan on ringing in the new year at home. Much safer and less drunks. I will have a few friends over and we'll drink and have fun, and of course watch the Twilight Zone marathon that I LOVE to watch each year. Yes, I'm a geek, what of it? ;)

For those of you who must go out and party in the streets, be safe and ladies, watch your drinks. Get your drink on, not your rohypnol on. Anyway, I don't have anything else to say except I shall soon be unveiling a slightly new blog template. Well, at least a new graphic. I can't find a template I like and I've been too lazy to get one custom made. I'm SOOOOO sick of this one.

I will also post some links to the pics I took at the Star Wars exhibit. I hope these things don't take me until 2009 to do. LOL.

Also, happy birthday to my mom. Her birthday is on New Years Eve. Rock on Momma! LOL. I bought her Monk on DVD. She was happy, I also got her a Starbucks gift card, she wants to be one of those people with an iced coffee. *eye roll* whatever. ;)

Okay, enjoy what's left of your weekend.

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Monday, December 24, 2007
And Peace Be Unto To You

I went out AGAIN today and stayed out waaaaay longer than I planned too. I don't know if I told you but my family decided not to go overboard with Christmas and didn't want to exchange gifts. Lo and Behold here are gathered tonight and exchanging gifts anyway and I didn't even have anything to give! But that's okay, they didn't mind. Still, stick with the story people. We said not to buy gifts. Sheesh. *grumble* I hate Christmas.

Well, it's all over now. Little kids can hardly wait. I remember those days. It makes me want to have a baby tomorrow just so I can buy Christmas gifts. haha. I decided to toss in a couple extra holidays this year, but as always, howevery you celebrate, do it in style.

Well, I shall make my rounds to your blogs, but if I don't stop by and comment you know who you are and you know I'm thinking of you. ALL of my bloggy friends, have a safe and fun holiday, whatever you do. See you soon.


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Friday, December 21, 2007
I Hate Christmas
Okay, really I don't. Actually, I'm pretty fond of Christmas, but the last few years has brought stress and worry and trying to be all Christmassy and AARRGH! I never felt that stress before. I always read about people committing suicide and being all strung out and I kinda understood it but couldn't relate. I can now!

What was stupid I did this year was there are 3 attorney's at work and sorta talk too and are friendly with and I thought about giving them a Christmas card and didn't and damn it, they ALL gave me gifts! I felt so dumb, I wish I had taken my cards to work so when they gave me something I could have whipped out at least a Christmas card for them. I know none of them expected us to give gifts, or cards either, but I wanted to say that I was thinking of them this Christmas like they thought of me. Oh well, too late.

This is why I hate Christmas. And if for those of that don't know where I got that line from it's from Oscar the Grouch and his famous I hate Christmas song. Ahh, the memories. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Sesame Street. Seriously, I cried when Mr. Hooper died, my sister told me he was dead and I didn't believe her I thought she was being mean, I remember crying to my mom all devastated that he was (!) dead!? Ack! Yes, I loved me some Sesame Street. Sigh.


I'm going to the Star Wars Exhibit and the Museum of Science and Industry. I should be good times. Can't wait.

Is everyone done shopping? Hope so, it's crunch time. The desperate shoppers will be out this weekend. LOL.

Well, see you later and enjoy your weekend.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Hey, hey, today is your birthday!

It's my birthday today (gulp), on this wintery cold December 19th day. I have to admit, now that I'm getting older (or old?) I actually am not that much into my birthday like I was when I was a young 'un of, oh, say 29. Heh. As a thirtysomething I have accomplished nothing that I thought I would when I was in my teens and thinking years ahead to this time. I figured I'd be married, hell, at least with a very good job. Maybe even that Master of Fine Arts that I thought about years ago.

I think that's why I don't make a big deal. I'm in the same place I was a few years ago and making a big deal just doesn't seem fun. I guess I see a birthday as another year gone by, what-have-you-done-with-that-year sort of deal. And when I have really nothing grand to show for it I don't want to call attention to it. It's like, you're how old and your're still doing what?

