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Monday, July 04, 2005
Publishers Suck!
I'm on a writing list and right now we're talking about how hard it is to get into the writing business. Okay, I know it's as hard to get into as singing, or dancing, or acting and what it takes is talent and a whole lot of luck -- and who you know. But it's so friggin' annoying to get rejections, not that I'm at that stage, but this is a pre-rejection suck. I go to the bookstore and there are thousands of books and I think , who the hell is reading all these books and if these people are getting published -- why can't I?! It's always about money, but I don't think it was always that way. I remember reading something about genres and how it's hard to break out now because every genre has it's star. Like, if you write thrillers, well we already have James Patterson and John Grisham, so it's like, you have to compete with them and people already know them, know that they like them and know they're good. So, if your new thriller is next to the latest James Patterson. Guess who they're gonna pick? SIGH. Ain't that the way it goes. Later people.
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