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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Digital Schmidal

As a self proclaimed TV obsessed person ( I am currently DROOLING in wait for Lost, Supernatural and Smallville to name a few) I am not feeling this new movie to Digital. First, I have two fairly new TV's, one a 32" that is only about 3 years old. As has been tested more than once, it is NOT ready for digital. Now, I have cable on these two tv's, but if I didn't I have cable I sure as hell wouldn't get it for this. I saw a Comcast commercial talking about getting Comcast so "you'll be ready" FUCK THAT! Why should you pay just to get your local channels?! BullSHIT!

Now, my TV in my bedroom is very old and on it's way out. Channel 5 won't show unless I turn to it with my VCR on, so it is time to replace that one. But it's only a little 13" and shouldn't cost more than $100. What about people who paid $300 and up for TV's that will now be useless? If you buy a digital TV what about the pile of TV's that you had to replace?

My sister is taking a stand and says she will just watch everything online. I'll see how long she holds out. Anyway, I'm tired of these commercials because it's not fair for older people and people who live in rural areas. I don't know if they will know what is up. And those converter boxes hasn't been the greatest. Besides, me and my sister live in the same building and we have the same last name so when I tried to get one after her they said I'd already ordered one and couldn't get one! ARG!

It is also FREEZING cold here. It's severe you-can-die temps. We need a snow day for work. I can't wait until the weekend. Need to sleep in.

Kingcover: Nope, I didn't hurt my leg. I saw this avatar background and felt that if I went skiing that was an appropriate pic for me. One with a broken foot. LOL.

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Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 7:39 PM  
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  • At 6:13 AM, Blogger Susan said…

    Just get a HDTV and you won't have to worry. LOL.

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