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Monday, January 05, 2009
It has begun

What has begun? The terrible months ahead of no more nice, long vacations. LOL. I'm going into Holiday Vacation Withdrawal. I need to detox. Today wasn't so bad. I had a bit of work but my boss wasn't there. Whoo!!

I just finished watching The Bachelor. I haven't watched a full season in about six season, and I don't intend to start with this one but I just had it on while I was on the internet and I was just shaking my head at some of the women because every season they all say the same thing. "He's so cute" "I'm in love with him already" "I love him" "I'm falling in love with him" "I want to be with him all the time" and other variations of that. and I always say the same thing. You can not fall in love with someone over the course of a TV dating show. Now, if you were on a TV series, sure, but this is not an everyday thing. I sometimes feel that the Trista and Ryan relationship isn't as loving as it appears to be. I'm just cynical, but I want to say that over time things strengthened, but certainly not before their actually Wedding I don't think.

I think on this show you do like the person, but these women get so caught up. They fight and bicker and treat him like a God. What do you know about him other than what's on his MySpace page. He has a son. Maybe you won't like him, maybe he won't like you. Just saying. I think their heads get so messed up and they force themselves (and for the cameras) to want him so badly, to be so devoted, so quickly in love, so "He's everything I ever wanted" that when things die down they realize something isn't right.

Now, I will say that I think you can rather quickly like someone when you have something in common. If you're alike in some way and have a few moments in a non-pressure situation. Sad thing is when do we do that? This is why I like hanging out instead of actual dating.

I like dates, don't get me wrong. I like going out to a nice dinner, but I would rather dress casual and go to a park, or museum and talk rather than stare across the table at one another and shout out interview questions. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't know the person, and if it's one sided, which is has been before, I'm extra uncomfortable. I remember a guy was way into me and he just smiling and gazing and I didn't really like him that hard yet and I did not feel comfortable smiling and gazing back because I didn't feel that yet. I was actually getting annoyed with him wanting to hold my hand and be all bedroom eyes. Sorry, but I'm funny that way. Guess that's why I'm single.

I also got $65 worth of itunes gift cards for Christmas/birthday. YES! I'm gonna download like a MOTHER! haha, kidding, I actually spent $7 so far. I'm cheap and selective. And since I don't listen to the radio anymore I don't even know what any new music sounds like. I bought some Beyonce, Elton John, Rhianna, and Brittney Spears. I also bought a Justin Timberlake Video.

Well, it's after 9pm so it's getting past my bedtime. I usually tuck in bed and read. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Happy Tuesday!


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  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger Kingcover said…

    So the bottom line after all of that is that we will see you on the next series next year saying about the guy "Oh I love him and I want to have his babies"??? Hahahahaha ;-)

    Yeah I'm in the same boat as you are. I much prefer going for a walk through a park on along a beach front rather than a restaurant for a first date. Much more relaxed and you don't have to look at the other person dropping pieces of food back onto the plate from their fork. Don't ya just hate it when a piece of carrot drops back into their soup bowl from whence it came and creates a tidal wave resulting in spillage all over the table! :-P

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