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Friday, August 19, 2005
100 things about me
Yes, I know that I just posted a list about myself recently, but upon looking around on such blogs as glitterglamgirl05 and tannia and noticing that they were doing list like the one I posted a few days back, I decided lists about yourself were still pretty popular. I also noticed several wonderful 100 lists from the aforementioned sites, as well as by Undr, Former Intern Andy, Babes in Blogland and High Desert Diva, so I thought, what the hell. Onto the bandwagon!

My 100 list:

1.I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2.And Angel
3.And it's scary how much that has consumed me
4.I hated P.E. in H.S.
5.Because I'm top heavy (if you know what I mean)
6.I love TV on DVD
7.I hate speaking in front of people
8.But I got better at it
9.I'm terrible at math
10.But I'm great at English
11.I want to be a writer, not to make money, but because it's my #1 passion
12.When I write a story/novel, if it loses its way, I start the whole thing over
13.I've started my novel over 5 times
14.I don't think I'll ever get it finished
15.I hate people who abuse animals
16.I worry about the animals in movies, more than the humans
17."The Dog Effect" in movies is even if hundreds of people bite it, no one wants the dog to die
18.I love macaroni and cheese
19.I can't really cook
20.I'm shy
21.I hate people who impose their opinion
22.And people who won't let others express theirs
23.I've had a 2 pet hamsters, 1 guinea pig, 2 crabs, 1 turtle, and 4 cats (I still have the cats)
24.The turtle got lost in the back yard, due to the acts of an evil person, but I can't prove it, though I know he did it
25.I have dark hair and dark eyes
26.I almost became a teacher
27.I like reading in bed
28.I used to be obsessed with Sesame Street
29.I cried when my sister told me Mr. Hooper died
30.I cried at the end of Frosty the Snowman every Christmas when he melted
31.Even though the children brought him back to life
32.I don't always use common sense
33.I'm a democrat
34.But I don't like to talk politics because it's a hot topic
35.I never wear high heels
36.I never played spin-the-bottle
37.But I made out with a guy in my friends basement in 8th grade
38.I can't sing
39.But I love doing it
40.I never sing in the shower
41.I love musicals
42.I always wanted to be a cheerleader
44.I love the history channel
45.I love documentaries
46.Am I done yet?
47.Complicated movie plots throw me
48.I always need the cliff notes from my sister
49.I love horror movies
50.Things that frighten me or freak me out usually end up in my dreams
51.My sister once told me a story called the Rain Babies, where ferrets stole several tiny, tiny babies...
52.And I had a nightmare that ferrets were chasing our cat
53.Ferrets now sort of irk me
54.I'm easily duped
55.And I hate it
56.I love barbecuing
57.I hate people who question why you didn't follow a set path in life
58.That if you didn't go: high school, college, career, marriage, family all before you're 30, you should explain yourself
59.I hate job interviews
60.I'm not good at talking about myself
61.I love video games
62.I grew up poor
63.I don't like meeting guys who compliment me every three seconds. What am I supposed to say? It's embarrasing. Somewhat flattering the 1st, 2nd time, after that, SHUT UP!
64.I don't like when it gets really cold, I worry about the stray animals
65.I've never been out of the country
66.I'm obsessed with going to Paris
67.I'd like to go alone
68.I'm really funny around people who know me
69.I like collecting Action Figures
70.I love The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
71.My favorite color is red
72.I watch World News Tonight to learn what's going on elsewhere
73.I love CSI and SVU
74.I have a girl crush on Marge Helgenberger (Catherine Willows)
75.I'll never forget in third grade I was out sick when my class made and exchanged secret buddy gifts, so I didn't get a buddy, so my mommy bought me a Mickey Mouse Book so that I would have something to have and open on that day
76.I love my mommy
77.I still call her mommy
78.I like Mickey Mouse
79.I hate Jackass and any variations (Viva la Bam, this means you)
80.Though I laughed at the giant shopping cart thing
81.I didn't break a bone until I became an adult and broke my foot last summer
82.I have N'Sync and Backstreet Boys CD's
83.I love anything 80's
84.My favorite 80's movie is The Breakfast Club
85.I think The X-Files was the best dramatic show in TV history
86.I used to record songs off the TV
87.I loved 21 Jump Street
88.I love Chinese Food, fried food, and potato chips
89.I sometimes say random Simpson quotes...because that show still rocks
90.Family Guy is obscene
91.And funny as hell
92.I love playing video games, and hope I never get old enough to grow out of it
93.I still don't understand Donnie Darko, even with writer/director commentary
94.I don't feel so bad about my geekiness now
95."That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and I read the entire Sweet Valley High Series" Moe Szyslak
96.I loved Fisher Price Little People as a kid
97.My Mom didn't think I'd ever outgrow them
98.I love buying Birthday cards
99.I like giving Christmas presents
100.I like men who are nice, funny, kind to animals, a little bit geeky, homebody's, and would never make fun of me.
Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 3:33 PM  
5 commentst:
  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Underachiever said…

    Gunny the Umpire Slayer:

    Awesome list. I lok it alot. We have much in common.


    PS I think it's tres cool that you write. Keep it up!!!!

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger PINKSandROSES said…

    i like it! i am obsessed with csi! it's really bad. i never miss an episode. LV, NY, or Miami... lame i know :)

  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said…

    I'm so psyched I'm mentioned as your blog inspiration!

  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger exMI said…

    I'm impressed. I have not the patience to write 100 things about me....

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger High Desert Diva said…

    Love it! It's so cool when you find that you have so much in common with people you've never met!

    Thanks for the plug!

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