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Friday, April 07, 2006
Thank you! I'm here through next Saturday!
In light of my coughing I have a joke for you:

Two young boys, both 12-years-old, snuck into this old, abandoned house. There was a rumor going around that a coffin was in the basement. "It's really creepy in here," said Dan, looking around the quiet, dusty house. Leon agreed. "Well, we're here now. let's go in the basement," he said. Both boys headed to the basement, and sure enough there sat a coffin of dark brown wood. The boys stared in disbelief, but were proud they were so brave to sneak in to see it.

"Wait until we tell everyone we saw it!" said Leon.

Dan nodded. "They won't believe it!"

"Let's open it up," suggested Leon. Dan wasn't so sure, but at the eager look on his friend's face he agreed. Besides, he was just as curious to see what was inside. The two boys approached the coffin slowly; the dusty, dark basement grew creepier by the minute. The coffin sat still as the two boys, holding their breaths, got closer and closer.

Leon reached it first and reached out with a slow hand to peel open the hood -- suddenly, the coffin bolted upright, standing tall before the two boys. They shrieked and backed up in horror. The coffin, standing on end, began to hobble toward the two young scared boys, moving awkwardly side to side as it headed for them both.

"Run!" screamed Dan, and they bolted up the stairs and out of the house into the night. But to their surprise, the coffin had made it up the stairs and was still following them. It seemed to be gaining speed, almost running as it chased them.

Leon grabbed some rocks and tossed them at the coffin, but it kept coming.

Dan threw some sticks, but it kept coming.

The boys raced out into the road where an old car sat. They grabbed some of the heavy parts of the engine and threw them at the racing coffin, but still it charged, growing faster and faster and getting closer and closer.

Screaming for their lives the boys raced ahead, barely able to catch their breaths. They ran side by side, terrified to look behind him.

"What are we gonna do?!" screamed Dan. "It's gonna catch us!"

"Wait, I have an idea," said Leon. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of Cherry Cough Drops. He turned and tossed some behind him.

And the coffin stopped.


Catch you guys on the flipside.
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