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Monday, August 25, 2008
On to London
Well, it's all over now. Those 14 days just seemed to fly by. I for one am always excited by the Olympics even if I'm never fully prepared for them when they get here. I stare at the TV and watch as much Olympic coverage as I can and love all the Olympic Zone moments and all the interviews with Bob Costas. I think Womens Gymnastics had the best commentary.

I am trying my damnest to make it to the Winter Olympics in 2010. I hope I get there. *fingers crossed* I also want to go to the 2012 Olympics in London and if we get the Olympics her in Chicago, I'm going too. We'll see.

In weekend news, I went back to my Slay-a-ton Make-a-Wish charity event on Saturday. Because of legal issues they couldn't show Buffy, so we watched Angel episodes instead and it was all good. I had a lot of fun, as always. I bid a Faith doll that the actor autographed and won it for $35. They were trying to start it at $50 but no one was bidding. Sorry guys, but it's poor folks at this event. Okay, 2 or 3 people will spend big bucks, but mostly it's average Joe's who come for the love of Buffy/Angel/Joss and aren't into spending hundreds of dollars, even for charity. We just don't have the money. But I'm happy with what I got. I dont' have a digital camera now or I'd take a picture. But I like it. I love Faith.

What I'm madly into right now is Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long- blog. Okay, I know none of you are Buffy fans, but my sister, who is a casual viewer, loved it and wanted to see it again. If you get a chance check it out. It's so funny and well done. Joss is a GENIUS! You will then understand why I worship firmly at the alter of Joss.

Below is the final medal count for Beijing. We got the most medal, not the most gold. Oh well, we still beat out China in something. *snicker* I'm proud of all the USA athletes, so great and they should be proud of themselves.

Now, we can finally but Usain Bolt away. Thank GOD!

Olympic Medal winners at NBC!

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Monday, August 18, 2008
Is this how they roll (cheat) at the Olympics?
I watch the Olympics EVERY NIGHT and I have been glued for womens gymnastics. It has always been my favorite in the summer Olympics and will continue to be so. I'm *cough* old enough that I can say that I remember when they scored differently and seemed to actully be fair.

I love the talks between Bob Costas and Béla Karolyi (Rromania womens gymnast coach who coached U.S. team) because they're honest and funny. I have been trying and TRYING to get Nastia Liukin a gold medal, or at least another gold medal that she deserves. Now, I know the Chinese gymnast are great, yes, they are exceptional, but I do not and have not agreed with the scoring. Nastia has been doing such a great job, and then there are visible mistakes by the Chinese and SHE gets the Gold.

The days of a perfect 10 are gone, and the problems is this scoring system can help you or hinder you at certain times. It seems to me that if you have a high degree of difficulty and mess up a couple of times you can get a higher score simply because you have a high degree of difficulty. So, if you have a perfect routine with say one difficult combination you won't win. Now, there is something there I agree with, but what we've had is the scoring has been off. I do agree that some of judges don't know what they're doing and in the end the gymnast suffer the consequences.

Tonight, I am furious because Nastia lost AGAIN a chance for a gold medal. and I was angry becasue now she has one last chance, balance beam, at least before she had a two damn chances, now she's gonna be even more stressed and any bauble will be spotlighted. I am just so angry about that because I don't think tonight was fair.

She tied the Chinese and they did some insane scoring where they went down the line of scores and tossed out the hightests and lowest of both scores until they finally got a different number and ended up with a first and second place winners. Now, I really didn't think that was fair because the computer is reconizing that they were both good, that they were both Gold medal winners so now we gotta go down to some .1000 number and GAH! I'M ANGRY AND I'M NOT IN THE OLYMPICS OR EVEN AN ATHLETE!,

I think she was wronged and I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE that it all comes down to that stupid scoring system that just seems pulled out of a hat and sort of whatever'd like the isn't their whole life riding on this. You don't just wake up and be in the Olympics, and they're not every year where you can just march back and get another chance. Nastia may not even return and my heart breaks for her because she will never forget this and it would be nice to have some damn nice memories of Beijing. For her? No. None. Zip and she sure as hell won't grant any interviews. I'm pissed. PISSED!