At any rate, I still actually like presents (who doesn't!) and doing one or two things I like like hanging out, going to a movie, sleeping, shopping/window shopping or just sitting at home watching TV. I may not be having a party here, but in blogland you're all invited to the hottest, thrashingist, killer party ever. So, maybe that will make (cringe) turning 33 a little better.

(Waits for it.)

Nope, it still sucks onions.

Anyway, I'm taking the day off tommorrow. That's right, I took my birthday off. Yea me!

I'll see you guys on the blogside. (man I'm corny. Probably why I'm not married. ha!) Anyway, I will check you guys out later. It's after 10pm and I'm pretty grumpy I forgot to watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Grrrrrr!

By and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

As an avid, AVID, AVID, AVID gamer, the worse, more horrible thing happened to me tonight. So terrible that it sent me reeling, crying and sobbing away from the TV and eventually to blogland where I couldn't stand it, I had to bitch about it.

I AM SO FUCKING UPSET! I was playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and right in the middle of a save, a GODDAMN SAVE the damn thing froze. I contemplated what I could do, and finally just hit reset and said a prayer. No luck. The memory save is corrupted and all those damn hours of playing WITH ONE FUCKING LEVEL LEFT is all gone.

That's right, I was only level 9, and not just level 9, but the end of level 9 moving into level 10 which is the LAST FUCKING LEVEL! and now---nothing.

Do you know that happened before when I was level 5, and I swollowed things down and started over, but that time I admit it was the way I saved and my fault. But here, GODDAMN, FUCKITY, FUCK SHIT! I'm not playing 15 damn hours of that game again, all those levels and shit, I just can and I'm so fucking upset right now because I really really like that game and this particular one and this happens. you just don't know how I feel right now. I feel like taking out a wall like the Hulk.

Imagine a book you wrote, your term paper, anything that took you a long time to do. You're on the last paragraph and the computer crashes, and it's G.O.N.E.

That's how I feel. I just feel sick, I want to vomit. It is that bad. I am so angry, dissapointed, sad, bitter, pissed off, FUCKING HEARTBROKEN!

If I don't find some cheat codes fast I'm gonna kill someone.

NOTE: My avatar backs me up.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Living Hell
I was planning on actually having a bedazled, Christmas decked out blog, but alas I have not been in the mood. The thing I chose not to blog about anymore, and my three readers know what I'm talking about has taken a turn for the worse, bad to the point I wonder if I will have somewhere to get up and go to in the morning. I am just trying to hold on, so we'll see what happens. I had to let out a little frustration on here or I might implode.

I also plan on cleaning up my blog roll. Not that anyone cares, but there are at least 10 bloggers on there whose pages don't even exist anymore, High Desert Diva, one of my favorites being one of them. I plan on putting out an APB for those bloggers when I get a chance. I feel a little sad that they're just gone and I didn't get a chance to bid farewell or a least know in advance that they weren't going to blog anymore.

Even though I don't blog as much as I used too, I still plan on blogging for a long time before I give it up. I like stopping by and making posts and visiting my regulars, and it's nice, for those few minutes that I can get outside of my life for a while. I sure as hell hope 2008 has something good in store for me. I need it with a vengeance. I have been doing some things and I hope soon I will be able to have good news to post. When all is said and done I will post a open, raw, cathartic post about it all and the many lessons I've learned. So, until then...

Hope everyone is staying warm! I might not be back for a while, my mind just can't calm down right now and I have to focus on other things, so if you haven't heard from me in days or weeks, I'm alive and around. I just need to deal with my current situation before I can relax.

be seeing you

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Friday, December 07, 2007
Mall Rat
I took today off and decided to go to this mall that I hadn't been to in years. Well, i hasn't changed much. LOL. Not that I was looking to spend tons of money, but there wasn't even anything much to tempt me, though I did see some nice stuff in Sears of all places.

