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Sunday, July 20, 2008
The Dark Knight Commeth
Like everyone else I went to see "The Dark Knight" on Saturday, and it...WAS ALL KINDS OF AWESOME AND THEN SOME! Seriously, Heath Ledger was dazzingly amazing, he became The Joker was so good at it. I really miss him. I say that like I knew him or something, but I feel so sad that he wasn't here to see how great the movie was and how so many people turned out to see it and to win the Oscar that he will win for his performance or to go to the premieres. That sucks so bad.

I plan on seeing The X-Files movies next week. I am excited, very happy for the new movie.

I am doing nothing special here thus nothing cool to post. I am simply working, working on getting something better and working on paying off my debt. I won't know what to do when I'm out of debt or at least have it much lower than it is. Sunday went by like it was on fast forward. It is already 9:20 p.m. That sucks! I can't wait until this weekend. X-Files! Whooo hoooo!

I also saw the Sex and the City Movie this weekend and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. People were talking about it but it was not bad, I really liked it.

Okay, since it's 400 degrees in my room I will blog you later. I have yet to buy an air conditioner. I know I should, but all I do is think about it, then the weather gets tolerable then before I know it it's September and I feel it's stupid to buy one in the fall, aaaaand then we're back to the Summer and I do the whole thing all over again. One of these days, one of these days Alice I'm gonna buy an air conditioner!


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  • At 5:13 AM, Blogger EnnuiHerself said…

    Hmm, I haven't and probably won't see the new Batman movie. I've only seen the first two - waaay back 1989 and 1992 - so obviously I'm not much of a Batman person. Plus I'm cheap ($7.50 for a ticket, indeed!). :) Glad you enjoyed it though.

    Also, glad to see you posting again.

  • At 6:38 AM, Blogger Glitter said…

    ACs are the best investment. Believe me. LOL.

  • At 5:39 AM, Blogger Kingcover said…

    Hey can I share some of your icecream please? I'll catch the dribbles at least :-)

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