This making me start to have green eyes for the Chinese and it's more the damn scoring and the stupid judges than them. To be edged out for Gold when you're just as good, that is what makes me so angry. It's not like he fell, and got a medal, then you're grateful, but to be JUST AS GOOD--BETTER actually, and have the scores trinkle and bloop and find some, again, .10000 score so that there can be a first and second place would make want to hang myself. Everyone says they want to go out and do your best, and you do and then you're not rewarded for it. That is wrong and can work on you mentally and emotionally for a long time and that is the problem I have.

Well, I will be back to gripe later. But I seriously had to get that out of my system.

Nastia, I feel your pain. Second in the world is hella good, but you're a gold medalist to me!


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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Team USA

I'm tired and lazy, but wanted to toss out a bit of Olympic coverage. The medal count is 40 for USA, with China right behind with 35, so we're leading. Yea! I was tense and anxious watching the womens gymnastics and it didn't help them win the gold. They made it to Silver after falling and fumbling. They're such a great team, but nerves and, in my opinion, their own natural body types led to their move to second place. When the Chinese (who won the gold) tumble they have 4 or 5 feet of cushion between them and the edge of the floor--they have shorter legs and are smaller bodies. They take smaller steps and tumble harder. The American girls are taller, take longer, harder running starts before they tumble.

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses for them, but I think this is a problem they can't avoid. But they have to learn to not go out of bounds as they can't get shorter or smaller. We're moving into the weekend people and into Track and Field....

I read EH's post about this girl being severely neglected and it is horrible, but I don't think anything tops one of the more horrible things that I learned of that I never knew about. A few months ago I somehow stumbled on the knowledge of Sylvia Likens from a book about her ordeal from about the Indiana Torture Slayings and it was horrific and utterly unbelievable.

I am still looking into the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver, and I still plan on going--hopefully. FINGERS CROSSED!

Okay, it's after 11pm and I'm still watching Olympics, but I'm too ready for the weekend.

Speaking of...

Have a good one guys!

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Monday, August 11, 2008
It's time for some GOLD!

I've been watching as much Olympics as I can. Yes, I get hyped every four years, what's wrong with that? I love the Olympics. For some some reason the only thing I remember dreaming about wanting to do if it was 25 years earlier and I had the money, resources and support was figure skating. Though, I think it would have changed to Short Track Speed Skating because of you know who. I never had the body type for gymnastics so that would have been out before it got in. But there were times I would watch and get inspired and think, wow, what it must feel like to go to the Olympics--and WIN.

Then again, I'm a STRESS CAT when it comes to competition and I'm a crier as well, so it probably wouldn't work well for me. I'm a big bawl fest with rejection.

HOWEVER, USA is kicking ass in swimming, with Phelps leading the way. He's got 17 swims here and just added his 9th medal tonight. Let's rock! I think we're just holding on in gymnastics, and I think we're even doing okay with diving. Rowing? Not so much. At any rate, I'm excited and wish I could be home to watch more.

In sad, sad, depressing news, I'm missing the Mac man more and more. I'm still in shock. I loved him, he was my guy from Chicago and the South Side! Like me. Sniff. I watched his TV show every day and he was so funny. He was doing and still doing so much and he will be missed. I loved him in Oceans movies too. I feel devastated, the way I felt about Heath Ledger. Too sad. Issac Hayes also died, another legend. Wow, double sadness over the weekend. My prayers are with their families.

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Friday, August 08, 2008
Let the games begin!

I just wanted to toss out my Olympic pride. Of course, this is the Summer Olympics, so there will be no daily tabs on my sweetheart Apolo, However, I'm all about swimming, track and field and gymnastics. So beware. I might even take in some water polo and some vollyball. Whoo.

