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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Let's get this party started right!

2008 is almost here. Any plans? I plan on ringing in the new year at home. Much safer and less drunks. I will have a few friends over and we'll drink and have fun, and of course watch the Twilight Zone marathon that I LOVE to watch each year. Yes, I'm a geek, what of it? ;)

For those of you who must go out and party in the streets, be safe and ladies, watch your drinks. Get your drink on, not your rohypnol on. Anyway, I don't have anything else to say except I shall soon be unveiling a slightly new blog template. Well, at least a new graphic. I can't find a template I like and I've been too lazy to get one custom made. I'm SOOOOO sick of this one.

I will also post some links to the pics I took at the Star Wars exhibit. I hope these things don't take me until 2009 to do. LOL.

Also, happy birthday to my mom. Her birthday is on New Years Eve. Rock on Momma! LOL. I bought her Monk on DVD. She was happy, I also got her a Starbucks gift card, she wants to be one of those people with an iced coffee. *eye roll* whatever. ;)

Okay, enjoy what's left of your weekend.

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  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger Glitter said…

    What's wrong with those iced coffee people? LOL.

    I'm going out this New Year's but...getting a hotel room so no driving for me! It's my best friend's birthday and that's what she wants to do.

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