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Friday, August 05, 2005
These Cats Are Reeeeal Cool!

This is Celeste. She's a sweetie with lots of personality. We love her dearly. Hi Undr! this is the cat whose tail got door slammed.

Name: Celeste
Age: 3
Nickname: Celes-tee, little Celeste (all in baby talk of course)
Occupation: Lap warmer, escape artist, friend, meower, mouse catcher, company giver, entertainer
Dislikes: fast movements, being chased off her favorite chair, too many kisses
Likes: whipcream, playing, climbing, window watching, catching everything from mice to flies
Life Story: Her mother made her way into our yard, and had four adorable kittens. Celeste was of that litter.

This is Quinn. He's the newest addition. He's cuddly, squishy, and kinda slow. But we love him lots!


Name: Quinn (named after Quinn Mallory from 'Sliders')
Age: 10 months
Nickname: Quinny, Big Boy
Occupation: Cuddler, whiner, eater, friend, entertainer
Dislikes: being held, nail clippings, going outside
Likes: eating, wrestling, running, playing, cuddling, window watching
Life Story: Found wandering Target's parking lot and dodging cars when he was just a kitten, we scooped him up and took him home.

This is Tracy. She's the oldest and the queen bee. Relegated, after many years of companionship, to sleeping and eating, she's one solitude kitty -- but a sweetie.


Name: Tracy
Age: 12
Nickname: little Tracy, Sweetie, Trace
Occupation: lap warmer, cuddler, friend, stress reliever, company giver, face licker
Dislikes: being picked up, the vacuum cleaner, loud noises
Likes: Cat treats, hiding under things, sleeping, eating, ice in her water dish, windows, boxes
Life Story: Her mama also found her way into our yard and had one lone kitten, Tracy. We kept the tiny white furball, and never regretted it.

This is Scarlett. Named by a sweet little girl, she's our homeless kitty that we feed and take care of. She sleeps in our basement during winter. Not very sociable, but she's family!


Name: Scarlett
Age: 13?
Nickname: Little Scarlett (sensing a pattern?)
Occupation: Friend, company giver, leg rubber, loyal kitty
Dislikes: being touched
Likes: being around people, rubbing their legs, cat treats, soft pillows
Life Story: She found her way in our yard and we started feeding her, she kept coming back and over the years she's become one of our own.

All our cats are pretty anti-social, but we wouldn't give them up for anything!

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2 commentst:
  • At 1:13 PM, Blogger Stephalupogus said…

    They are adorable! I like how you posted their pictures and stats. I intend to follow your example and post my remaining 3 & all the rest of the fuzzies I take care of on a routine basis 1 day next week.
    And changing subjects completely, but has there been any talk about a Buffy movie? I loved the conclusion of Angel & Buffy, but I still crave more. And knowing the David B./Angel will be back this fall as a cop does nothing but make me want even more Buffy & Angel.

  • At 12:38 PM, Blogger Underachiever said…

    AWWW! cutie patootie kitties.

    Ok that's enough of that.

    Great Post.

    Undr(I'm a widdle sensitive in a manly fashion)

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