I ended up spending $50 dollars on collectable figures in a store that's closing this month. The stuff wasn't that cheap, just 25% off the sale prices (should have been 50%) but I bought some stuff anyway. I know it wasn't money well spent and I shouldn't have done it, but oh well, too late now. lol

One of things I bought was this McFarlane toy figure from Lost of Sawyer. He's one of the characters from the show. It as marked down to $14.99 and then was 25% off of that, so I got it since I like Sawyer and I've never seen it anywhere marked down. I didn't want to pay $20+ for it. I also got Mr. Eko from the show. I'm going to take a pic and post them. Ahhh, some day. Heh.

I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping. Many in my family opted not to exchange gifts this year, which is fine 'cause then I don't have spend any money, well, much money. I'm still buying stuff for my mom. Anyway, I plan on going to watch my Netflix movies and read some more of I Am Legend.

Hope you guys are doing well, see you later.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
From trees to bras and underwear

I was going to say "panties" in my blog post, but I remember a little blurb I read about men creating and using that word as sexist and titillating, so, I'll use underwear.

I FINALLY, yes, FINALLY decorated my tree. I had it up and the lights on it, but I finally put ornaments on it today. I don't have batteries for my digital camera, but I'm gonna get some sometime soon and I'll take a picture and post it. It's fake tree, and, heh. But I think it's a nice little Charlie Brown tree for what it is and it looks pretty when it's lit up.


On another note, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on tonight. Gonna watch? Of course you are! We know where ever man in the country will be tonight. I've seen some clips and WHOA NELLY! Those bra and underwear sets, man, they barely cover. I think you could only have a body like them to wear those things. They look good though. I have to say, I get a tad jealous, but then I know I'm falling into that group of women and girls who think that is the standard of beauty, but it isn't. Why?

Because the were BORN LOOKING LIKE THAT! Well, not at first, but it was in their genetic make-up for those bodies and along with eating a carrot and 3 times their weight in water for their dinner, they achieve that look. Yes, they are beautiful, and yes, I'd like to have their bodies, but they are in a different class altogether, like aliens.

Anyhoo, I'm off to do some things on the internet. See you guys later.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007
And a *?%$#% Merry Christmas to you too
I frequently visit why are you stalking me? and recently she decided not to blog about work anymore, for whatever reason (though, obviously, she doesn't want to get found out and fired)

I often blog about work, and finding OTHER work, so I think I will take heed from her and follow in her footsteps. I won't blog anymore about my job hunt, or how much I hate my job (well, as much anymore) and I will try and be as discreet as possible, just on the off chance I'm found out. I used my real name to create this blog and I still have stuff out there on the internet under my real name like Fan Fiction (Yes, I'm a geek, what of it!??!) and much, mucy Buffy related obsessions, including my website, which I can't edit because I don't remember my password.

But I digress.

I'll make this my last post into the world of my circus, er, office craziness. Today a secretary got fired after being there about three weeks for making some racially motivated remarks. She's white and said something about black folks, and one of the girls got mad and told the office manager. She made ANOTHER COMMENT IN THE SAME DAY! and by 4:45 pm she was gone, not without a scene either.

She almost spit on the floor on the way out, almost taking our glass doors with her. Our office is never without insanity. I have to say it was actually a pretty good day. It went by fast and I spend most, if not all, of the day gossiping, laughing, talking and joking. Yes, work actually got done in there too, but all in all it was a great Friday. (not to self: keep this up)

I'm looking forward to my upcoming days off. Can't wait! I'm so tired now and am now updating my ipod, I'm so sick of those same songs.

I just bought I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. I was supposed to read this years ago, I mean something like 3 or 4 years ago and I can't remember if I couldn't find the book or was just too cheap to buy it. Actually, I don't remember finding it. At any rate, I'm sorta pissed that there is a movie now and now I'm reading the book. I didn't want to be one of "those" people who run out and buy the companion book to the movie, but alas I am. Hmph!

I'm still mad.

Anyway, it is something like 12:08 a.m. here and today wore me out. I will see you guys sometime this weekend, I'll drop by and poke my head in. Hope you're all doing well. Oh, and if you're wondering about the blog title, it was something the lady who was fired today probably would have said. I can't believe that happend, and right before Christmas. Man. *shakes head* Oh well.

Must go now. Getting tired.

Night, night!

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