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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Touched by 'Angel'

I'm trying desperately to take my mind off my job woes, and the only thing that always helped me through heinous times was my beloved Buffy and Angel. So, I decided to pay tribute to the other half of my obsession, Angel.

5 lessons I learned from watching 'Angel'

1.The bonds of friendship can never be broken: No one in Angel Investigations were related, futhermore, most of them didn't even know each other before they met, beside Wesley, Angel and Cordelia, but teaming up to fight evil created a bond thicker than blood. They would die for each other, die together (which was inevitable) or kill to protect. They were each others family, and despite infighting, jealousy, betrayal, secrets and lies, in the end they came together to fight, for the final time, win or lose.

2.Nothing is without consequences: In the Whedon world of Buffyverse, you quickly learn that you do nothing without repercussions. Nothing. Drinking, sex, kidnapping and secrets all have to be answered for. Even among friends. Wesley kidnaps Angel's son, Conner, with the best intentions (he thinks Angel will turn and kill him), but it in turn alienated Wes from the group (shortly) and dragged him down into a dark, shame spiral.

Angel slams the door on his friends, cutting them off and has to pay for it later. Gunn unknowingly brings trouble inside W&H in a desperate attempt to keep himself being something he isn't, with fatal results to Fred. All in all, never expect to do something drastic and not have it haunt you later.

3.Redemption is possible: If Angel can attempt to atone for centuries of mayhem, torture, death and destruction; if Gunn can be forgiven for being the cause of Fred's death; If Spike can receive a soul, join the good guy team and fight the good fight; if Lindesy can decide to step up and help Angel and co. take out the baddest of the W&H powers, then anyone can be redeemed. (hopefully). At any rate, it's a good thought that despite your bone filled closet, you can change and prove that change to others.

4.Vampire's get plenty of work done during the day, too: The handy, dandy sewer tunnels of L.A. aside, Vampires get plenty of front row treatment with 'tempered glass' for their office windows, (no more bursting into flames), only direct sunlight is flammable, and underground parking garages are a godsend.

5.Being sexy and suave doesn't always mean 'sexy and suave': While Angel is the baddest, scariest, most dangerous vampire of the eighteenth century, he is not without his flaws, despite his leather coat wearing, several language speaking, black convertable driving, sexy smirk giving, hot self. He's not very graceful, having fallen out of a window and nearly tripped over on Buffy. His dancing is atrocious, but funny; he's technically challenged, doesn't always reconize his own car, is pretty antisocial, believes in dark clothes because it's easier to get dressed, and enjoys Barry Manilow.

Fortunetly we got to see those quirks, which made Angel more believable and a lot more interesting. It certainly made for a much more well-rounded character. I loved that show.

Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 5:25 PM  
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  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger April said…

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  • At 6:54 PM, Blogger exMI said…

    Of course after Lindsey helped them they shot him which says something about how much redemtion they trusted him with....
    both Spike and Angel were more interesting when they were BAD. Eveil Angel at least stood up straight ,and Spike was just cool as hell.

  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger gunngirl said…

    exmi- this is true, and Lindsay deserved what he got, even if he did help in the end. I also liked Spike and Angel more when they were bad, though I liked Angelus on Buffy more than I did on Angel.

    Spike rocked on Buffy, not so much over on Angel until the last few eps.

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