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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Hey, hey, today is your birthday!

It's my birthday today (gulp), on this wintery cold December 19th day. I have to admit, now that I'm getting older (or old?) I actually am not that much into my birthday like I was when I was a young 'un of, oh, say 29. Heh. As a thirtysomething I have accomplished nothing that I thought I would when I was in my teens and thinking years ahead to this time. I figured I'd be married, hell, at least with a very good job. Maybe even that Master of Fine Arts that I thought about years ago.

I think that's why I don't make a big deal. I'm in the same place I was a few years ago and making a big deal just doesn't seem fun. I guess I see a birthday as another year gone by, what-have-you-done-with-that-year sort of deal. And when I have really nothing grand to show for it I don't want to call attention to it. It's like, you're how old and your're still doing what?

At any rate, I still actually like presents (who doesn't!) and doing one or two things I like like hanging out, going to a movie, sleeping, shopping/window shopping or just sitting at home watching TV. I may not be having a party here, but in blogland you're all invited to the hottest, thrashingist, killer party ever. So, maybe that will make (cringe) turning 33 a little better.

(Waits for it.)

Nope, it still sucks onions.

Anyway, I'm taking the day off tommorrow. That's right, I took my birthday off. Yea me!

I'll see you guys on the blogside. (man I'm corny. Probably why I'm not married. ha!) Anyway, I will check you guys out later. It's after 10pm and I'm pretty grumpy I forgot to watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Grrrrrr!

By and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger Phats said…

    Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) Does it suck having a birthday so close to Christmas? I would get you the complete set of Buffy DVD's or an autographed picture of Oh No. Did you watch Dancing with the stars? I was so glad helio won, i think because I have a crush on Julieanne! :)

    Have a great Birthday

  • At 3:25 AM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said…

    Yay! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a kick ass day!

  • At 6:12 AM, Blogger EnnuiHerself said…

    Happy Birthday!!

  • At 6:35 AM, Blogger Glitter said…

    Happy Birthday!!

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Kingcover said…

    Happy 33rd b'day!!! I'm less than a year behind you. Yikes! At least we are both December babies so there's company in numbers lol.
    Just suck it up and get on with things because you're a long time dead. Pushing up daisies isn't much fun I would imagine so hopefully we wont be falling into any 'holes' any time soon. HA!
    I loveeeee candy canes. Can I take one please???

    p.s. don't take a step backwards otherwise you'll knock your cake ov..... oh crumbs too late. Good luck with cleaning that mess out of the carpet :-P

  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger Kingcover said…

    There once was a girl living in Chicago
    Who wanted to learn how to tango
    She attended the classes dressed as a mango
    And now she's real good at the fandango.


  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger Gunngirl said…

    Phats--actually, not really. My family never pulled the Christmas/Birthday gift thing, and that's the most important. LOL! And thanks for the thought of Buffy DVD's! *big hug*

    Mr.Fab, EH and Glitter--Thanks for the birthday wishes, you're great.

    Kingcover--LOL at the limerick. I love it, and wow, I know the fandango now. I want the first dance with you at my party. And you're right, I'm not dead yet dammit! So, let's PAAAAARTAAAAAAAAY!!

  • At 2:33 PM, Blogger Kingcover said…

    Sure I'll help you with your first dance at the party :-)

    I see that on your Scooby Gang list Shannon (Cinderella) and I are on the same line. Does that mean that you can't decide which one of us should be on top or the bottom??? Teehee.
    Shanders has gone from blogland so I guess I can be top AND bottom. Yayyy, go me!

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