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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Soundtrack to my Life
Okay, so copying Undr, I decided to post my own Soundtrack to my Life. I mean, why not, right? Also, MTV had this really sucky show that showcased the soundtrack to lives of teens, and it was very boring. Er, hope this is better. Hee. Oh, and here goes.

And I'm not posting links for these song. First, because it's tedious and second because you don't care.

If you're so inclined to look them up, help yourself.

1. "I'm just a girl" No Doubt
2."Release pt.1" Pearl Jam
3."Black" Pearl Jam
4."Karma Police" Radio Head
5."Loser" 3 Doors Down
6."Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan
7."Angel" Sarah McLachlan
8."Fallen" Sarah McLachlan
9."Building a Mystery" Sarah McLachlan
10."Witness" Sarah McLachlan
11."In your eyes" Peter Gabriel
12."Wild Horses" The Sundays
13."They'll be sad songs to make you cry" Billy Ocean
14."Loverboy" Billy Ocean
15."I'm still standing" Elton John
16."Brand New Day" Sting
17."In the air tonight" Phil Collins
18."I wish it would rain down" Phil Collins
19."Against all odds" Phil Collins
20."Land of Illusion" Phil Collins
21."Notorious" Duran Duran
22."Wild Boys" Duran Duran
23."Come Undone" Duran Duran
24."The Reflex" Duran Duran
25."Girls on Film" Duran Duran
26."Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi
27."Purple Rain Soundtrack" Prince
28."Mountains" Prince
29."Adore" Prince
30."Batdance" Prince
31."Lightning Crashes" Live
32."I alone" Live
33."The Dolphins Cry" Live
34."Overcome" Live
35."Mama said knock you out" L.L. Cool J
36."Push" Matchbox Twenty
37."I don't want to be lonely no more" Rob Thomas
38."Today was a good day" Ice Cube
39."Father of Mine" Everclear
40."Here without you" 3 doors down
41."Only happy when it rains" Garbage
42."You" Candlebox
43."Drops of Jupiter" Train
44."When I'm gone" 3 doors down
45."Touched a Dream" R.Kelly
46."I Wish" R.Kelly
47."Parents just don't understand" D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
48."Guess that's why they call it the Blues" Elton John
49."Out of Touch" Hall and Oats
50."We Belong" Pat Benatar
51."Invincible" Pat Benatar
52."Love is a Battlefield" Pat Benatar
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6 commentst:
  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger anika said…

    I like your soundtrack!

  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hey Gunn Girl - We'd have the same number one song! ;) If I was feeling better, I'd "borrow" the concept, but I'm just not up to thinking too hard at the moment. ;) What's the thought process behind it all - is it just songs that sort of define who we are?

  • At 8:28 AM, Blogger gunngirl said…

    Rebecca--songs that define who we are, or mean something, or signify a good/bad/traumatic moment in life, songs that just make you feel good, songs with lyrics that fit you or you just like, songs that touched you, were emotional or songs that you still love years later.

    Once you start thinking about it, you'll find some good ones.

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger High Desert Diva said…

    Gunnbabe you rock!!! :D I LOVE your list! I own 3/4 of your songs...well, on CD that is...I don't ACTUALLY OWN the songs and I don't receive any royalties or anything like that ;P

  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    Holy cow that list rocked!

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Underachiever said…

    What a great list Gunny!


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