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Friday, April 13, 2007
Just stay away from Crystal Lake and you'll be fine
BWWWWAHHHAHHA! Happy Friday the 13th people! Er..maybe I shouldn't be saying it like it's Christmas or something. I always think it's cool when we land on a Friday the 13th, after 54 of those movies (who's counting?) it's hard not to think of that on any Friday the 13th. Those movies made us creep out on this day.

I'd like to not consider myself a very superstitious person, but I do feel funny if I walk under a ladder or break a mirror. Surprisingly, I don't think that about black cats, or anything else superstitious. I guess I'm picky in my hexes or something.

I was going to post 13th pet peeves today in honor of Friday the 13th, but I'm so tired and lazy I think I'll do that another day. There really is no bad day to list pet peeves. LOL

What I'll mention now is that Damn Don Imus and his asshole self. If most of my readers don't know, I'm black, which, some of you probably couldn't guess from my love of Apolo, Buffy, Angel and most rock music. Anyway, I certainly took offense. The gist of it is that he called the lady basketball players from Rutgers "Nappy Headed-Ho's" after they lost the Championship.

I think one my biggest complaints is that, sadly, had the stations not been in line to loose thousands of advertising dollars, he'd still be on the air with his slap on the wrist suspension, because anything racial is still very much acceptable as long as they can get away with it and it won't hurt anyone financially.

Do you think they wanted to pull him when they make so much money off him? Hell no.

At any rate, I don't think it's acceptable for any non-minority to call someone "nappy" because that is a word that is at least 99% black referenced and used among blacks with each other. It's not for a white man, of all things, to use freely. But I digress.

One last thing. I was so sick Thursday I went home early. I was sitting at my desk and I got up and literally had to run to the bathroom. I was throwing up as I ran, with both hand over my mouth. I'm glad no one saw me, it would have been embarrasing. I think it was some bug or something. Ugh. I'm so glad today is Friday, even if it is Friday the 13th.

Well, that's my post today. It is now 11:09pm and I think I'm going watch "Lost" on Netflix or one of my Slider's DVD's . Yes, I finally bought Sliders on DVD, the first and second seasons. $24.99 down from, like, $60 it was when it first came out. Can't beat that!

If I don't see you, have a great weekend!!
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