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Friday, June 08, 2007
If Friday was a song, I'd sing it
I am SOOOOOOOO happy today is Friday. The damn weekend will be over before you know it. I want to go to our book fair Printers Row book fair. It's been going on every year and I have yet to go. Grrrr! Must get there one day!

It is now 11pm and I want something to do, but am actually pretty lazy. When I don't need to go to sleep, that's what I want to do.

I'm getting my finances in order. I'm going to pay off some credit card bills, and then work feverishly on my loan. I hate having debt like that. I plan on getting rid of that in less than two years.

I just bought the new Laurell K. Hamilton book and I haven't finished the other one. I guess that's what I'll do, get in the bed and read that. Decisions, decisions. lol.

But I will share this crazy dream I had: My sister and I were riding on a bus. I can't remember if it was a Coach bus or a regular public bus, I think a Coach. Anyway, the bus breaks down and it's crowded, there were a lot of people on the bus. So, we're all standing around waiting for instructions and wondering what we're going to do. So, the bus driver hands us these cards, I guess gift cards or something for a shoe store that's right there on the same street that our bus is on, so we go in and it's a feeding frenzy of shoes.

Me and my sister start shopping and quickly lose each other. I'm looking at shoes but there are non in my size. Shoes, boots, heels, I can't find anything in my size. Eventually me and my sister find each other, and I can't remember what happened next.

LOL. Crazy, I know. And I'm not even a shoe person! I own one pair of heels.

Anyway, any plans this weekend? Whatever you do, enjoy it! Happy Saturday!

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  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Chana said…

    hi there. with your determination and good planning i'm sure you will accomplish getting rid of your debt.
    nothing beats knowing you are debt free.

    i have never been able to figure out what dreams mean. for me, i hope they don't mean anything or else i have monsters under the bed, in the closet and in my mind..well, the last is true for me actually-yikes, lol..
    i have crazy, scary and very overwhelming dreams that leave me shaking for hours..they say my conscious and subconcious directs my dreams and that is why they are emotionally charged..

    i hope you get to rest and enjoy today. hope the weather is good where you are. here is hoping you dream of Ono tonight and you are all smiles tomorrow morning, ;p


  • At 6:08 PM, Blogger Gareth said…

    You should look up your dream and see what it says ;) ......

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