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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
God bless DVD's

I'm a DVD junkie, and if I ever get my Netflix blog up and running, I will be able to ramble on and on over there instead of here. Alas, it's not. Anyway, one of my favorite things on DVD is TV on DVD, and aside from my crippling obsession with BtVS and Angel, I also love Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Roswell, La Femme Nikita, Smallville, Good Times, and Alias, among countless others.

I also love The X-Files, and was a bit frantic to see the new collection of DVD's they have out. You've seen them in your best buy paper. They're mythology episodes and center around the abductions or the bees and whatnot. Think it's Fox repackaging the show for more money? Then you thought right. But because I'm easily duped on such things, I want it.

I love The X-Files and want all nine season, but I have my favorite seasons, season four being one of them. I especially love episodes Small Potatoes, Home, Elgy, Unruhe, Leonard Betts, Never Again, Demons, Paper Hearts, and Kaddish. Seeing Scully date, speak German, kick ass with a defibrillator, take care of a naked mulder, joke about being a mom and talk to an amputee strapped to a board under a bed is the season for me.

Scully rocks.

Speaking of the X-Files, I was on a forum and they were talking about the second X-Files movie, (XF2) that will most likely never happen. I for one would like to see it happen, if for no other reason get the bad taste of the last season of the series out of my mouth.

What kind of ending was Season Nine, people? Blech. Are Scully and Mulder on the run now? Is William, Scully and Mulder's baby really going to be okay? I just thought it wrapped up sort of jumbled and messy. But don't get me started on the ending of my favorite shows Buffy and Angel Ugh.
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