In my reading ventures I'm currently reading "Twilight" and for about the first 100 pages I was not impressed. A friend at work is a fiend for this series and she talked about it so, and it DOES involve Vampires so it didn't take me long to get into it. She let me borrow her copy to read and I was reading it and thought, you know what, I could have written this. Which makes me even more ashamed that I haven't sat my ass down and finished a damn novel because this chick? Yes, I said chick, became a best seller with an idea that was already out there in the name of my favorite show ever: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

But I will give her her forbidden teen romance, I'm all about that and angst and dire love and all that, but the writing, the dialouge was hideous for a lot of it. Nothing new, nothing really that interesting either. I could have done better. Now, I don't know how "Bella" the protagonist is going to be after I finish but she's not much now. I like her though, but the writer seems to have her possessed or even hypnotized by "Edward." She can barely blink when she's around him and all she does is talk about his ethereal beauty. Enough! I love lovely vampires, but c'mon!

I actually like them together and it has gotten better now that there is more of them together, but I don't know how the writer wants us to feel about them both. Can Bella think for herself? Is she under some spell? Is she seriously considering vampirism to be with this guy for eternity? What does that teach girls about love? I want Bella to have a backbone, but I just want her to like the guy but not be bespelled by him. It takes me out of the story a bit.

It's like she can't make a decision because his beauty, his otherworldliness has a hold of her. I don't like that. That means there is nothing of substance between them. She loves him, yes, he's nice to her and I like that he has this fierce, almost murderous protectiveness for her but it still says nothing about her.

Just give me Buffy and Angel is all I have to say. :)

Well, I will leave you all to your weekend and enjoy it. Watch a little Olympics please. Must support the team! USA, USA, USA!

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Friday, August 01, 2008
DANCE SUCKERS! (But watch the toes)

My summer obsession "So You Think You Can Dance" is coming to a close in a few short weeks. I'm a tv whore and would be nothing without it. Off topic for a moment, I see those commercials about giving up your Comcast or doing something idiotic and I think, if I had to give up TV period I'd curl up in a corner and mumble nonsense. So, speaking of TV...

I vote every week for SYTYCD and I was pretty sure I knew who would be in the final four. I was surprised by Courtney, but I realized she had danced too well and had been praised by the judges too much to get the boot, even if they weren't picking anymore. Then again, Chelsea pulled her own and got just as many praises so I'm not sure how the voting went there. But since all I cared about was Josh, Kate and Twitch I'm a happy camper. YES!


This snap shot is just so you can see my desktop pic. I get pulled into my obsessions quite fully and, as you may have noticed from Buffy, and with BtVS I will never let them go. I never let go of The X-Files either and am still proud to call myself and X-Phile. Nearly 20 years later I still feel the way I felt about the show then, so that's called impact. Thank you Chris Carter--for consuming my life for so many years! ;) I am still disappointed slightly in the movie, but it is growing no me and overall I did like it.

And just a side note, the first X-Files movie "Fight the Future" has fallen into obscurity and is now costing anywhere from $40 to $100 to buy. WHAT THE FUCK?! I love me some X-Files but I don't understand why the movie is hard to find now. Yes, if you search you can probably find it cheaper, but damn it, people are asking a lot for this movie and I don't understand that, and I don't understand why The X-Files? Did FOX/Paramount do something? Why pull the movie and make it a hard-to-find release? Strange phenomena indeed.

Aaaaaaand lastly, I have a habit of toenail picking. WAIT! it's not as gross as it sounds, okay, maybe it is. I will have a long toenail and instead of using clippers, I will start to pull and tear it and usually I can cut it like that, though it's the wrong way, but I do it. in the last couple of weeks I did that with my second to last toenail and pulled it so bad the nail bed is showing quite a bit and I think I got it infected. I'm trying everything to keep from going to the doctor, so I hope what I'm doing (massive daily cleanings, neosporin and bandaids) help it and the nail will grow back. Right now it looks like it was bleeding and the blood clotted as there is a very dark red spot on at the tip. Sigh, the things I do to myself.

I'm also THIS CLOSE to just buying a damn air conditioner. I always do this. I can get through okay without one until, say, the end of August then I just buy nothing because fall/winter is right around the corner and I feel stupid buying one. BUT I don't think I can wait anymore. I want one. We'll see....

Until next time...Have a great weekend!

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