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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Hassling Waitress and Mens Restrooms

Whew! It's been a long hard road back to blogville. I don't think I've ever been gone this long. I was supposed to jot down some things that I wanted to blog about, but alas I didn't. I was a little sick for a while, and I still am. A cold snap hit us, yes, it's finally winter here. So, I've been sneezing and getting all congested, ugh, not pretty.

Me and my sister were at White Castle a couple weeks ago and we both had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was planning on going while she ordered, but she was like 'NO! I gotta go!" But she was positive that she heard a woman say she was in there when she knocked on the door (only one toilet) so we're waiting and waiting and WAITING and she never comes out!

I start fiddling with the food when she brings it to the table and my sister leaves and I figure that she went to the bathroom--she did. She came back and told me she used the mens room. Ack!

There were three people in the restaurant besides us, and they were sitting at a table together and not paying attention. I had to go and my sister's bladder was soothingly not full so she was happily eating. She's like 'you better just go in there.' So, I sucked it up and went in.

After eyeballing the urinal and urinal cake, I hit the toilet, which was a little gross. I coat it with toilet paper, hurry up and barely dry my hands I get out so fast before anyone sees me or a man tries to get in.

Thankfully we're done before it gets a bit crowded--and I never see that darn woman come out! I hope she wasn't dead.

Another thing that happened to me this week is I was standing after work with some heavy bags from Walgreens (a drug store) waiting for a bus and this woman (homeless or maybe just incredibly destitute with one bad foot dragging along) comes up to me and asks for change.

Okay, I decide to give her some change. Then she asks me if I can help her buy some food at another Walgreens around the corner. She starts going on about the kids have no food and whatnot, or something about her grandkids don't have anything to eat.

I say okay, and we drag to Walgreens and she asks me for Cereal and milk. My bags are so damn heavy I actually start to regret saying I'd help, okay, I know that's mean, but it's how I felt. Anyway, their Cereal is so high I, once again, regret saying I'd help. She asks me if I can buy her some ravioli on sale for $99 and I do, and she asks for some peaches, and I buy those. She had also asked for some soap, but we never got around to looking for it.

I just bought the canned goods and gave them to her and left. Now, I don't feel to bad buying food for someone. I mean, if she asked for food, then at least she's asking for something useful. I can't blame anyone for wanting something to eat, but I know that if she's poor or whoever kids those belong too are poor and if they actually have kids they can get public assistance and I feel a little irked because I wonder why they don't do that. I guess they have their reasons.

Anyway, work has been fine. For the last 3 days I had nothing to do, so I spent a lot of time on the internet. Yep, nothing to do. Felt good, but trying to look busy for four or five hours is a lot of work. lol. And since I don't blog at work anymore, I couldn't even do that.

My last thought for the day is me and my sister met up after work and went out to Chinatown to eat. This mini post will probably coincide with a previous post
about tipping. Ahem, okay. We spent about $32 dollar between the two of us, and on my sisters palm she has this Check Split feature where if you put in the amount of the check it will tell you what to tip. It said something like $5.45 or something like that.

Well, we weren't that satisfied with the service, (had to ask for water, no condiments on the table, some utensils missing) and in the end my sister left $2.50.

Now, I know some of you are balking, but I can't cough up a lot of money when I'm disgruntled, it just doesn't feel right--and yes I'm also a bit cheap and can't afford to tip $5, $6, and $7 dollars everytime I go out--but I will say that if the bill had been much higher, like $50 or more I would leave more (again unless the service was terrible).

Anyway, when my sister gives the waitress the bills, she doesn't move from the table. She just takes and stands there and examines it like a surgeon and then asks my sister "Only $2.50 for tip?" My sister is all angry and like '' yep" and the waitress leaves and gives her a look that would freeze water, then yells for a co-worker in Chinese to complain about the tip, and no we didn't a "Thank you for coming" when we left like we usually do.

My gripe is that I thought that was unprofessional and I was pretty pissed that she had the nerve to just stand there and examine the check for her tip and then ask about it, and be rude by glaring and complaining loudly. I wanted to take that $2.50 back. I mean, WTF?

I have never had that experience. I don't care what I have ever left for a tip it was always taken and not a word spoken about it--where I could here. Yeah, they probably grumble, but people don't have to tip. I know how shitty a job that is, but I know that if you half ass it as a waitress and get $20 or $30 on a really nice bill that's crappy to me. I remember my mom and some of my aunts going out and they added the tip in and that waitress got something like $21 bucks.

I think they should pay them more so that they don't have to harass customers for tips. My mom said once this waitress asked this guy around twenty times if everything was okay with his meal, and when he left he apparently didn't leave a tip and she asked everyone in the place if he'd left anything. That's bad.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I haven't been around, but I have been around, you know? hee. I didn't feel much like blogging for past couple days, so while I did feel like it I decided to get to it.

Hope you're all well! See you soon.
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  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger Catch said…

    HI GG...nice to see you! If I have a good waitress I always tip her good, but if I get a bad one..I just dont tip at all. I think the waitress was dumb who ask your sister if that was all she was leaving. Your sister should have said " for as lousy as the service was your lucky you got anything!"...that would have shut her up! I also think the restuarants should pay them more money...we pay for our food....why cant they pay the gals to serve it?

  • At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The waitress was way out of line. Especially when she was so incredibly tacky. In the past, I have cheerfully left anywhere from a penny to a $50 as a tip, but it all depended on the service. Lousy service, I tend to leave the penny. Really bad, I leave it in the bottom of an empty used glass. But good service? Especially if it has been a wonderful event for me and whomever I am with? And yes, the actual bill was well over $100, a $50 tip is not unusual.

  • At 4:59 PM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said…

    Good to see you. Hurry back soon. Don't make me come over there...

  • At 6:23 PM, Blogger Mimi said…

    I hope that woman is not still in teh stall at Whitecastle! LOL! I would be checking the paper to be sure she wasn't found dead!

    It was very kind of you to buy that woman food. You went above and beyond what any caring person would do. Especially because you can sometimes get burned helping others out.I think if she was asking for food she must have really needed it.

    I always tip based on service. The % is just a guideline. But most people forget that. And speaking in another language is VERY rude!

    mISSED YA!

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