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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Went to the dentist today, and boy does it suck not to have insurance, AND a dentist who doesn't keep track of prices and keeps yo-yoing them. What the fuck?! Anyway, had to have a gum scraping and he kept scraping and scraping...or, here's a bucket for you to barf in. Sorry. Ahem. So, I'm feeling better after scarfing a couple 800mg Ibuprofrin, or however you spell it.

At any rate, the numbing is going down and I'm glad to be home. Flowers and balloons are accepted. And a handsome, shirtless man to tuck me in will be promptly rewarded.

Now, off to watch some anime...and make this blog look a little more put together. Sheesh.
Gunngirl believed The Truth is still Out There at 1:51 AM  
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  • At 11:01 PM, Blogger Underachiever said…

    Gunny(I nickname, its annoying)

    Tefus Scraping sucks. My condolences. Since that is punishment enough, you don't have to watch Teletubbies anymore.

    Hope you feel better.

    Undr MD DDS

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