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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Right this way Mr. President

I have been overwhelmed with Inauguration footage today and I had to put up something about it. I'm a little depressed hearing people say they had to be there, that they had to witness history because I couldn't just up and go to Washington like I would have if I could have. Even though I watched everything I could, I'm a little bummed I couldn't actually be part of that history. This IS history and people who walked with Dr. King could say I was there. There I am, right there behind him! Not watching it on TV. But I guess I'm not the only one, huh.

This is something that I don't think we'll see again for maybe another 300 years so it is something to be celebrated. This guy said on TV where were YOU when he was sworn in. I rolled my eyes and said to myself "at work" which SUCKED even though we all gathered in the conference room and watched together, it was with people I dont' even really like or talk too, so it didn't mean much. It sucked that I kept thinking 'well, I'd go party somewhere but I have to be at work tommorow" I feel like this is more important than "work tommorow" to be able to look back and say you were partying or in Washington or with people important to you when this happened is what I want to say.

But overall I am elated. I am overjoyed that I feel hope for our country. It gives me hope for myself personally. I don't want to say all that "Anything is possible" bullshit. Okay, it's not TOTALLY bullshit, because (eventually) anything is possible. It wasn't but a little over 50 years ago we got an inauguration from George Wallace (not President, but still) saying "Segregation today...segregation tomorrow...segregation forever." Now, with something like that to something like this? Makes me shed a tear. From telling the black man to sit in the back of the bus, to telling him.. "Yes Mr. President. Right away Mr. President." is amazing. I believe if you have enough passion you can do anything. I have not let my passion for writing make me sit down and write in a long time. Other than helping animals that is my only passion in life. That is it. I think with some fortitude it is doable. When we were picking cotton no one thought THIS was doable. 20 years ago this wasn't doable. It is doable now. The door is open and should stay open for a black woman, a white woman and anyone else that wants to become President.

It's just that for so many years there was a mentality that old white men were the only ones who could run the country. There was no looking left or right for anyone or anything different. Thank God that time is over. There was talk about the speech and that we didn't get any good quotes like JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what can you do for your country." But you'd be hard pressed to top that. lol. At any rate, he did a fine job. Well done.

I still can't believe it. And I'm still happy to be alive during this time to witness it, even remotely. Wow. Just, wow.

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