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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Top 40
I thought I'd steal this from Princess Prissy Pants since it's been a slow news weekend for me. I'll be around to visit you guys shortly.

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? No

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters? Not Anymore

3. When was the last time you went sledding? Never

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? Depends on my mood, but usually with someone else.

5. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

6.Do you consider yourself creative? Only in Writing

7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife? I think he had someone else kill her

8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Angelina

9. Do you stay in touch with exes? No

10. Do you know how to play poker? Not really, not enough to pony up at a table

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? Yes

12. What is your favorite commerical? This one for a bank with this guy showing a breakdancing snake in a flip book.

13. What are you allergic to? Pollen, dust and I think sometimes Guinea Pigs and Hamsters. Go figure

14. If you are driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around, do you run red lights? Yep

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows, but you? Of course!

16. Boston Red Sox or Yankees? Neither

17. Have you ever been ice-skating? Never

18. How often do your remember your dreams? 99% of the time

19. When was the last time you laughed so hard, you cried? Probably six months ago

20. Can you name five songs by The Beatles? "Can't Buy Me Love" "Help" "Ain't She Sweet" "The Yellow Submarine" "A Hard Days Night"

21. What's the one thing of your mind now? Getting a job

22. Do you know who Ghetto barbie is? I think so, LOL

23. Do you always wear your seat belt? Yes

24. What cell service do you use? Verizon

25. Do you like Sushi? No

26. Have you ever narrowly avoided a fatal accident? Yes, several times

27. What do you wear to bed? A light blue flowered cotton chemise; in winter, matching Nick and Nora flannel pajamas

28. Been caught stealing? No

29. What shoe size do you have? 10

30. Do you truly hate anyone? Yes

31. Classic Rock or Rap? Rap

32. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be? Gotta go with Brad Pitt

33. Have you ever sang in front of the mirror? Yes

34. What is your favorite song of all time? 'of all time' doesn't exist. For the moment it's 'Hips Don't Lie" By Shakira

35. What food do you find disgusting? Grits

36. Do you sing in the shower? No

37. Did you ever play, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours?" No

38. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back? Yes

39. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? Yes

40. Have you ever been punched in the face? Yes, and I still believe he tried to make it look like an accident, but the way he looked, he wanted to do it.
Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 11:07 PM  
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  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Mimi said…

    I like that Shakira song too.It is catchy and has a good rythmn.

    I just watched a movie you might like called Night Watch. It is Russian made and is a bit weird. It has vampires and even a Buffy cameo!

  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said…

    You can never go wrong with Shakira.

    In fact, she might be my #32.

  • At 4:03 AM, Blogger cherish said…

    Great List Gunnie!!! It great to get to know you better!!

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Gareth said…

    GG I think we should call you Big Foot. Hey everyone, I think I just found the Yeti :p

    I meant to mention this on Batty's post - "Have you ever narrowly avoided a fatal accident?" - unless you die how are you going to know that you avoided it!! Think about it LOL :D

  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger Lori's Minute said…

    I like that list! The only time I got hit in the face was when I was a kid and my family was visiting a friend. My brother and I (ages 10 and 8) had to share a bed and I was grinding my teeth so loud he punched me in the jaw.

    Favorite commercial is the mean Joe Green Coca Cola commercial.

    Any team but he Yankees

  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger beadinggalinMS said…

    Very cool list GG!!
    You must hear me all the time telling the kiddos SEATBELT. :)
    Angelina is soo sexy. You can never go wrong with Brad. heehee

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